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Gamephiles A group of three guys who have been playing videogames and living the gamer lifestyles for many long years in a personal and professional capacity. In addition to the requisite bad jokes, Gamephiles features knowledgeable and insightful analysis of the latest news, reviews and previews of new and upcoming games, and of course, your comments.
Best Damn Tech Show, Period. The Best Damn Tech Show, Period infotechment podcast includes 3 techies talking about consumer technology, the internet and the blogosphere. Cast includes Drew Olanoff, Paul Fleming, and Adam Plante. For The Geek in Everyone
In the Trenches Where geeks get paid to be geeks! A podcast for Systems Administrators and IT Professionals from the perspective of a Systems Administrator. Podcasts are typically between 20 and 40 minutes in length.
SCTech: A World Where Anything is Possible Join Stephen and Cody (and guests) as we look at internet culture, video games, and other aspects of technology. Including detailed "how-tos", hacks, tech news, and other, various subjects! Highly appraised and entertaining!
Bits of Silicon Hell Each week, your BoSH hosts dive into technology and how it impacts our daily lives.
Pocketful Radio Indie rock, power pop, music news, sarcasm, and random dork goodness crammed into one convenient podcast.
The Blahcast Geeky stuff mixed with weird news, funny history, stories going on around me and a dash of everything else! Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah!!!
Extreme Alpha Geek On the bleeding edge of technology. Because tech things turn me on.
Broadcast Gamer Bi-weekly gaming podcast featuring news, reviews, and interviews. Each episode gives listeners a new chance to win free DVDs and games, so tune in often!
Weekly Anime Review Eack week we bring you a new anime review. Domestic North American releases as well as fansubs are covered.
Closet Geek Show Brent needs somewhere to share his knowledge of non-technology related geeky stuff, his friends don't care, but maybe you do. Plus heaps of indie dance, trance, techno, rock, metal, and mashups!
BITE Radio E-Jay and Hollywood take you into the world BITE Television with a sometimes cynical and constantly cricital look at the world of pop-culture and everything GEEK!
geekr Welcome to the introduction to geekr. We are going to be talking about technology, gadgets, news and telecommuncations. We have a unique story on how our podcast came to be, so enjoy. Stay subscribed, I know you gonna dig this!
Geekspeak Want the latest in gaming, gadgets, tech, Anime, and more? Well, then this is the podcast for you! Ian Levenstein talks geek every week here on Geekspeak!
Life in Hex A podcast containing gaming news and reviews, technology news and opinions, and general life. Put together by two geeks in the UK.
cleverLazy Indie Music Heaven on both sides of the 49th
ChuckChat Technorama Off beat technology humor, news, reviews, and interviews. Feed your inner geek!
Geek4x4 Comics & Entertainment Podcast Part Comics Commentary, a dash of Independent music, and the ranting of a wannabe writer and pop culture aficionado.
The Geekcast The Geekcast is a technology podcast that is never longer than 20 minutes. The show has how-to segments, the latest tech news, hacks and all-around geek fun. For users of all skill levels, the Geekcast is a great tech resource.
Geek Brief TV Geek Brief TV is a video podcast featuring the gadget loving hottie, Cali Lewis. The hottest gadget news is delivered to you in 3-5 minute shows 2-5 days a week. Note: has been shut down because we exceeded our bandwidth limit for the month. The show grew a lot faster than we expected. We should be back up by January 23rd or 24th. Thanks for sticking with me!
VSBrown - PodCast The personal Audio Blog of VSBrown. Focus is a variety of news and information related to web, tech, world or home issues.
BostonGeek Podcast The BostonGeek Podcast is hosted by a couple of geeks (Colin and Carl) who live in Boston (go figure). On each episode, they discuss the top tech stories of the week, gaming news and reviews, and even manage to throw in a little something about the best city in the world - Boston. - Weekly sketch comedy by The Fine Brothers. NEW VIDEO EVERY WEEK! video podcast. The site's original comedy videos have been downloaded millions of times, featured on CollegeHumor, Salon, Ifilm, Heavy, Kontraband, Screenhead, and even banned from Google Video after becoming "Most Popular". The site recently broke into the top 100,000 on's Ranking system and continues to climb. "You'll laugh, cry, and threaten to call the police all at the same time." - "Very funny stuff. Like Matt Stone and Trey Parker (SouthPark) at their smutty best."
Music DVD Geek Almost every week Music DVD Geek provide audio and visual samples of two music DVDs; one commercial release and one fan release. We also cover new music DVD releases and top sellers according to Amazon and others.
The 1337report Technology comedy at it's best. Join Cam and Linc each week as they discuss their lastest findings on this World Wide Web of ours as well as other top ridiculous news stories.
The Unique Geek The Unique Geek brings you some of the finest in geek conversation. Our podcasts feature discussions on pop culture, comics, movies, technology, and anything geek. Listen in and... Geek Out!
GeekFit Jason Tucker and Steve Klassen discuss fitness with geeks in mind.
Geeks and God Technology. Faith. And a big ol' mix of both.
Geek Life Pod French language actuality of Technology and Geek Life Actualité francophone du High-Tech de la mobilité et vie du Geek
Mondays - What Sunday Threw Up Mondays is a weekly show chock full of people dumber than you, tech toys, a girl, and a lot of geeky, funny, and sometimes amazing stories.
cleverhack podcast One tech obsessed geek girl opining about current events, technology, and herself.
