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6620 West Kidcast The Terry Family do a G-rated comedy variety show with lots of different segments and funny bits. Imagine the Johnny Carson show with Dad as the host, and the kids as the guests.
The Iron Rod We are The Iron Rod! We represent the LDS Church on the Boise State University Campus. We play great music, read church news, announcements, local activities, FHE ideas, dating ideas, specials segments, cd reviews, and other local events, and we have too much fun trying to do it!
MormonCast Come take a look and find out, its not what you think, but better.
The JonesCast A reality show about a west coast family with six kids trying to survive... eachother. You'll learn what it takes to keep up with the Joneses... Trust us, it ain't hard...
Imagine Podcast Join with top-selling LDS author, Candace E. Salima, on an exciting journey into the world of podcasts. Candace has launched a new podcast, IMAGINE, accessible through this website as well as i-Tunes! Produced by her husband, Alvin E. Salima, they have created a world where it is safe to listen, shop and enjoy interviews with LDS authors, artists, musicians, actors, actresses, filmmakers, screenwriters, playwrights, theologians, publishers, sports-figures, agents, businessmen, businesswomen, broadcasters, politicians and much, much more . . . step through the gateway and join the LDS community. Learn all about what's new, exciting and upcoming in the LDS culture. A community created specifically to cater to the morals, values and interests of Latter-day Saints across the globe.
Latter-day Conservative We believe that rights come from God, and that governments were instituted of God for the benefit of man, in order to protect those rights. Our mission is to inform the world of the Proper Role of Government. We believe that the best kind of government is a Republic, as originally established by the U.S. Constitution and envisioned by the Founding Fathers of this great nation.
Living Truth Podcast Bring a Biblical Christ to the Mormon People
LDS Music Today A weekly broadcast of music and news from LDS artists around the world. The music is everything from rock to classical, ballads to comedy.
Mark Hansen Music LDS Mormon rocker Mark Hansen's newest songs available here!
Mormon Miscellaneous Worldwide Talk Show This is the longest running Mormon Talk Show (26 years). LDS host discusses Mormon history, doctrine, scripture and controversy with guests and participants by phone and email. All points of view are welcome.
Overtones Fun and uplifting thoughts, original compositions, and writings of a musician ex-gravedigger turned dad.
LDS Indies Bi-Weekly podcast showcasing music from independent LDS artists.
Out of Mormonism Out of Mormonism is a show dedicated to the testimonies of former Mormons that have converted to Biblical Christianity.
Overtones - thoughts and Music by Chas Hathaway Piano solo samples, MP3 Downloads, learn to play piano by ear, and musical discussions by Chas Hathaway. I’ve been playing piano for 14 years, and actively writing New Age piano compositions for about 12. I have long felt that the greatest factor in the influence of a piece of music is the intent of its author. A piece may be beautiful, but if it has no meaning, it’s influence will fade with time. Likewise a relatively dull piece of music may take time to gain its popularity, but if its message is powerful enough, it will find a way to stand the test of time. My first CD came out in November 2007. It can be heard or purchased at
Popcorn and Podcasting We are a husband and wife podcasting team. We share quotes and talks by Prophets and Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. With this podcast, we are planning on talking about a variety of subjects. Right now, we are in the middle of a series on Dating - Chas and Jenni
Making Moments Experiences of an X-gravedigger turned dad. A busy dad's determination to make time with his family.
LDS Liberty LDS Liberty is dedicated to advancing the cause of liberty in light of the restored gospel. President John Taylor stated: “Besides the preaching of the Gospel, we have another mission, namely, the perpetuation of the free agency of man and the maintenance of liberty, freedom, and the rights of man.” (JD, vol. 28, p. 63) As Latter-day Saints, we are still under this divine command today. We believe that God has given to every individual the unalienable right to Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness (Property) as part of the Plan of Salvation. Any violation of these rights, whether by a single individual or a group of people (i.e. government), is immoral and against the will of God. The only just and proper role of government is to protect these rights from the aggression of others. The Founding Fathers were inspired men whose efforts secured a society with the greatest enjoyment of liberty in modern times. The political environment of freedom they d allowed for the church of Jesus Christ to be restored and thrive in the last days. Unfortunately, the principles upon which America was founded are under constant attack by “kingmen” (Alma 51:5). Many Latter-day Saints, either knowingly or unknowingly, support those who would destroy the Lord’s work in the latter days. We seek to educate on the principles of liberty in hopes that many more will “awake to a sense of [our] awful situation” (Ether 8: 24–25).
The Mormon Book Review A podcast featuring the authors of books dealing with all aspects of Mormonism.
The Good Word The Good Word features interviews with lds authors about their lives and their works.
Mormons at the Megaplex Mormons at the Megaplex is a Podcast started by Grady, of Mormon Media Reviews, and Jono, the Mormon Movie Guy. Although we have never actually met in person, we are kindred spirits who enjoy cinema. We are frustrated at times by the inappropriate content that gets praised by the public at large, but might not hold to our values for viewing content. Each week we discus films in theatres and out on DVD. We rate movies not only by their quality, but also by their content.
Mormon Discussion My name is Bill Reel. Having gone through my own faith crisis, I seek through this podcast to help Latter-Day Saints work through their dark night of the soul. We interview Authors who deal with difficult subjects, interview members who have struggled with doubt, and have discussed the depth of the gospel. Bill Reel [email protected]
Your Daily Armor A daily LDS Devotional and spiritual thought, base on Mormon teachings.