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A Podcast on Indian Music A weekly podcast with reviews of Bollywood music directors, latest releases and latest trends in the Indian Music scene. I plan to air my opinion on the current Indian music scene, review the work of some Contemporary Music Composers and also briefly review the latest releases.
SonalFM - Ek simple si coffee ... SonalFM is a one stop shop for Desi entertainment. In this podcast, I’ll be talking about Bollywood music, movies, current countdown of top 5 music albums, current happenings in the Indian Television world, my favorite artists and their work etc. etc.. Kuchh gupshup.. kuchh sangeet.. Yaane... entertainment guaranteed!!! I recorded this episode on August 28, 2005. In this episode, I talk about Bollywood music & movies, current countdown of top 5 music albums, new movie releases.. current happenings in the Indian television world.. etc. etc.. “My favourites” – as the name suggests, is a section where I play a selection of my favorite songs.. Duh! In spotlight – I talk about the very talented music director duo brothers Jatin-Lalit and some of their outstanding musical contributions to the world of Bollywood… All in all – A must listen episode for all you Bollywood movie & music fans.. Have a blast !!!
Mehfil-e-Sonal & SonalFM Hi folks, this is Sonal from California. I have a passion for Indian music & poetry. This is my first step into the world of podcasting.. Mehfil-e-Sonal is a podcast about Gazals, nazms, poetry, songs and lot more.. SonalFM is a one stop shop for Desi entertainment. In this podcast, I’ll be talking about Bollywood music, movies, current countdown of top 5 music albums, current happenings in the Indian Television world, my favorite artists and their work etc. etc.. Kuchh gupshup.. kuchh sangeet.. Yaane... entertainment guaranteed!!! Please send me your feedback and suggestions via email at [email protected] or leave me a voicemail at (484)303-5341. Have a blast !!!
The Storyteller The Storyteller is a 15-minute weekly radio program of true stories from First Nations people across North America who are following Jesus Christ without reservation. Don't be fooled, this is not some religious, feel good program. This is real life. It's raw, direct and personal. If you're tired of trying to figure out who we really are, or wonder if there really is hope for something better, you may want to listen to some folks who understand.
Bollywood Report Watch our hosted program with slick new trailers each week, top box office earners, top 10 film songs, behind the scenes specials, bollywood news & gossip.
SangeetCast A podcast on Hindi music and artists in Hindi
Comedy Dhar Dhar is a British Asian comedian from Birmingham UK.
Desi Dilemmas I draw on my personal and research experiences to place common issues facing desis in a larger social and economic context. Weaving together narratives, opinion, research, and clips from over 100 interviews with Indians on three continents, this show puts forward the issues that preoccupy Indian dinner parties in a not-so-India West framework. Questions? Comments? Write to me at [email protected]!
Generation 1.5 I have a theory that between the first generation of Desi immigrants and their American-born children, there is a gray area, a twilight zone, inhabited by Generation One Point Five.This wedge or bridge generation is composed of individuals who themselves migrated to the West, but came so young that they don't quite count as first generation immigrants, and yet don't fit into the ABCD mold either. As a self-declared member of Generation One Point Five, I share with you my musings on some of the trials, tribulations and joys of inhabiting the twilight zone of Desi-ness in the United States. By the way, if you like the music, you can read more about the artist, Indian Melodies, at
India in Classrooms This program is presented by Mona Vijaykar, director of India in Classrooms,( a teacher assistance program, that is focused on bringing awareness and appreciation of Indian history and culture on par with that of western culture and history. Every week the listener will share Mona's experiences of 18 years as she attempted to bring deeper understanding about the Indian civilization to schools in America. In each episode,she will address different cultural issues that parents and second generation Indian Americans struggle with and she hopes that her insights will help provide the balance that most of us seek in a multicultural society.
Jugalbandhi Classical music from the Indian subcontinent A series of podcasts about the history, people and practice of Indian Classical Music. Krishna Kutty, the host of Jugalbandhi, is an ardent fan of the Carnatic and Hindustani music traditions of India, and features music and interviews with musicians from the Indian subcontinent.
Michael Madana Common Rajan A Tamil talk show about everything: How often have you heard "naalu peru enna solvaanga" ? and wondered why ! We dont ! .. yenna naanga thaan ANDHA naalu peru. We have three valuable assets which we would like to offer: OPINIONS .. OPINIONS .. AND OPINIONS !! Do you like stories about everything under the sun, above and beyond ...... then, come and "kadha kelu with michael madan common & rajan "
Chutney Sandwiches Tasty Conversations with Desis, ABCDs, FOBs, NRIs, ABDs, and Home Growns... Conversations is a loose term... Just like chutney sandwiches juxtapose unexpected tastes in one piquant morsel, my guests touch on far-ranging subjects, including (but not limited to) poetry and careers, dreams and realities, ghazals and religion, desires and expections... I welcome a dynamic dialogue with listeners, so please do share your thoughts and comments on my show--send your mails to [email protected] By the way, if the lovely sandwich above has aroused your hunger for more food photos and, better yet, descriptions, drop by" Brett Emerson's blog, in praise of sardines.
