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One Man Revolution Home of the Revolution Network. Keep you ears and minds open, for this is the media of the revolution! Weekly to daily segment of up to 40 minutes. Mostly technoranting, questioning, uncommon insanity, stumping, about Politics, Technology, Food, Advocacy, Entertainment, daily news and events and of course the rest of the finer things of life!
Kahvi Collective Latest release podcast direct from
Pacific Songwriting Competition Podcasts Featuring New Music and New Artists from the 2005 Pacific Songwriting Competition - $ 40 000 Cash Prizes - All Categories - All Genres - All Nations
The Timely Beaver Rock out to the independent musicians (podsafe) and roll on the ground laughing to all the improv skits. Recorded, rolled and smoked in Portland, Oregon. Now go recycle.
Creative Mythology David Tarleton is a filmmaker in Hollywood, a musician, a writer, a digital artist. This is his work.
F1SH The Pocket Essential - 100% INDIE Music - UK podcast.
ChaseAndSam TechTalk Radio MP3 Podcast Free videos, downloads, hand-picked websites, and a podcast where we solve computer problems, talk about tech trends, and help save the world! (One of those may be a bit of a stretch.) Hosted by Chase, Sam, and Tollie.
Radio Free Amsterdam Mixture of music, poetry, interviews, cultural news, political commentary and live on-air performances by local and visiting artists. Live from Amsterdam
ExcessiveCaffeineConfessional every feed a song. bow shock improvisational d&b ambient jazz.
Purely Speculation Hunter And Chuck give their opinions on everything going on around the world from entertainment news video games, pro wrestling, and more!Plus weekly features and your Emails!!Be sure to send us your e-mails so we can read them on the air! [email protected] - strange music for strange people Strange music for strange people is an eclectic mix of just about every type of music. We seek out the best indie rock, the most ground breaking of the experimental and avant-garde and the weirdest outsider music. If people call it music and it has a purpose other than filling the pockets of the major labels we hope to share it with you.
iPod Nirvana Each week, the iPod Nirvana podcast highlights some of the best free and legal indie, alternative, punk, and electronic downloads from around the internet.
Uwe Hermann A music podcast playing freely available (Creative Commons / podsafe) music by various artists and from various music genres such as electronica, celtic, world music, classical, acoustic, pop, rock, and lots more.
Radio Free Cruze The Cream of the Crop of new and Indepenent alternative, rock, pop, and everything else! Plus games, crazy stories, and Cruze's incoherent ramblings about movies, tv, videogames, comics, pop culture, politics, cigars, and whatever else is on his mind!
IndependentCast A weekly half-hour show featuring the best independent artist from around the globe.
Papercut Radio Original music from Papercut Productions.
Mark Rushton Original and live ambient, downtempo, electronica, avant-garde, and instrumental post-rock pop from Mark Rushton and guests
TRAEXS.COM Music Podcast music podcast from the music and video directory playing independant and creative commons licensed free music. free download areas with music to listen and use.
Daily Bible Chapter with Music Daily Bible Chapter from the UPDV Updated Bible Version with background music.


W Podsafe files from artists whose music is available in the Weed format on Downloadable at no cost, Weed files can be played 3 times for free and shared legally. Once bought, the files can be played at will, burned to CD, and transferred to a portable player. The artists get 50% on every sale of their files, and don't need to be signed to a label or even have a full album produced to get started. The listeners who redistribute their files are rewarded with up to 20% of the sales price.
Triunfa en Intenet Global Techonology. Most listened spanish podcast
FreakNLost Quicktime Stream Podcast features Quicktime m4a and mov media of Oklahoma band, FreakNLost
Tech Check Podcast A technology podcast made by teens and dedicate to tech news, the latest and greatest tech, and tech rantings.
Symphony in DeMeanor Tracks from Symphony in DeMeanor's debut CD, which won "2005 Best Album" from the International On-Line Music Awards
vida extrema Video magazine para gente joven y extrema, con invitados y entrevistas actuales de artistas contemporaneos cristianos, humor e informacion de musica gospel y Modern Christian.
anxell house, dance and techno live mix sessions
Funkdawgs, world A virtual band comprised of talented musicians from planet Earth that have found a common groove and freedom to create in the jazz-funk/fusion scene. First internet jazz fusion band of the world! Listen, play, record and learn the new way to produce and perform music via internet. Funkdawgs are featured on more than 100 original compositions. On line band since 2000.