Sven Gedanken aus dem Kopf eines kindischen Mittdreiszigers Komm' und steck' Deine Ohren in mein Leben. Aber Vorsicht! Das sind alles nur durchschnittliche Geschichten, Gedanken und Gefuehle aus einem mittelklassigen Leben. Doch es ist mein Leben und wenn schon kein anderer darueber berichtet, mach' ich es halt selbst.
The FriedGeek Podcast Each episode you'll find reviews and recommendations for software and websites and insights into one Geek's journey into fatherhood. Mixed in are hilarious stories, and maybe web development, or productivity info, and 10% more monkeys! (Actual monkey content may vary)
The Global Geek Podcast Two Hemispheres, Two Geeks, One Podcast. 2 Aussies and a Belgian; delivering the news in a fun and entertaining way. Everything tech, from Web2.0 blogging, the internet to product reviews and software even what they did on the week-end.
Quiet! Panelologists At Work The Quiet! Panelologists At Work Podcast offers a unique view in to the minds of two UK based comic book collectors. The "Panelologists" attempt to give us a brief lowdown of the best comic books available over the last two weeks but usually move off the topic and discuss anything comic book related that may pop in to their heads instead. It's funny, witty, (mostly) bizarre and (always) unprepared. The true antidote to the comic book podcast that may contain any useful information, reviews, news and show format.
The RotCast Two past white guys talk about geek movies and giggle like schoolgirls.
I Am Nerd I Am Nerd is a podcast dedicated to nerd culture. Each week Andy Hayes and his panel of nerd experts (Chandra Free, Jim Zello, John Vick, and others) provide you with a half hour worth of news, reviews, and discussions about everything geeky.
JourneyDeep JourneyDeep strives to bring you the best in breakbeat 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you aren’t already a member, click here & join our site today for full access to all areas, including the downloads section full of free mp3 files of original tunes as well as archives of our shows! We find the best in intelligent, electro and nuskool breaks mixes from upcoming Florida DJ’s and artists from around the globe, and bring it directly to you. We will occasionally inhance your listening pleasure by promoting Orlando DJs who mix the best in HOUSE, PROGRESSIVE, and D&B, AMONGST OTHER GENRES.
Geek Riot Geek Talk for web developers, designers and enthuisists. We will discuss everything geek.more
NerdGeekHero Welcome to NerdGeekHero, a mediacentric podcast covering games, movies, technology, and all around geekness. Featuring interviews with game developers, and discussion about gaming related topics. Part media, part tech, all fun.
Chibi Tokyo Two guys talking about anime. Every week, we hit you a with a few anime reviews and previews. Some anime that you might have not heard of, maybe overlooked or just plain didn't know about. Plus we rant about anime related stuff and poke at anime fandom.
Undead America: Adventures in the Buffy Verse A guide to the Joss Whedon's Buffy Verse featuring reviews of Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, books, collectibles, news, and other geeky goodness. In Joss, We Trust.
The Official Geekspeak Radio Podcast The official podcast of Geek Speak, a weekly nerd news discussion show broadcast on Central Michigan University's campus station, Modern Rock 91.5. Hosts Bryan Carr and Frank Wisswell tackle all the hot topics facing today's geeks, from video games to comic books to movies to pro wrestling and much more. These things are covered with tenacity, wit, and verve. Geekspeak is not just a lot of fun, it's also interactive - jump onto and join in the conversation!
CastGeek The name is Pete… I’m a techie kind a guy, I enjoy podcasting, the web, tech stuff, music, and life. So I decided to put together a show about what I like. And there it is.
The Angry Geek My therapist said I needed a way to express my anger, otherwise I would go crazy and start shooting random people for no good reason, and The Angry Geek is the culmination of that effort. expressing my frustrations of the world.
Into The Dark A Discussion of various Science Fiction topics, with a Darker Viewpoint.
OurSQL: The MySQL Database Podcast for the Community, by the Community Weekly news and performance tips about MySQL, the world's most popular open source database.
devcasting Topics of interest to software developers
Geekcruise Join Media Support Group for a daily video podcast of a week long Geekcruise to the western Caribbean aboard Holland America Line. GeekCruises is a unique concept that combines an educational conference with the adventure, entertainment, and relaxation of a cruise. Our daily video podcast of MacMania V will feature exciting shore excursions to Key West, Belize, Santa Thomas, and Costa Maya. In addition, we will talk to the ship’s captain and other officers as well as getting information from some of the best Mac experts in the field.
Geek Boys Cinema Two guys taking an irreverent look at movies that you love, hate, or have never even heard of.
Things Are Looking Up with Indiana Jim Discussion of the latest headlines and hottest topics in the realm of geekdom. From Science Fiction and Fantasy, to movies and the music that makes them great. To writing, philosophy, inspiration from history, and the latest geek gadgets. Explore with me the things that have us looking up to the future, the horizon, the heavens, and beyond. This is the fusion of truth and myth in our culture.
Desi Geek News, Reviews, Gadgets, HiFi Tech, Web 2.0 and stuff that makes you go Oh! Ah! WoW! Release days: Sunday Release Time: 1-3pm CST !This show is in Urdu/Hindi Language
FIlm Geek Primer Four film geeks share their vast amount of useless knowledge with the world. Join them each week as they cover the vital history of the industry, how to be a film geek, and debate everything from cinema's first hundred years to its next hundred years. Informative and entertaining, The Film Geek Primer will be your first step into a much larger world.