India Forums Bollywood Star Interviews, Movie Reviews, Top 10 Film Songs
Glimpses of 1000 Ramayanas Join me and Smitha Radhakrishnan as we discuss her dance company Natya''s exciting new dance drama based on the Ramayana. In the course of our conversation we cover topics as far ranging as politics, human nature, religion, music, poetry, and, of course, dance. Lost Tales: Glimpses from 1000 Ramayanas will be staged in San Francisco, Berkeley and San Jose in June. To reserve tickets and learn more about Natya and their show, visit Special thanks to Alyssa Ninan Nickell, Prasant Radhakrishnan (, and Ganesh Ramachandran ( for permission to air their poetry and music and photography. And best wishes to Vallari Shah, Natya''s co-founder, and to the other artists and organisers who are part of this production: Deepa, Jyotsna, Nitya, Shital, and Rajesh. Copyright 2006 yesha
The PodTribe We are just two Oglala Lakota tribal members speaking our mind in the 21st century. As Bob Dylan once said “The Times They are a Changing”, so must we. We do not mean no disrespect to our elders who we love, but we must speak our mind as we see it today. As Sitting Bull once said “ As you walk along the road pick up the pieces that are good and leave the bad behind. We must all learn that in this world we live today. Tony, and Brandon
Wapikoni mobile The Wapikoni mobile gives to the young of Quebec's First Nations the opportunity to express themselves by the means of video and musical achievements. While encouraging the emergence of new talents, it facilitates the exchanges and the communication between the First Nations youth and contributes to their opening on the world. It gives the opportunity to them to be made known, to leave their usual framework of life and to radiate as much in their community that outside this one.
PodView 'Podview' stands for Podcast Interview. It's a new series of podcasts on, where Kiruba speaks with trailblazers and folks with awesome talent.
Edward S. Curtis and The Indian Picture Opera This film is a journey through history, where famed photographer Edward S. Curtis explains Native American cultures in his own words, and photographs. This motion picture reconstruction of his 1911-1912 magic lantern slide show illuminates a time when Native Americans were forced from their land and cultures. Curtis's documentation of Indian cultures serve as a unique footprint in time. The Indian Picture Opera contains hundreds of photos and recrated music composed for the original 1911 slide show. Its a throw back to a time nearly 100 years ago, and a magical tour through history.
Radio NRI Indian Music Update Beyond Bollywood - We broadcast direct from India to give you the latest music, news, and gossip from across the entire desi music scene. Indian music goes way beyond Bollywood and we will take you there.
Tamil Podcast - Vaaram Oru Alayam This tamil podcast will have a comprehensive brief about a temple,it's architecture,festivities etc.Ancient scholars have made outstanding contributions to the growth of these monuments of great artistic value . To make the podcast little bit more interesting I'll try to narrate the stories related to the place ,temple itself ,the beliefs and rituals being practised in there.This will be narrated in easy tamil.
Jaago Bharat political and social awareness podcasts from india
Brother Sue Bothers You GO ON! ASK THEM ANY QUESTION/PROBLEM AND THEY GIVE THE WORLD'S BEST ANSWER/SOLUTION! Two enlightened indian souls who will answer any questions you might have. Their previous credits include time travel, levitation, out-of-body experiences, alien intelligence contact (they even abducted aliens for their experiments), telepathy, kaleidoscopy, mind-reading, mysteries solving and lazing about in the indian paddy fields! Grass never grows beneath their feet! And yet they gather no moss!
ISpeakHindi - Daily Hindi podcast Daily Hindi podcast for students of Hindi and Urdu. The site also contains other tools such as a Hindi-English dictionary and directory of other resources.
Indian Country Headline News A weekly audio program providing a summary of national news items important to all Native communities.
Density of Sound An eclectic mix of new global sounds
Raaga Rasika Weekly podcasts that explore the world of Carnatic Music, a Indian Classical artform. Tune in to learn more!
WoW: Words of Wisdom Everyone living or working in Asia has a wealth of information to share - their experiences, their thoughts, even stories they've heard. WoW: Words of Wisdom is Asian Business Radio's premiere interview show. Featuring one-on-one interviews with leading business people in Asia, we discover and share the lessons they have learnt in their struggle for survival and the tips they can give for achieving success in the region.
Spiritual Exploration I am Christine Schiavone and Welcome to “Spiritual Exploration”. I have been producing and hosting this show in the facilities of my local TV station since 1999. My purpose for producing and hosting “Spiritual Exploration” is to bring all types of spiritual topics and information to as many people as I can reach. From chakras to crystals, clairvoyance to meditation and holistic healing, etc... It is not a show about religion but spirituality, metaphysical and esoteric topics although I did some shows about unconventional religion like Paganism and Buddhism. I hope that it will quench your thirst for spiritual knowledge and will help you in your quest. Have a good trip on the journey of spiritual discovery!
History of the American Revolution Narrative history of the American Revolution. Starting with the politics and going until the end of the war.
Indian Country Editorial Weekly audio presentation of the lead Editorial from Indian Country Today newspaper.
FilmiTalkies - Bollywood Podcast We talk Bollywood and walk Bollywood! Take a listen as we dissect the best and worst of the better wood: Bollywood.
Indian Country Today Editorial Weekly audio presentation of the lead Editorial from Indian Country Today newspaper.
IACA Pod Network Interviews and discussion with leading American Indian artists, and other influential people in the world of American Indian Art.
Bollycast Get Bollywood movie news & funny reviews from Bolly fans like you. We are a team dedicated to bringing you Bollywood movie news and reviews in a fun and entertaining way. What separate us from other movie pages is that we are fans just like you. Hosted by Sameer, Baloch & Anoop