Thrifty Boutique online magazine Welcome to Thrifty Boutique. The loyal connection between you, emerging designers and neat finds. From unique concepts to artistic ideas, we have everyone's lifestyle covered.
TB Jewelry online magazine Daily review of emerging jewelry designers and other neat finds from already well-known fashionable brands. Think bold and beautiful. Think jewelry.
88SLIDE: The Daily One Minute Trivia Challenge 88SLIDE is a daily one minute info-challenge format, distributed via the Internet at, and through iTunes as a video podcast. ??Cell phone users can also download the 3GP formatted series at ??Visit us Monday through Friday to watch new videos and submit your answers; stop by Saturday to view outtakes and bloopers. Our mission is to entertain, interact, and enlighten you, daily, in 60 seconds. Hit us up at [email protected]!
E-dog Enjoy these free Mp3 downloads of aggressive acoustic-rock music by Boston based singer-songwriter Ethan Joy. As he continues to finish new songs from his ongoing recording project, the latest tracks will be available here for download. If you like what you hear, help spread the word and share these songs with a friend.
Webhosting Information Podcast Welcome to Webhosting Information’s weekly podcast. You’ll get all of the latest hosting industry news, reviews and much more. : JaJaClub and JaJaPhonic We are both a WebRadio and a Netlabel. JaJaClub is a mensually webradio which offers eclectic mixs (funk, jazz, hip-hop, electro...), reports, interviews, radiophonic dramas. JaJaPhonic is our netlabel which offers some sounds between jazz, electro, funk and hip-hop.
Typee by Herman Melville Herman Melville's most popular book for almost a century. Enchanting true observations of his captivity among a much-feared Polynesian Island tribe.
The Computer Company Podcast #1 This is a computer podcast by The Computer Company. This podcast #1- Your computer protection
8quotes - Motivational Quote Podcast produces a regular audio podcast which features 8 motivational or famous quotes.
Recent Tracks - CC Hits CCHits is the new website to find and share music content under Creative Commons licenses. This is the podcast of the fresh new entries (not yet voted or moderated). All content here is podsafe.
PIEinEAR PIEcast PIEinEAR lends itself to all things independent and privately developed. We understand that the new media frontier has been laid bare before the common explorer. It is once again time to step in front of weighty kings and stake claim to these new wilds. Be brave rugged sons of the new revolution - the future believes in PIEinEARs.
Studio B Presents Studio B Internet Radio is a free Internet radio station with live DJ shows. Always fun and always free is our motto. Check us out today on the web at
free sound collective blissful sound that is free and best heard when schitzophrenic.
Knobtweakers: Free Mp3 Blog Free and legal electronic music mp3 downloads. Primarily underground artists.
Idyllic Music A Weekly Podcast featuring Trip Hop, Ambient, Jazz, Dub and Downtempo songs by outstanding bands from around the World.
iShorts Video Podcast Free Short Films for Your iPod. Gratis Kurzfilme für den iPod. Cortometrajes gratis para el iPod. offers free city audio guides in MP3 format for download. Cities covered include: London, Paris and Barcelona
illasounds Jazz from bebop, swing, hard bop and cool to avant garde, free jazz and jazz rock plus soul, funk, latin, salsa, Brazilian music, rare groove and old school hip-hop.
THE ASCENDENTS (Ultimate Punk Rock Music) Free mp3 downloads and music video from The Ascendents, We are continually updating our site with new material. We record our practice sessions and throw songs on the website, often... And we kick ass too! So comon, check us out!
Hits - CC Hits Popular tracks from
Au bout du fil - Free music Download free music on licence creative commons
PZ Radio The #1 Podcast Dealing With Bible Prophecy and World Events with your host Ray Gano, Executive Director of Prophezine. Prophezine deals with Bible Prophecy and World Events from a Pre-trib, pre-millennial, dispensationalist stand point. We currently serve close to 55,000 (and growing) people world wide with a newsletter, news updates, website and podcast. | Royalty Free Music library Podcast is a royalty free production music library featuring thousands of music tracks, flash music loops and flash sound effects. Get access to high quality music files with instant Preview, Purchase and Download using a credit or debit card. is ideal for video producers, podcasters, film makers, advertising agencies, post-production houses, animation studios and multimedia developers. This podcast features 6 episodes that show you to how to search for, and play music files, license tracks and download music
Lumacast: Complete Subscribe to Lumacast Complete for the whole Lumacast experience. All Shows, all episodes, all the time. Never miss a thing!