The Sci-Fi and Fantasy Geek I will talk about Sci-Fi and Fantasy movies and TV shows. I find geek stuff to talk about. You can reach me at Voicemail Number: 206-309-7462
PcComputerGuy A show for the non-techie person to help with their computer needs! This is a tech show where we casually discuss anything from software and security to HD-TV and Digital Cameras adding humor into the discussion. We have game reviews and a "hardware" bit on each show, to teach you what the different components of a PC are, as well as Tips to keep your PC running well and securely & so much more.
Nerd Wars!!! Fantasy nerd battles, where in we pit characters from across the nerd universe in direct mortal combat (oddly there are none from Mortal Kombat). The shows will feature Toadpuc and Fereshte fighting over who should win. However since there is a small chance of the two agreeing with each other over a particular battle, and a huge chance of the podcast disintegrating into broken bones and hurt feelings we welcome people to call in. callers votes will count as high as the votes of Toadpuc and Fereshte, while people texting on the boards points will be adopted (stolen) by the host currently supporting that side. We plan to do 4 fights a show, for the first round at least, unless fights go quickly. If you listen to the recorded version and something we say doesnt jive with you email us @ [email protected] before the next scheduled show, and we will address it on the next show. We also understand that some characters such as Robin were different people at different times, before the first battle with those characters we will establish which one we are using and stick with it till they die.
The Reset Radio Entertainment Podcast Reset Radio is your place for all of the best news about Movies, TV, Comics, Music and Video Games. We do our part to bring you the information that REALLY matters to you! Subscribe either though iTunes or Zune. Check out our blog at Send us a Friend Request on Skype (firemouth55) and we will try to get you on a future Episode. You can NOW follow us on Twitter. Go to to get all the up-to-date information that we can throw at you. Taking over the world, one game-save at a time. ...Reset Radio is Produced by: Skyler Saville (firemouth55*) and Rustin Harris (Skust006*) * Xbox Live Gamertags
Serrate Bros. El blog de los locos hermanos Serrate, para hablar de toodo lo que te interesa. musica, cine, curiosidades, pc, blogs, internet, videos, tecnologia y mas!. enjoy!
90 Pound Weaklings In 1972, a crack group of geek culture gadflies were sent to prison by a gaggle of internet forum trolls for a crime they didn't commit. These geeks promptly escaped from a maximum security internet cafe to the Central Florida underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as LARPers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire... The Weaklings.
GenderBiased News, Tech, Politics, and Critiques from a zany husband and wife team! Give us an hour, and we'll waste it.
Film Geeks We are the Film Geeks! We're just two regular guys who love movie. We love them so much that we decided to make a podcast and offer our views and witty remarks on some of them.
Moxie Mo Show A moxie and fun podcast all about technology, life, politics and crazy news related to all things tech! Learn how to moxie your life in all ways and see the some great how-to's for technology!
The Ben And Den Cast Welcome to the all brand very new Ben and Den cast! Featuring...stuff, including; gaming and tech news, reviews, and a rant about who knows what. So sit back and enjoy two teenagers with nothing better to do.
Vampires, Witches, and Geeks Author Morven Westfield interviews, shares news, and chats about vampires, witches, and geeks — Oh, my!
Geek Salad Join Mike and Andy as they traverse the land of pop culture for the good, and not so good, from the world of movies, tv, video games, comic books, music and more!
Trekcast Trekcast! A Star Trek Podcast The Star Trek Podcast where our team of geeks discuss all things Star Trek and sci-fi as it relates to our world and our culture.
The Atomic Geeks The Atomic Geeks is a podcast covering Movies, TV, Comics, Gaming and everything in-between. Hosted by long time friends Christian Nielsen, Mike Downs, Andrew Bloom and Michael DiGiovanni, the weekly show feature entertaining discussions filled with comedy, humour, hilarity and the occasional insight. A podcast so damn good it's ATOMIC! Get ready to have your mind blown. (Please note: we are not responsible for blown minds and any other mind-like damage)
The Geek Show Podcast A show about all things geek: comics, movies, TV, toys, role-playing games, video games, etc. The podcast is recorded complete with alcoholic beverages, and new episodes every monday afternoon. The very first Geek Show was called Geek Chat and premiered on the Radio From Hell Show KXRK X96 in Salt Lake City on August of 1996. The name changed to GEEK SHOW for legal reasons. Although the panelists have changed through the years, The host has remained, Kerry Jackson. Now he is joined by a panel of equally impassioned Geeks, each experts in their fields. Jeff Vice, Film Critic and Scott Pierce TV critic from the Deseret News. Leigh George Kade, RPG expert and artist. Shannon, professional bartender and Jackson's lifelong friend. And Zack Shutt the show producer, technology geek, and Wesley Crusher of the podcast (with a slightly deeper voice).
The Iron Sloth and Jewbacca Show Come and listen to the insightful deliberations of the legendary Iron Sloth and the incomparable Jewbacca. Open your mind and rejoice, as they canvass such topics as current events, societal issues, technology, movies and music, and whatever else comes to their brilliant minds. Laugh and learn with the revolutionaries of modern infotainment.
Geek U With new guests and topics every week, Hardcore Nerdity''s "Geek U" podcast focusses on hot-button sci-fi / fantasy genre community topics through an academic lense.
