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iPadre Catholic Podcast Interviews, stories, news, music - all things Catholic and than some.
City Church City Church in Oklahoma City. Pastor Richard Hogue discusses the Favor of the Lord. This multipart series will walk you through what favor is, how to get it, and what to do if it seems you are being attacked in the midst of it.
A Revolution of the Mind The radio show and podcast that will revolutionize your life!
Grace Heritage Church The Weekly Podcast from Grace Heritage Church
Grace Heritage Church Sermon Archive A Collection of Sermons from Grace Heritage Church
Ki Longfellow - The Secret Magdalene Eio Books Broadcasting interviews Ki Longfellow regarding her novel The Secret Magdalene published by Crown/Random House in early 2007. A 42 minute interview presented in MP3 format. Ms. Longfellow describes her inspiration for the character of Mary Magdalene and Jesus the Christ. Also she explains the mystery of Judas as hero. The interview provides revealing insight into the philosophy and spirituallity of the times during which Jesus taught, and the source of Gnosis is also exposed. See:
Teens in Christ Welcome to Teens in Christ. This site is dedicated to the development of Podcasts for Christian Teens. Each Podcast will be a weekly program that will cover the many challenges that face the modern Christian Teen. The Podcast will cover a variety of topics and concerns to help ground the Christian Teen in their faith and trust in Jesus Christ.
Shulamite Podcast The Shulamite Podcast is an internet extension of Shulamite Ministries and What is - The Shulamite Podcast? In short, it is a weekly conversation recorded and available online. We make available new episodes weekly, to be heard at your leisure. You can listen to ALL the broadcasts with author and speaker Martha Kilpatrick and our host John Enslow. Listening is easy through either iTunes, on your mp3 player, or simply visit and bookmark to listen, watch, and enjoy! This weekly Podcast is a way to stay connected to the ministry. So come experience anointed messages, that give not just another method, but a living impartation.
Vintage Worship Gathering We are a community of ordinary people seeking an extraordinary God. We are committed to following Jesus Christ and helping others follow him. We want to be known as a community that starts a transformation of faith, hope and love in the world. We desire to be honest about issues of faith, to bring hope into the lives of others and love people no matter who they are or where they come from.
McLane Church-Erie County PA Weekly Sermon Podcast This is the weekly sermon of McLane Church, a non-denominational multi-site Christian church located in Erie County Pennsylvania, and a member of the Willow Creek Association. Our three locations include Edinboro, Erie, and Union City, PA. Our congregation of 1300 invite you to join us as we hear God's Word in a relevant, life-changing way.
The RockCast - Denver Christian Podcast The RockCast is the podcast of The Rock at Church Ranch, a Denver, CO area Christian Church. Contains sermons, teachings, ministry, prayer.
Ride the Lifetrain with Chuckie Join Chuckie Daniel as he teaches us how to laugh, cry, learn, heal and share the good life with others!
AllStars Youth The AllStars is a Youth Ministry from Johannesburg, South Africa. Get relevant word, cell lessons, and good music. Brought to you by Youth Pastor Adrian Wright.
Life Church These are messages from Life Church of Pasadena, a United Pentecostal Church. Life church embraces the new birth message preached on the day of Pentecost, which we arrange around a convenient acronym, L.I.F.E., Leading to new birth experience; Integrating into the family of God; Forming into mature Christian; Equipping for their unique ministry. Where is this Life found? In Jesus Christ. He said "I am the way the truth and the life..." (John 14:6). "Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature; old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new." (2 Corinthians 5:17). "Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me hath everlasting life." John 6:4
First Presbyterian Church of Orlando A series of sermons by Dr. David Swanson and other guest speakers from First Presbyterian Church of Orlando about living life in the 21st century. The church has about 4,700 members led by Dr. David Swanson.
Al Fike In this PODverbs Podcast, Al shares devotionals and teachings from his new book "The Ultimate Self-Help Book: 31 Days in Proverbs." Designed to motivate an inspire, you'll find help, encouragement and strategies that can be used in your family, business, school and personal life. Plus, further in-depth study will follow in future episodes on "Solomon's Success Strategies" taught by Al before a live audience.
Calvary Chapel Spring Valley Sunday Morning Service Sunday morning service from Calvary Chapel Spring Valley in Las Vegas, Nevada.
The Mr.Joe Catholic Show Learning, Living, Loving, and Sharing the Catholic faith.
Church of Christ Podcasts Churches of Christ strive to be the original Church, as established by Christ in the first century, without the encumbrances of denominational structures and doctrines that have arisen since. Churches of Christ recognize only Jesus Christ as founder.
God Said What? A radio program bringing scripture to life with insights into daily life, our transgressions and inspirations for sinners seeking the path to the Lord.
His Glory Lives Radio Broadcast A weekly radio broadcast dedicated to teaching the Bible in relation to living a victorious and overcoming life in the born again experience. Many sources are used in bringing these teachings. Years of personal research has resulted in finding "the simple gospel message that saves" is the goal of this broadcast. If you want your faith uplifted, tune in each week and hear about Jesus Christ, the Son of God. May God Richly Bless You in the study of His Word.
TBC Podcast (video) Listen to our weekly Sermon. We are an international church located in the heart of Tokyo. More than 50 different nationalities regularly atts our week worship services.
Truth Matters A weekly podcast featuring conversation in which biblical topics are investigated ly with rigor. The show seeks to demythologize Christianity of erroneous traditions in an ongoing quest to repeat the Berean exercise and seek truth fearlessly. Truth Matters is hosted by Sean Finnegan who has a different guest on each week.