Lumacast: Tales of Justice Tales of Justice is your animation channel on Lumacast. Whether the setting is a courthouse, a legal office, a street corner, or even the bottom of the deep sea...The Tales of Justice will be heard.
Latter-day Conservative We believe that rights come from God, and that governments were instituted of God for the benefit of man, in order to protect those rights. Our mission is to inform the world of the Proper Role of Government. We believe that the best kind of government is a Republic, as originally established by the U.S. Constitution and envisioned by the Founding Fathers of this great nation.
The Ringtone Podcast Welcome to The Ringtone Podcast, a new podcast specialising in the fast and free delivery of ringtones via RSS. I like 'tone's that are a bit different, ringtones that other people won't have, so expect to hear things that are hopefully unique. All ringtones will be created by myself from various sources and cut down and made nice and small so they don't take up all your phones memory. Want something cool for your phone but not wanting to pay crazy money, then simply subscribe to the feed and every few days a new ringtone/message alert will be downloaded. Free Video Podcast brings you the best in Viral Video and Internet Clips.. Funny, Extreme, Shocking, Cute, Sexy we have it all! Our Live Presenters show you only the best! Kitsch and Modern content sure to keep you entertained! For more videos, check out
zeste netlabel Animated GIF Motenai & My name is nobody - that sign was made for you and me [ZST007] Motenai and My name is Nobody collaborated with each other to bring us about an EP album of 4 tracks that mixes pop, electronica and folk universes. The music created by those two artists will appear to you, in turn, ingenuous but also spontaneous and convivial. About the Internet Archive Background Frequently Asked Questions 10 itemsWelcome to Zeste [edit] Zeste is a French netlabel for all kind of electronic music that distributes free MP3 files since 2004. Our aim is to distribute and promote eclectic electronic music around the world. Please visit for more information and to download all of our releases.
Easy Listening by Easy Sound Songs of Easy Sound, an Italian pop group (sometimes known as Anti-Stress). Several songs are available, as podcast episodes, in low-fidelity audio. Please start with the first episode (a presentation of the main songs).
Martin Clifton Free audiobooks recorded from out of copyright texts
FunkyHouseUK A cool selection of the best in uplifting funky house
JourneyDeep JourneyDeep strives to bring you the best in breakbeat 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you aren’t already a member, click here & join our site today for full access to all areas, including the downloads section full of free mp3 files of original tunes as well as archives of our shows! We find the best in intelligent, electro and nuskool breaks mixes from upcoming Florida DJ’s and artists from around the globe, and bring it directly to you. We will occasionally inhance your listening pleasure by promoting Orlando DJs who mix the best in HOUSE, PROGRESSIVE, and D&B, AMONGST OTHER GENRES.
Dj Gigahurtz "Gigzster Mix" Every Wednesday Night on SWURVRADIO.COM at 7PM PST #1 Podcast Mixshow by Dj Gigahurtz "Gigzster Mix", with a brand new show playing every Wednesday at 7PM PST on
Pro Flow Fa-Sho Show The new "Pro Flow Fa-Sho Show", powered by M3 Records, provides listeners with various forms of entertainment ranging from theatrical audio productions of every genre of music to stimulating, precise, unscripted word schemes and critiques from the host, MaD MaxHeat. Listeners are guaranteed to receive the entertainment they come consistently to see. "Nitro Edition" also broadcasts marketing tips and industry interviews & spoken word. Entertainment news is supplied by Pretty Diva DJ Lady Q (New York). The PG-13 show has a strong hip hop origin. "No one wants to see you shine. But that is what makes the story behind the music. I was told at my first real recording session that some lines I said were at the pro level. Now everything I say is Pro Flow", stated MaD MaXxx. New Music Podcast (Royalty Free Music) New Music Podcast showcases the latest royalty free music tracks from our huge range of high quality production music tracks. Each Podcast episode covers different music genres from the music library such as Classical, Chill Out, Dance, Hip Hop, Rock, Jazz, Soundtrack and much, much more. The music library offers professional media developers instant Preview, Purchase and Download of royalty free music for any project whether video, radio, TV, film, advertising, multimedia or business. Visit now to find out more.
NICOLA NICOLA and the Band perform live in case you could not make it to the show!
