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Shelley the Republican Shelley the Republican is one of a kind. She's a conservative in Texas with a lot on her mind regarding the national political scene. Professionally produced by Pod Shack. Sit back and enjoy the highlight of your day.
akc - Total Talk Nonsense Not for the squeamish - Bringing a self-educated, satirical, garage band perspective to current topics, Jon and Scott discuss music, politics, entertainment, and current events.
Republican Factor Republican Factor: Defending my freedom! Defending my views! Conservative talk about the latest national and international news.
The Right Perspective NYC's most dangerous callers to talk radio have had their own show for more than 6 years - now they enter the era of podcasting! Frank from Queens and John of Staten Island take your phone calls and discuss issues from "The Right Perspective". Live broadcast heard over shortwave radio station WWCR 5.070 MHz and the Internet every Friday night 9pm EST.
Savage Nation Michael Savage Show ( Savage Nation). A Independent Conservative with passion to promote Borders, Culture And Language, also to Defeat Radical Islam and to save America from the far-left and third world influences.
The DeepScope Show - Unfiltered News Unfiltered Truth Warning: The DeepScope Show is not bipartisan. It is not moderate. The DeepScope Show is all out biased to what is right in America. Joey Ricciardo is a full blown, all out capitalist and knows he has nothing to hide. Catch the very latest, most current episodes of The DeepScope Show. Visit www.thedeepscopeshow.com