Couchcast An informal but information look at business and technology, entrepreneurship, life, careers, the universe and everything. Monthly book reviews on timely tech topics and occasional rants. Hosted by Robert Merrill and Thom Allen
Geek News Weekly A podcast of geek news for the geek in all of us. Gadgets, Tech, Sci-Fi and Gaming news all rolled into one.
Nerdbunker with Goober and The Viking What happens when two idiotic morning zoo radio DJs host a show about technology, movies, and all things geek? That is the premise to this improv comedy podcast!
The DagCast Video Games and Technology is what we do.
Movie Fan House Network The MovieFanHouse Network is home to the MovieFanCast, Right This Instant and The Talking Deadcast. All of these shows have individual feeds but this is your one stop shop for all of our show.
Geek Pop Geek Pop is a virtual science and music festival. Each year we bring together the geekiest bands from around the world in a celebration of geek culture. We also make a montly Playlist podcast featuring our listener's picks of the sci-pop genre. Send your requests to [email protected] or tweet them at @geekpop
Day in Tech History Day in Tech HIstory - a Daily rundown of Technology History, History of computers and a few geek history facts.
Geek Week with Yoshi and Meeks Geek Week with Yoshi and Meeks is a podcast produced by Meeks Mixed Media that covers everything geek. From comics to TV to movies to the Internet we slave to satiate your desire for geeky information.
The New York Geekcast The New York Geekcast is hosted by Nelson Diaz and David Pagano. These two self-proclaimed nerds cover anything and everything dorky movies, music, comics, video games, television while bringing a unique New York sensibility to it all.
ITV LIVE - The DJ Sessions ITV LIVE - The DJ Sessions brings to you the best local, national, and world renouned DJ's playing live sets Visit our website at for more information. Become a ITV VIP Member at our website and you will be registered to win guest appearances and free prizes. Stay tuned and enjoy the shows. Brought to you by Independent Production Training, The Law Offices of Alexander Ransom, and Mad Malcolm Productions, The Central Cinema, and Metro Clothing
Punch Drunk Podcast Straight from the Nation's Capital comes The Punch Drunk Podcast, DC's best movie news and reviews by the Dynamic Duo Themselves, John and Trav!
Geek Tech Live will showcase new games , technology, reviews, opinions, rants and news of new Consumer goods coming out or already out...Pretty much Stuff that Looks pretty cool and things that are uber fun gadgets and of course helpful tips and tricks for people needing a boost into the world of the Gadget Freak. We will also be discussing Emerging Tech and any news surrounding it as well as this is the Road All Gadget heads like to know about.
The Sarcastic Voyage podcast The Sarcastic Voyage podcast is an expansion of the online “column” (we didn’t have the word “blog” back in those days) that’s been meandering comedically around the internet since 1996. It features audio-based humor from Ron “AAlgar” Watt and is centered around panel discussions which regularly feature AAl’s longtime collaborator, Matt Rowbotham, and a rotating third guest. Almost unbearably nerdy things will be discussed, and lots of Orson Welles references will be made.
The Donut Shop The Donut Boys will entertain as they talk about anything and everything that comes to mind. From gaming to movies to good places to eat when you go to Los Angeles, nothing’s not on the when the Donut Boys come around. Brand new show, the Donut Boys are back!
UpdateMX Para los que no somos ni GEEKS ni GAMERS, pero nos falta poco.
Night Shade Productions We are couple of guys from Georgia this show is all about everything cool we do band reviews, movie reviews. We read fiction and from time to time we do rant about stuff, so this show does get a bit uppity in language sometimes but we do warn you when we do it. So now as our host Carl Gosline is fond of saying "EVERYONE JUMP ON THE BUS!!!"
The Official Podcast A variety of topics are covered on the podcast including Comics book reviews, video games news, dating tips for geeks, and a tech round up of the latest news. Join the fun, and download an episode today.
Women Talk Sci Fi Podcast Gerri and Eugenia (that''''s us) from GE News Ezine now bring you Women Talk Sci Fi. A Podcast by women about their favourite genre. You''''ve read what we have to say now you can listen to us too!
GNG Radio - Podcast GNG Radio is a bi-weekly POD Cast on topics such as technology, gaming and generally all things geek. Hosted by the random and largely retarded staff of GNG! A full list of aired episodes is printed below, all episodes are available to download in .mp3 format for your audio enjoyment!
The PodCore NerdCast Welcome to the official podcast for the Nerdcore Comedy Tour: a motley collective of stand-up comedians who have what it takes to talk about what really matter in this world. From Super Mario Kart to Sovereign Class starships we cover it all in our live shows and now we're on the interwebs. Ooooo. Shiny.
The Puff Puff Podcast Hosted every week by Dub and Jobu (along with a cavalcade of their crazy friends) we discuss movies, comics, games, tech, and all the geek topics that truly matter. Come one, come all - give us your sober, your stoned, your inebriated. Just don't leave your sense of humor behind.
Perpetual Geek Machine A bi-weekly discussion of all things geek and nerd. Games & Gadgets, Dungeons & Dragons, X-men & Iron Men, Comics & Tech. You get the picture. If it's nerdy, it's here.
The Lex and Lanna Show They meet at a Tweetup in Portland, ME. They find they have common interests. And lo! A podcast is born! Join them as they discuss social media, hot trends on the interwebs, presentation, art, feminism, and balloon animals.