The Real Story With Aaron Task This is the podcast from Executive Editor Aaron Task, who gives you the scoop on the people and events moving the financial markets. Every business day Task discusses the stocks that are in that day's news, going behind the headlines with newsmakers and's reporters to give you an extra edge in your investing and trading./itunes:summary descriptionGet the scoop on the people and events that are really moving the financial markets. Every business day, Executive Editor Aaron Task fills you in on the "Real Story" and brings insights from top newsmakers and's reporters.
Tourcaster - Getting To Know Madrid Before visiting this Madrileno city, learn about the pertinent information to help you get around Madrid like a seasoned traveler. Let Tourcaster turn your mp3 player into a tour guide! For more free audio tours, visit Tourcaster at the following link:
Tourcaster - Getting To Know New York Before visiting the "big apple", learn about the pertinent information to help you get around New York like a seasoned traveler. Let Tourcaster turn your mp3 player into a tour guide! For more free audio tours, visit Tourcaster at the following link:
Tourcaster - Getting To Know Paris Before visiting the "city of light", learn about the pertinent information to help you get around Paris like a seasoned traveler. Let Tourcaster turn your mp3 player into a tour guide! For more free audio tours, visit Tourcaster at the following link:
Tourcaster - Getting To Know Rio de Janeiro Before visiting the birth place of Carnaval, learn the pertinent information to help you get around Rio de Janeiro like a true Carioca. Let Tourcaster turn your mp3 player into a tour guide! For more free audio tours, visit Tourcaster at the following link:
Tourcaster - Getting To Know Sacramento Before visiting the California State Capitol, learn the pertinent information to help you get around like a seasoned traveler. Let Tourcaster turn your mp3 player into a tour guide! For more free audio tours, visit Tourcaster at the following link:
Tourcaster - Getting To Know San Diego Before visiting this laid-back beach city, learn the pertinent information to help you get around San Diego like a seasoned traveler. Let Tourcaster turn your mp3 player into a tour guide! For more free audio tours, visit Tourcaster at the following link:
Tourcaster - Getting To Know San Francisco Before visiting the "city by the bay", listen to the pertinent information to help you get around San Francisco like a seasoned traveler. Let Tourcaster turn your mp3 player into a tour guide! For more free audio tours, visit Tourcaster at the following link:
Tourcaster - Getting To Know Shanghai Before visiting the "Pearl of the Orient", learn the pertinent information to help you get around Shanghai like a seasoned traveler. Let Tourcaster turn your mp3 player into a tour guide! For more free audio tours, visit Tourcaster at the following link:
Tourcaster - Getting To Know Sydney Before visiting the "Emerald City", learn the pertinent information to help you get around Sydney like a seasoned traveler. Let Tourcaster turn your mp3 player into a tour guide! For more free audio tours, visit Tourcaster at the following link:
Tourcaster - Getting To Know Toronto Before visiting the city whose official motto is "Diversity, Our Strength", learn about the pertinent information to help you get around Toronto like a seasoned traveler. Let Tourcaster turn your mp3 player into a tour guide! For more free audio tours, visit Tourcaster at the following link:
Tourcaster - Getting To Know Vienna Before visiting this capital of Austria, learn the pertinent information to help you get around Vienna like a seasoned traveler. Let Tourcaster turn your mp3 player into a tour guide! For more free audio tours, visit Tourcaster at the following link:
Tourcaster - Getting To Know Washington D.C. Before visiting the capitol of the United States of America, learn about the pertinent information to help you get around Washington D.C. like a seasoned traveler. Let Tourcaster turn your mp3 player into a tour guide! For more free audio tours, visit Tourcaster at the following link:
The Ascendants - Latest Songs and Videos By going here, you can see the latest Ascendents songs and videos! Simply check out our RSS feed! Pretty cool huh? We think so. This new RSS feed will also be automatically updated, so you will get the news even faster, more reliable, and more complete!
MusicCityFLA Weekly Florida-based music show promoting all Florida music!
Sideshow Radio What happens when you combine special FX artists & classically trained sculptors with web savvy peeps? Not only lots of trouble, but you get the best Film and TV collectibles on the planet! Get the latest info on Star Wars, LOTR, Marvel, James Bond, and Sci-fi items as well as prop replica products from Sideshow Collectibles! Also, find out more about our artists and web heads, behind the scenes antics, product-film-dvd reviews, embarrassing moments, giveaways and more!
