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Only In America A series of radio programs celebrating 350 Years of the American Jewish Experience. Recent casts include a holocaust memorial featuring Elie Wiesel, an interview with Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and a conversation with Jewish philanthropist Michael Steinhardt. Produced by by Larry Josephson for the Radio Foundation, Inc., and partially funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Broadcast on public radio stations across the country and available online via streaming and podcast.
Ki Longfellow - The Secret Magdalene Eio Books Broadcasting interviews Ki Longfellow regarding her novel The Secret Magdalene published by Crown/Random House in early 2007. A 42 minute interview presented in MP3 format. Ms. Longfellow describes her inspiration for the character of Mary Magdalene and Jesus the Christ. Also she explains the mystery of Judas as hero. The interview provides revealing insight into the philosophy and spirituallity of the times during which Jesus taught, and the source of Gnosis is also exposed. See:
From Israelite to Jew A podcast series on the history and religion of the Jews in antiquity.
History With James James talks about all things history. Ranging in topic from week to week.