PimpDaddyLoveMuffin The Only Podcast that will make you soil yourself, from laughter or hatred!
Legends Podcast Here we discuss Movie Legends, and Legendary Movies. Cult, Classic, New, Old, Original, Sequels, Reboot, remake and more, for better, or worst.
Mix Mornings with Derek and Stacey Derek Bosley and Stacey Linn began hosting their morning show together on September 22, 2008. They can be heard on Mix 92.1 in Caro, Michgan. Derek is new to the radio business but knows how to pour concrete. His interests include sports, movies and potatoes. Stacey has been in radio for almost 2 decades, including a 3 year stint as the 'newschick' on the Lex and Terry Show (syndicated). Her interests include Pink Floyd, the Detroit Red Wings and Syfy.
Killpunch Podcast Listen to a podcast from a super villain's perspective. Join Philip (a.k.a. Killpunch), and his sidekick Arron, as they bring you news items, and talk crap about pop-culture. Be sure to stick around for Vince's movie reviews.
Shauncastic! Hi! I am Shaun Rosado. You probably don''t know me but you''re absolutely convinced you''ve met me before. You think you might have went to school with me or that I remind you of a friend, distant relation, or friend of a friend; but this is not the case...probably. It is certainly possible that I''ve found my way into your picture gallery on Facebook or I''ve crashed your house for some food or a party - but we''ve never formally met. Unless of course we have, and if that''s the case....hi again! And that brings us full circle. So what is Shauncastic!? Shauntastic! is nerdiness made cool! We know you’re out there, and Shaun and his guests are here to bring you to the front with irreverent discussions on everything geeky and nerdy. Love video games? Movies? Roleplaying games? Sci-Fi? Fantasy and all those other geeky things? We’ll bring them to life with discussions that will challenge you and humor that will make it hard to hold your bladder. We’re all adults here and we’ll use adult language, so make sure the young ‘uns aren’t close by. Stand proud and listen. NOW you nerd!
The Closet Cast A semi-regular podcast about technology, life, relationships, geeky stuff, and goodness. Oh, and recorded in a closet.
Imperial Trouble Imperial Trouble is Jason Mallory of Scene Missing Magazine and Sam Mitchell of The Police Box. Sam and Jason like to talk about science fiction, toys, comic books and other gentlemanly pursuits. Sam and Jason are not responsible for any ladies' swooning that may occur while listening to Imperial Trouble. Sam and Jason will not engage in fisticuffs for any reason other than to defend the honor of a lady or the honor of the Xbox 360 or the honor of Star Wars except the prequels or the honor of wh
Jesus and Technology A show where we talk about Jesus and technology.
Ginger and the Geek Kat Cooper (Ginger) and Daniel J. Hogan (the Geek) share funny stories, perform skits and interview guests each week in this comedy talk show podcast. New episodes every Thursday.
Geek Grabbag A geek centered podcast in which we discuss movies, games, T.V., technology, etc.
Underground Geek Network The Underground Geek Network is a podcast for geeks by geeks. We are not industry experts or professionals. We are simply geeks who love geek things. The podcast focuses on video games, comic books, technology, and other “geeky” subjects. Feel free to comment and participate. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and I-tunes. You can also e-mail us at [email protected]
Movie Meltdown News, reviews and interviews about your favorite thing - movies. For movie geeks, by movie geeks.
The Medium Bus Podcast Four guys + One Room + Immaturity = Candy for your ear hole! The Medium Bus podcast is devoted to mediocrity and it’s direct delivery to you. Do you love and/or hate bad movies? So do we! Are you a lonely nerd or geek? So are we! Are you an ogre, half-elf, or gone? Sometimes, so are we! Join us for mounds of comedy entertainment, just waiting to be jammed into your dripping, nerdy jowls. Let us be your offensive guide into the realms of true mediocre-ness!
FUHcast Each week Bill and Jim take a look at the good, the bad, and the horrible of pop culture, technology, media, and entertainment; as well as everything else that makes a modern day geek.
Lee and Dan An Aussie and a Brit take a irreverent but affectionate look at popcorn movies from the 80s and 90s
Radical Geek The Radical Geek is a Video Podcast/Blog that chronicle all things that are Geek. Your host Bill Horst-Kotter will show you everything Geek Culture. Subjects will include Science Fiction and Fantasy, Technology, Hacking, Tech Competitions, Music, and Games.
Media Pulp The official podcast of Tune in to listen to reviews and discussions about movies, tv and video games.
Pew Pew Podcast Geek Culture Podcast bringing you the freshest news in the worlds of gaming, comics, movies, music, television, and all thinks geeky!
The Get Geek Podcast Listen as Tim and Devin talk about geek culture.They discuss TV, music, comics, and more. They also read and discuss a book together each week.They talk regularly about current topics that permeate media and pop culture. Join us every Thursday, and laugh along with Tim and Devin.
The UMNP: The Unnamed Movie-Name Podcast A movie podcast with an identity crisis. We offer a fresh and eccentric perspective to films and television and various media we have consumed. Just give us a try and I bet you pants will never be dry.
The iDroid Podcast A smartphone podcast with Mark and Duncan about everything android, iPhone, iOS, apps, modding, jailbreaking and games from two gadget loving amateur geeks!
XY Mag Le magazine de la génération X et Y animé par une femme et un homme qui veulent faire partager leurs coups de cœurs et passions
g33kWatch Proudly showcasing the best in geekery!