Sideshow Radio What happens when you combine special FX artists and classically trained sculptors with web savvy peeps? Not only lots of trouble, but you get the best Film and TV collectibles on the planet! Get the latest info on Star Wars, LOTR, Marvel, James Bond, and Sci-fi items as well as prop replica products from Sideshow Collectibles! Also, find out more about our artists and web heads, interviews, product-film-dvd reviews, embarrassing moments, discounts, giveaways and more!
Invitation to Remember from Story Waters and Lee Harris Invitation to Remember is the monthly spirital audio broadcast from Hosted by Story Waters and Lee Harris, it contains spiritual discussion, channeling, music and chat. # Limitlessness Key Concepts # 1) You are the sovereign creator of your personal reality. # 2) You are infinitely free in your beingness. # 3) You are completely responsible for your own experience. # 4) Human life is an incredible choice you are willingly making. For a dial-up edition of the main show please visit the Invitation to Remember download page on
BG Blast Busch Gardens has teamed up with PodShow and all of you to create a killer show and community. Take it over, it's all yours. Call in, email, or comment. Be part of the show and part of the scene, or just kick back and take it in. This is a place where anyone can become the host of the show... At least for one week.
The Lame Duck Pub Quiz A weekly general knowledge quiz set in an English pub, The Lame Duck hosted by quizmaster Jeremy Nicholas. It features Cliff on the piano, Jasmine at the bar and house band Pillow Talk. Play along at home and see if you can beat the locals. It's the perfect podcast for Brits abroad who are missing the motherland or for members of the international audience seeking a bit of British culture.
Lucas - Podcasts, Mixes, Blogs, and More A collection of podcast talk shows, dj mixes, original music, blog entries, and much more from Lucas of
Left Of Center A hilarious and edgy internet radio show. Uncensored and politically incorrect. Radio Where Nothing Is Sacred
Madwinners Sports Party Al Price, Tony Woodward and Marc Brown have been entertaining and enlightening sports players for over SEVEN YEARS! Their highly popular weekend radio show is syndicated in over twenty cities. Packed with informative sports handicapping tips, comedy and FREE WINNERS, the show has grown over the years and has built a fan base of well OVER A MILLION LISTENERS WEEKLY!
The Seven Things Podcast Welcome to the world of experimental music. New podcasts every month featuring interviews with the greatest musicians from across the world. Come and visit us at
Beatfm Podcast the best in trance and funky house music from around the globe
Hen House Studios Radio Show Radio show presented by the record label and music documentary film company Hen House Studios. Featured are interviews and music from musicians and bands of various styles from in and around Southern California. To learn more about Hen House Studios, watch music video documentary shorts, and purchase Hen House CDs and DVDs, visit
TheCrateDigger The publisher DJ Trav Gales, since 1977, have been digging for perfect hip-hop beats and instrumental breaks. From the very first time I heard a mix tape of hip hop breaks by the pioneer of the scratch DJ Grand Wizard Theodore, I’ve been hook on searching for vinyl records with hip hop beats and instrumental breaks to blend, backspin and sample. The mix tape given to me by my cousin from the South Bronx NY sparked a curiosity for hip-hop beats that has lasted over 25 years. As me and my friends carried our gigantic boom boxes blasting our mix tapes. Little did I know at the time, the hip hop music art form born in the boroughs of New York City would spread across state lines, city to city to what is now a world wide phenomenon. All of my mixtape shows are FREE.
Super Family Radio Super Family Radio with easy listening music 24 hours a day. Listen on-line, anytime, wherever you are in the world
InfoCorp.Org Podcast Information Corporation better knoiwn as InfoCorp.Org, podcast based upon its articles.
MIxtape Songs Mixtape songs is a weekly audio podcast featuring various indie, electronic and hip hop groups.