Family Baptist Church Family Baptist Church exists to bring glory to God through lives changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our mission is to serve Jesus our LORD with delight rather than duty transforming our community one life at a time. Our vision is, by the grace of God to have a thriving, Christ honoring, multiethnic, disciple making, warm, Baptist congregation; where Christ is worshipped whole-heartedly in every word, thought, and action; where the Holy Spirit is so obvious that He is the source of our unity, strength, direction, help, and encouragement; and where the love of Christ so permeates each member that it cannot be contained within the building and is evident in our homes, the workplace, and our community. This podcast includes sermons from Pastor Lee Ormiston and many members of our church, as well as supported and visiting missionaries and pastors. Visit Family Baptist Church online at
Victory Word Church Victory Word Church- Tokyo, Japan Powerful messages from Pastor Spencer Patrick
Voice of Hope Voice of hope and encouragement in this turbulent world. In this world, there are lots of circumstances, events, and things that can make us lose hope, courage, and focus in life. Voice of Hope is meant to help us keep hope alive, and to stay focused and committed to our God given vision. Listen to this podcast with an mind and heart, and with great expectancy. And it will surprise you what God will do in your life. Nothing is beyond God! God richly bless you.
Revelation Truth I am devoted to podcasting the truth and helping Christians to stand firm in the last days. In a world that has rejected absolute truth and where everyone's opinion is just as valid as the next we need to seek guidance from God's unchangeable Word.
The Way Everlasting Podcast J.S. Park Welcome to The Way Everlasting Podcast. Messages from J.S. Park. Find my blog at or
CitySide Ministries International CitySide Ministries was established in 2007 by God inside of Minister Stevie Tee to win souls through preaching the gospel through music, books and through their online church. CitySide is now in over 200 Countries and has thousands of followers worldwide that take the messages God gave Minister Stevie Tee as a leader in Christ and teach them to their followers in order to build for the Kingdom of God.
Minister Stevie Tee Minister Stevie Tee called and chosen by God to preach the gospel through song, sermons, books and loving his neighbor gives you the word in all these ways for your soul to be purified. Become a follower of the Christ in him and be part of his ministry.
Fire Of The Holy Ghost The Word of GOD being Preached to its fullest, with the truth being taught.
Trust God The religious podcasts are about God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, bible scriptures, spirituality, spiritual growth, Christianity, false prophets, the rapture and many more topics.
CitySide Recording Artist CitySide Recording Artist''s page, listing all the praise and worship music you can imagine and download.
The Gospel Light Minute X Gospel Light Society is an online global ministry that seeks to present the Gospel to all people, in every language, around the world, over the internet. People all over the world need to hear about the love, peace, and joy that only comes through Jesus Christ. For many people, they are not free to practice their Christian beliefs in their country. For others, they do not feel comfortable in a public place of worship. Because of this, millions of people search for God on the internet. In many la
You Were Adopted By God God adopted you Himself as demonstrated by your faith in Christ. And His adoption is very similar to those done here with earthly children. Listen to this encouraging message and learn how your adoption in Christ was planned by God from the ning.
The Sovereign God The Sovereign God podcasts are brief messages designed to encourage you and strengthen you in the faith. They are scripturally based and doctrinally sound. Many are based on the Doctrines of Grace. I hope that you are encouraged by them and that the Lord richly blesses you.
The Prophet Daniel "No predictions, just preparations." This new, 20 minute, prophecy-focused broadcast has three aspects: 1. Signs that Point to the Return of Jesus Christ — We will look at news and world events through the lens of Scripture. 2. Prophecy Boot Camp — You will learn the basics that you need to know to understand prophecy. 3. What You Need to do in Light of His Coming — Practical action points that you can take away from the show and apply to your everyday life.
RCM Live Restoration Christian Ministries present RCM Live with Pastor John Bazemmore, Jr. and Co-Pastor Darlene Bazemore. Every Sunday is a fresh word from the Lord to encourage us throughout the week, including our Fourth Sermon with First Lady series.
Thronos - The Bible teaching ministry of Bryan Bowers Thronos is a non-denominational online church that exists to teach the Bible with simplicity and relevance for the purpose of “equipping of the saints for the work of ministry” – Ephesians 4:12 Thronos is unique because we are unshackled from the traditional communication boundaries facing most churches. We are able to broadcast the Gospel to every part of the world that has access to the Internet.
Prisoner Of Christ The Prisoner Of Christ is a teaching and message of the New Covenant of the grace and the finished work of the cross of Jesus Christ. The Lord has made a way for everyone to have abundant life and victory. The message proclaims the revelation of the Cross and the Spirit filled life as it was given to the Apostle Paul and throughout the Word of God.
Dennis James Radio Devoted to sharing the message of Jesus Christ through positive, inspirational content that will encourage, equip and edify you.
New Hope Baptist New Hope Baptist Church seeks to empower, encourage, and equip people to live for God through the faithful exposition of Scripture.
WebPreach We welcome you to another broadcast from WebPreach! You can contact Pastor Dan at [email protected] or fill out the form on . Feel free to comment and let us know your listening.
Fire Talk Radio Teaching the unfiltered Word of God with the anointing of His Spirit. With subjects on Eternity and the choices we make that determine our eternal destiny.
The Good Path Welcome to The Good Path. Discover your freedom in Christ as we wait on God, watch Him work, want His will, and walk with Him on The Good Path.