Rag-NERD-rok Podcast Our goal here at RNR is to bring you all the nerdy news that you care about, and maybe even some that you don’t. We’ll have discussion on nerdy topics (beyond the usual “Kirk vs. Picard” debate), highlight events, interview interesting people and bring you reviews of things that you’d want to know about. Welcome to Rag-NERD-rok! Sit back, relax, and join us as we plumb the depths of nerdy culture in search of the true essence of geekdom.
Psycomedia Psycomedia is a comedy podcast dedicated to the funny side of psychological research. Hosts Timothy Swann and Ben Fell take a look at the crazy stuff that psychologists get up to when grappling with the mysteries of the human mind.
Audio Hostem Audio Hostem or I Hear The Enemy podcast, an American and an Australian bringing you laughter, opinions, and downright craziness. Where you'll hear everything geek, everything tech, our favorite tv & movies, upcoming tv & movies, and just maybe we will make you question your (and our) sanity.
Punch Drunk Critics Live The best film critics in the Nation's Capital bring you the best in movie reviews, celebrity interviews, and the news straight from Hollywood's inner circle.
The Hex19 Geekcast The Hex19 Geekcast is your podcast source for all things Geek. Each week, Aaron, Brett, Glenn and Yuri discuss the latest Games, Movies, TV Shows, Comics and Technology. Visit for more information.
Quantum Tavern This is where geeks come to get their drink on among friends. If you dine at the Cafe Diem, you get your nightcap here. If you shop in Diagon Alley, forget The Leaky Cauldron and come by for fascinating discussion and good old fashioned fun. We talk about movies, TV, books, and anything else that excites us.
Dead Legion In 121 AD, the great Hadrian rules the mightiest empire the world has ever known. But a darkness is growing in the north. In the newly pacified fringe province of Britannia, the dead are ning to rise. The legion that feared no mortal enemy will now have to contend with a growing horde of their fallen brothers. Can Rome survive these bleak days? Join us, as the pages of history are rewritten in blood.
Four Geeks and a Microphone We are four friends who are also long-time geeks, which means we love all things (or at least most things) in the sci-fi, fantasy, superhero, zombie, and vampire genres whenever they are found in the media of books, comics, TV, movies, video games, hobby games, and RPGs.
Coin Operated Coin Operated is about what two dudes have to say about everything in this world that actually matters. From video games to naked chicks and comic books to beer, these guys know it all. Let the ranting !
The Dork Night Podcast It's always dorkiest before dawn. The Dork Night podcast is a bunch of dorks talking about games, comics, movies, books, music, and whatever dorky thing they did. Play along as we play Nerdy or Not!
The Chris Top Program Chris Top started giving tones away to the world on October 15th 2009.This is where it all started. Check out to grab a free ringtone for yourself. Chris now has the most popular show on Anyone can listen to Mr Top''''s recorded shows or catch him live on The Chris Top Program. Kimberley Stevens is a very talented writer from the UK who pitches in to make Chris look his best. Chris and Kim are cooler than David Hasselhoff. Show TCTP your support by joining the fan page an
The Last Picture Show Podcast The Last Picture Show Podcast is a weekly film/geek/comedy podcast dedicated to bringing you news and opinion about all different kinds of film, music, comics and anything else that we deem podworthy. We are a couple of film-loving buddies who also love talking/ranting about film, music and comics, we just hope you enjoy experiencing the blog and podcast as much as we enjoy doing them.
Smells Like Home Podcast Where we talk about all things nerdy and geeky. Topics include Table Top Roleplaying, D&D, Movies, Video Games, Books, Reviews and all sorts of things considered geek culture. We enjoy our hobby and hope you learn a little something.
Nerdstravaganza The four horsemen of the nerdocalypse sally forth to spread the word of the everyNerd. Join Rik, Tom, Grant, and Keith as they wander topical realms ranging from the geek chic to the esoteric.
Moot Points A free wheeling conversation that will touch upon being a geek, arguing pointless and pedantic things, and anything else we feel like talking about.
GeekScholars Movie News GeekScholars Movie News is a weekly podcast highlighting film headlines, previews and reviews. Crafted and d by four friends, the GeekScholars are here to deliver to you discussion, analysis, debate and banter about all things movie-related.
The Nerdpocalypse This Apocalypse needs more Nerds!!! Weekly podcast where we discuss all things nerdy. Many rants and raves will happen.
The Shadowlocked interviews and opinion Podcast This is the podcast of the movie, TV and genre website, featuring debate among our writers and guests, as well as occasional interviews. It may get silly, it may get serious...
D Saint Radio Welcome to D Saint Radio! We're 3 guys and a gal hailing from Detroit, MI. D Saint Radio is a geeky blog and podcast featuring of a variety of subjects alongside video-game related content. New Episodes of the show premiere every two weeks! Feel free to tune in and listen as we talk games, news, memes, jokes, TV, music, movies and anything else you can think of!
Slacker And The Man Slacker and The Man podcast is a show for geeks, by geeks. They bring you the finest in geek debauchery every week. They cover everything from comics, movies, sci-fi, video games, to geek music. And That's just to name a few! They are also frequent guests to the Florida comic and Sci-Fi convention scene. Listen live every Sunday night from 9 pm to 11pm EST
Temple of Nerd Temple of Nerd is a podcast from Catalyst Media Internet Radio promoting nerd culture to the masses!