The Rap Hype: MixTape (Channel 01) New Music and Exclusive Tracks From The Hottest Acts In The Rap Game
Brazilian Portuguese Podcast Portuguese is a beautiful and fascinating language. It’s spoken by about 210 million of native speakers and it’s the 7th most spoken language in the planet. More and more people are getting interested about Portuguese language once the countries which have Portuguese as official language are reaching more importance in the global context. A very rich culture is available in Portuguese as well. Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, and other countries have a huge culture manifestation. Brazil’s nature has always attracted thousands of tourists from all over the planet, so it''s very important to know some portuguese while in Brazil. So, you wanna learn Portuguese? Let Brazilian Portuguese Podcast help you. How can we help you? Brazilian Portuguese Podcast stands for helping your Portuguese in three basics ways: · Grammar: Every week 2 or 3 lessons about Portuguese Grammar with simple and easy explanation will be available for you. · Pronunciation: In every lesson we’ll help you with pronunciation by repeating the words nice and slowly. · Vocabulary: In some lessons you’ll learn new vocabulary with detailed information about each words. · Conversational: In this kind of lesson you’ll learn useful phrases. Everyday situations vocabulary and cultural aspects of the language. What’s a Podcast and how do I get the lessons? According to Wikipedia¹ a podcast is: “… a media file that is distributed by subscription (paid or unpaid) over the Internet using syndication feeds, for playback on mobile devices and personal computers. Like ''radio'', it can mean both the content and the method of syndication. The latter may also be termed podcasting. The host or author of a podcast is often called a podcaster. We chose to use the podcast format because it’s a very simple and flexible way to publish something in the internet. If you have a podcatcher (a program for downloading podcasts) you don’t even have to go to any page in order to download the file, the program does it automatically every time a new entrance is published. So there’re many ways you can get the lessons. You can download it by using a podcatcher (Itunes for example). You can go to a Podcast directory and listen to the podcast there if available or you can go directly to the BPP page and listen right there. Are the lessons free? Yes. The lessons from the Podcast are always FREE although BPP has now some extra services that runs based on the FREE lessons. If you subscribe to these extra services you will have: PDF guides for every lesson, extra audio files, daily question answering, weekly live chat with the host. All these features for just 3USD a month!!!
pjkproductions Possibly the best thing to come out of Nottingham since Robin Hood and Torville And Dean. Experiemental video from home, using Final Cut and iMovie to showcase my talents and to have a laugh, please view, comment and subscribe for free, you know you want to...
Playd video games A general videogame podcast presented by the writers of Playd Magazine (free downloadable pdf game magazine).
Ink Is It - presented by Kodak - is an ongoing series of videos that highlights some of the issues with printers and ink today. Hosted by Nathan & Max, the Ink Is It podcast can be found on the site along with free games, contests, and information about the current state of printing.
The Radical Truth Discourses by The Great Avataric Sage, Adi Da Samraj, on The Ultimate Nature of Reality, Truth, and Real God.
Hit the North - The Northern Ireland Podcast a weekly podcast bringing the best of Comedy and Entertainment from Belfast, Northern Ireland. The site includes rss feed information, show notes, contact information and links.
Free Stuff Podcast Freebies podcast - listen to find out where to find the best free stuff. Everything from free DVD's to T-Shirts and more. Totally Free
noise sound nation NOISE SOUND NATION this is my music
Play Rock n Pop Play non-stop music On Line. rrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Aurora Club Jazz Jam Live! Live Jazz? Radio Theater? Caberet? Comedy? All four and more! More Music Live from the Borealis Lounge! So Lookout Birdland! The Fat Man knows jazz, and when he came across a new band - The Aurora Club - playing in a backwater bar in Prague, he knew he was onto something big, big BIG! He set em up as the house band at the Borealis Lounge, creating the new favorite hep place for beat cool jazz hipsterz. So pull up a chair and have a Cuban Cola, kick back and listen to 100 percent organic and original jazz. Say Thank Ya to FM.
Reasonable Diet - Six Minutes of Sanity Motivation for the for the I-Know-What-To-Do-I-Just-Don't-Do-It crowd If dieting means eating differently that the rest of society eats ñ most of us need to be on a diet. Program author and motivator, Sandra Ahten packs these 6 minutes with motivation and encouragement for the I-Know-What-To-Do-I-Just-Don't-Do-It crowd. She'll teach you to move from what you know you "should do" and what you "want" to do -- and instead make solid plans based firmly on what you are WILLING to do today. Her advice will get you moving a little more, watching your portions, or perhaps even embarking on (or sticking with) a more directed weight loss plan. Sandra is a colorful character. Never preachy. Always practical.
Reasonable Diet, AIM Group Support Diet coaching sessions providing "Accountability, Information, and Motivation" Sandra has great intuition and uses it to get straight to the heart of difficult diet dilemmas. With humor and heart she combines down-to-earth advice on planning and preparation as well as insights into the whys and wherefores of overeating. Do you need to make change in your diet/ lifestyle? Then listen-up (and join in!) The podcasts are actual recordings of group coaching (teleconference) calls bewteen Sandra Ahten and her clients, who are "losing weight for all the world to see." Pics, bios, statements, and discussion are on the website
Killing Time Killing Time is an entertainment review podcast searching for entertainment that does not suck. There are a ton of options for entertainment these days. So instead of wading through a sea of terrible tv shows, floundering films, and miserable music yourself, Killing Time tries to show you some good entertainment. You'll find TV show reviews, DVD Reviews, Movie Reviews, Comic Book reviews, Internet-related reviews, that kind of stuff. Additionally, Killing Time itself is a form of entertainment. We're not 60 minutes -- we're not going to dryly review material and make this sound like newsradio.
