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Washington College of Law at AU Podcasts Podcasts from virtually all WCL Events. Speakers include: President Jimmy Carter, Supreme Court Justices Stephen Breyer and Antonin Scalia. Topics include: Humanitarian Law, Human Rights, "The Big Chill: Could You Land in Jail for Covering the News?", "War Powers in the New Century," The Supreme Court, the Iraqi Constitution, Land Title Registration, Constitution Day, and more.
Digital Liberties Weekly programs about current events influencing your rights online. This includes privacy, free software, copyright, and other issues of relevance.
CongressRadio The CongressRadio is broadcasting from the annual Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin. podcast Welcome to the podcast. Each month we will discuss issues related to intellectual property law. We will discuss topics related to patents, trademarks, and the more general topic of the process of obtaining a patent for inventions and licensing them to companies. If you are an inventor or a intellectual property lawyer how practises patent law, then you will find this podcast interesting.