The Following the Nerd Podcast The Following the Nerd Podcast is your one and only source for all that's new in movies, TV, games, comics, books and collectibles. With weekly news, reviews and interviews you needn't look any further... remember, you Nerd it here first
FMHsquared Full Metal Hero: Fantasic Mental Hijinks is a highly irreverent, always fun look at what's new in geekdom from some of the minds behind Full Metal Hero. For lack of a better and more succinct explanation, it's people being silly and talking about nerd news. It'll be things that caught our eye in the news and pretty much anything else that takes our fancy.
Legacy Comics Podcast Owning and operating a comic shop. Reviews and babble from "The Geeks of the Round Table".
Pop Tech Jam The independent audio magazine devoted to mashing up pop culture, technology and more! J.D. Biersdorfer and Pedro Rafael Rosado are your hosts. It's a podcast revolution!
All Geeks Considered We are a weekly podcast that nates between a sci-fi movie review show (The Delve) and a broad geek podcast. This covers anime, games, movies, comics, books, et cetera.
Nerd Girls We are a group of 3 genuine nerd girls who get together once a week to talk "Nerd Girl" things comics, gaming, horror, gadgets, news and anything else that tickles our fancy.
The Untitled BoDcast The Untitled BoDcast is a podcast started by a group of friends that game together online. We figured since we spent so much time chatting together about gaming, movies, music, etc. we might as well try to find a format that exposes us for the geeks we are.
Crystal and Holly In which two sisters in Vancouver discuss Mary Poppins on Broadway, Joss Whedon, various TV shows, home decor, geeky stuff like sci-fi books and board games, and end with an original radio show entitled, "Hans, the Captain, and the Airship of Doom".
The Lovebird Anime Review We are anime''s new obsessive couple, The Goatee and Taiga Marie! Listen to us bicker about random things, review old and new anime of all different genres, and Top 5 lists of all sorts of different anime-related subjects!
The Bulge Brothers Podcast Each week, the fat guys discuss games, RPGs, and their other interests.
I Am A Super Nerd Your one stop Super Nerd podcast source for all things Movies, TV, Comics, Anime, Games, Science, Nerd News and more!
Go Go Gadget Podcast Go Go Gadget Podcast reviews the latest tech news, gadgets, and devices. This show is hosted by Bruce Elliott on The Couch Chronicles Network.
The NerdSync Podcast NerdSync is just a bunch of nerdy friends talking about a bunch of nerdy things. We have been nerds all our lives, even if we didn't openly call ourselves "nerds." We know how the nerd life can be hard, but also how incredibly wonderful it can be as well. It's never too late to become engrossed in nerd culture. That's what NerdSync is all about. If you are a new nerd or a nerd veteran, you can listen, enjoy, and pursue the awesome!
The Podcast in My Pants Join Josh, Jeremy, and Doll for a live podcast from inside Fortyseven's pants as they discuss current events, video games, gadgets, movies, and every other damned thing that comes along. NSFW.
Whatcha Your dose of all things Geek, podcasting every week. If it's Whatcha want in News, Reviews & Views about Comics, Film, TV Shows, Games, Events and Interviews we've got Whatcha need.
All Us Geeks We discuss board games, movies, television, geek culture, and anything that comes to our hosts’ and guest hosts’ minds. All Us Geeks explore all the geeky goodness out there. We give voice to your inner geek.
Me + You = Geek Three British friends talking about random geeky stuff, including films, games & superheros! Stupid, yet intelligent conversation about anything that catches our intertest.
Geeksters! This is the show about entertainment in the geek world. Shawn, Ed and Erika provide their thoughts and ideas of the growing geek world and all the culture that goes with it, enjoy.
Geek Scoop Geek Scoop is a geeky weekly podcast where The Geek Scoop Crew discuss the latest news in movies,television, video games,tech,and more.
bad sloth A podcast for the lazy geek. Every episode I pick a topic and read its Wikipedia page while discussing the subject with special guests. Simple and sometimes entertaining!
Jelly and Bean Do you like tech? Games? TV? Movies? Well DANG. We have so much in common already! Jelly and Bean are two super pals who like to talk about all of the aforementioned topics (and more, probably), resulting in a nice little peek into the world of geeks, all in the form of a delicious weekly podcast that can be shoved into your ears thanks to the magic of sound waves!
The Magical Fun Bus Fred, Josh, Chris and sometimes Freya talk about stories from theirs lives and whats going on in the news.
Distro 1 Podcast Random Distribution dot Com presents the Distro 1 Podcast. The show that discusses a wide range of topics from across geek culture including Movies, TV, Anime, Comic Books, Music, Art and more!
Geekspotting Welcome to Geekspotting where hosts Ruben Rosario, James Thompson, and Rachel Goffinet, often joined by guests, take a critical look into popular culture, be it comics, TV, movies or anything in between.
Codex Nerdicus Codex Nerdicus is the joint project of David Perry and David Wolfe. We’ve been friends, roommates, coworkers, GMs and players to each other for years and we always seem to have the best conversations. Over the years a lot of people have told us “you should record that stuff” – and so we did. Each week we start with one geeky topic and end up meandering around the world of geekdom and nerddom for about an hour.
NerdBurger NerdBurger is a weekly, hour-long podcast with hosts Mike and Craig (and often a guest). Episodes include all sorts of nerdy/geeky topics which will vary from episode to episode. Weird/geeky news items. Computers and other technology. Genre/nerdy TV, movies, and comics. Games (tabletop RPGs, board games, video games, etc.) Science. The internet (fun sites, podcasts, etc.) Anything else we might come up with that fits the bill.