End Time Truth Show Are you sick and tired of going from church to church trying to find the truth but all you seem to end up with is a list of people with drama. From the pulpit to the door you see: homosexuals, bi- sexual, nasty attitude Ushers, lustful Deacons, pimp Pastors, and gay choir directors. Confused and dismayed you catch yourself looking down at the itinerary just to make sure you are in church and not at the club. As we uncover the real reason poverty and perversion is taking over the church today. Experience the life changing revelation from the Holy Spirit from Pastors Carlton & Olivia Vann.
Meditation - Overcoming Stress & Illness "Be Still and Know" is a special technique developed by Roy Masters for effortlessly overcoming root causes of stress and illness. In use for over fourty-five years, this simple technique has helped generations free themselves from: Abuse, Anger, Addiction, Bipolar, Depression, Smoking, Self-doubt and more. Visit to learn more.
The Spirit of Education The Spirit of Education: The Podiobook is an audio rendition of my book, The Spirit of Education (available as a free e-book at It attempts to get at what education is, apart from what we do in schools (and call it "education"). It starts not with what people ought to learn, or how that should be taught, but what humans are, and how they might take a conscious path toward becoming. Though it doesn't pretend to have all the answers, neither does it elide some big questions.
Upbeat Radio Podcast Upbeat Radio brings you the very best in new, independent (indie) and unsigned bands and artists from around the world every week. We feature all kinds of music from Rock to Folk, Celtic to Bluegrass. News, live performances and interviews from time to time too!
Beginning Meditation Beginning Meditation “Knowing Yourself as the Awareness Behind the Ego – That is Freedom!” A series of podcasts offering advice to those wishing to establish a meditation practice. Including interviews with Dan Millman and Rawn Clark.
Power of Parents Did you know some child safety messaging is outdated? The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and Duracell have again partnered through the Power of Parents program to help dispel these safety myths and provide families with updated information.A free, new children's safety book, The Great Tomato Adventure is now available to help teach young children the latest safety rules. Additionally, the program Web site,, houses a variety of other safety resources.
NICOLA NICOLA and the Band perform live and archived in case you could not make it to the show! Want to feel as if you are there...then listen.
NICOLA NICOLA and the Band perform live and archived in case you could not make it to the show! Want to feel as if you are there...then watch.
Preschool Printables Kids Making Mini Books Delightful real downloadable printable mini books for kids and grandkids. Hours of preschool printable activity fun for toddlers in preschools, kindergarten, and homeschooling. The kids may just want to sleep with their self-created little story and coloring books under their pillows! These preschool printables can also be utilized where English is a second language. Find out what Detective Mouse, Akiti the giraffe, Zalien the Alien, and their friends are up to next…
Brighton Fuzzbox: the pirate punk podcast Music from Brighton's unsigned and underground bands. new real music. Rough and Raw Punk to Rockabilly, we cater for all lofi alternative music. With live recordings, demos and interviews, you won't find anything like it on the net. Get ready for your ears to bleed!
Pilates on Fifth Video Podcast Pilates on Fifth Video Podcast offers 2-3 minute weekly online Pilates training videos as well as longer workouts which provide tips anyone can use to get the most out of Pilates exercises. For fitness enthusiasts and infrequent exercisers alike, the Pilates instruction teaches how to perform Pilates exercises with proper technique and form to achieve greater core strength, flatter abdominals and more toned muscles. You’ll lose weight, improve your posture and have fun! Pilates on Fifth is a New York City fitness studio providing Pilates, GYROTONIC® and CARDIOLATES® to dancers, actors, athletes, models and corporate executives throughout Manhattan! Visit for more information.