Want Ta Be Critics Keith and Jack talk Defiance Beta release, Bioshock:Infinite and different facets of geek culture.
Chockablock Digression! Taking the nerd talk show to new and often unrelated places.
Jason Squared A Podcast By Two Nerds Named Jason Every week, the Jasons - Jason Guerra (Superbuddy) and Jason Harris (LBJ) - rant & rave about movies, video games, tv and comic books. Episodes are usually pretty freeform, and subjects are dictated by whatever passing interest the Jasons have for that week.
The ODDcast PODcast UK The ODDcast PODcast UK The Podcast Nobody is Listening to #NOTlistening The weekly Comedy/Banter Podcast where Three Guys from Essex sit down and discuss the going's on in the world. Contains Bad Language and Adult content.
Jack Of All Nerds Podcast Join me, the Jack Of All Nerds, and my fellow nerds on as we get together to discuss all things nerd related. Comics, gaming, movies, comedy, pop culture, sci-fi, fantasy, you name it!
The Bad Podcast Experiment R.J., Adam and John riff and perform skits on pop culture, current events, celebrities, politics, animals- their banter is witty and sophomoric, refined and vulgar; it’s all part of the Experiment.
The BeastLi Podcast The BeastLi Podcast is an entertainment podcast that covers Movies, Video Games, and general Pop Culture.
Geek Eccentric Podcast The Geek Eccentric Podcast, hosted by John Hattaway, is a group of geeks getting together talking about the geek themes of the day. We talk comics, books, movies, TV, and more. Podcast Geeks are always Gonna Geek. We feature sci-fi to comics, gaming to tech, and a bunch of other random geekness.
Geek Life Each week the team and it's distinguished guests talk spotlight an exciting new web or indie comic. We also talk geek about games, comics, movies & zombie survival. Each guest has special knowledge and is often a professional in the featured field. Stay tuned for reviews, rants, games and fun! Stick with for all your indie comic needs!
Minimum Requirements Show While we're not being generally geeky, the crew at Minimum Requirements Show are talking about general geekery. Yelling at games, being addicted to television shows, writing blogs, reading books and looking for the awesomest of awesome comics is usually what we do for fun. Otherwise, we like to pick on each other and make weird sounds.
The Once and Future Nerd When three high school students from modern-day Pennsylvania find themselves trapped in a world of wizards, elves, and feudal intrigue, they must learn to survive in their new surroundings, and undertake an epic quest to save the world from the encroaching forces of chaos. WARNING: Explicit language
Chimichanga Talk Where Geek culture comes to hang out. we provide our listener’s with an insider’s look at the industry. From comics to novels, from video games to movies, we cover it all.
It It's All Geek to Me is a show hosted by Jackson Herod, Clint "Jedi" Thiele, and Scott Badeaux. On each episode, we interview guests from the fields of film, television, writing, music, video games, art, etc... We also discuss hot topics in the news today, such as violence in video games, conspiracies, etc... We try to do a show that is both entertaining and informative.
BCXradio The podcast for fanboys with a LIFE! This show is hosted by D. Jacob Ryals, a comic book nerd from Macon, Ga. Now relocated in Portland, OR he gets a variety of locals to come on the show. He have a ton of local comedians, bands, pro wrestlers & comic book creators & more on the show. We start at comic books and go from there. We could talk about anything from the Amazing Spider-Man to bisected dicks! So pick out 3 eps and give us a try!
Starling Tribune The Official Arrow podcast of the Gonna Geek Network Episode by episode retrospective of the Arrow Tv Show.
Bastards of the Universe They are outcasts. Unwanted. Despised. Pursued to the ends of the earth, they have at last found their stronghold. And the time has come for their revenge. A motley gang of acerbic individuals: sardonic curmudgeons committed to the highest ideals of bitterness. Wrought and especially fermented... from Bastardhouse on the unfashionable southside of Metro-Atlanta: they are... the BASTARDS OF THE UNIVERSE!
Nerds Who Get Laid... Sometimes... A crew of men who will talk about everything from comic books to time travel
The Unhandled Exception Report The Unhandled Exception Report podcast - anorak technology old and new
Nerd Fu Podcast Two real Nerds, Sully & Steve, bring you the latest in Nerd news. In our hour-ish podcast we cover Screenshot (movies & TV) Stockpile (collectibles) High Score (gaming) Comics n' Cons (comic book and conventions) and Wildcard (random stuff). If you consider yourself a nerd/geek and want to stay up-to-date on the latest in nerd culture, this podcast is for you.
WeBeGeeks WeBeGeeks is your source for all things Geek: Movies, TV, Collectibles/Toys, Video Games, Comics and Conventions.Everything but Chick Flicks or Twilight. Your Hosts: Mike Ehmcke Julz Hendricks and Marty Spears
Two Bored Vets Podcast In 2008, Michael Richardson and Carl Hoffman met at a National Guard Armory in Indiana, and neither has been the same since. The decision to make a podcast was heavily influenced by beer (for Carl anyway). Mike's stint in radio adds an air of professionalism to the podcast, while Carl's inability to form a coherent sentence brings out the comedic side of the duo. Decidedly unfunny at times, Carl and Mike are your hosts for a podcast about anything.