English180 Podcast - Learn English for Free Online! Learn English while listening and talking along with's head-coach Andres Moreno. You will learn important words and phrases that are relevant to everyone's everyday life. Improve your listening, pronunciation, and conversation skills in an entertaining way that will motivate you to keep learning. The English180 podcasts are part of an extensive and entirely FREE English-learning program that can be found at Remember, practice makes perfect!
freemusicpodcast The music in this podcast is under one of the following free licences: Lizenz Freie Kunst / Free Art Licence / Licence Art Libre, EFF Open Audio License, Lizenz für Freie Inhalte (LFFI), CC-BY, CC-BY-SA. The music is free to use (even commercially) under the conditions of the licences the songs are under.
Axiom-man™ Free Superhero Fiction Podcast One night Gabriel Garrison was visited by a nameless messenger who bestowed upon him great power, a power intended for good. Once discovering what this power was and what it enabled him to do, Gabriel became Axiom-man, a symbol of hope in a city that had none. One night after a routine patrol, a mysterious black cloud appears over the city. Flying over to investigate it, Axiom-man is stopped short when the cloud’s presence shakes him to the core. An electrifying fear emanates from the cloud and he can barely get near it. Quickly, the cloud takes flight and leads him on a wild goose chase throughout the city, only to flee from him in the end. Almost immediately after the cloud’s appearance, a new hero arises, Redsaw, clad in a black cape and cowl. The people, now enamored with this new super-powered marvel, seem to have forgotten about Axiom-man and all he’s done for them. Except something’s wrong. That same fear that emanated from the cloud drips off Redsaw like a foul smell and Axiom-man can barely get close to him without feeling ill. What is Redsaw’s agenda and who is he? And why is it every time Axiom-man gets close to him it feels as if his powers are being sucked away? As if that wasn’t enough, Gabriel’s day job hasn’t gotten any easier. His co-worker and the woman he adores, Valerie Vaughan, has little interest in him, and his boss has made it clear that one more day late to work will be the day he cleans out his desk. Then there’s the new trainee, Gene Nemek. What is his fascination with Redsaw and why is he never around when Redsaw appears? From flying over city streets and soaring at dizzying heights, to balancing a secret identity with destiny, Axiom-man must discover what Redsaw’s presence means and how it ties into the messenger’s life-altering visit before the city—and the world—are enamored with an evil that has haunted the cosmos since the dawn of Time.
McCormick Freedom Museum The McCormick Freedom Museum hosts a wide variety of programs and lectures revolving around first amendment rights and freedom around the world. Our podcasting program includes program highlights, exhibit audio tours and more.
AAWA SoundscapeS - Astranova Fly with AAWA "SOUNDSCAPES”... Now, global travelers on AMBIENT WORLDS Airways can communicate freely, discussing music that envelops the listener... When sound expands far beyond traditional “pop” music... AMBIENT WORLDS features more than Chill Out, Electronica, Classical, World and Jazz Fusion, transcending traditional genres, embracing new realms of creativity, transporting the spirit to audio soundscapes that inspire imagery, emotion, invigoration, passion and meditation. AMBIENT WORLDS amazing WORLD FUSION of listeners includes subscribers in over 100 countries...NOW, Astranova’s Ambient Worlds Airways launches SOUNDSCAPES, where travelers around the globe can interact with fellow audio explorers, leave comments, reviews or images about the shows, music and artists featured...Unique pre-release mixes of artists in the Astranova network will be available to UNIVERSAL PASSPORT holders!
SEEKER FINDER Now after decades of silent seclusion, the man called SEEKER FINDER shares openly from his vast wealth of experience in communication and interaction with the spirit-entities that coinhabit our rapidly deteriorating world, and the hope and help they bring for our redemption and recovery. Though he remains for the most part unknown, he has lived a life in the spirit world unlike any since the days of the Apostles. His life story, the things he has witnessed, the miracles he has participated in --- will simply, blow your mind.
The Hell Hole Tavern A podcast novel. There is a Tavern with a hole in its floor that leads to Hell. Sometimes things crawl out. Scary things. Dangerous things. Sometimes people die. The Hell-gods laugh and plot. They are tired of Hell. It is almost time to leave. Heroes are needed, but there are no heroes...yet.
Hypetraxx Station - The Mixx the best mixes, from big dj's from france. hypetraxx records.
Brazilian Portuguese Podcast. Free Brazilian Portuguese lessons and more.
New Music New Artists Have a listen to new releases from Mile High Records, an independent online record label. Some free tracks can be downloaded from
DownPat presents The GetDown Bringing the latest mixes to you from San Francisco California, check out the site for more detailed info and the latest news.
Failed Love Affair Coping with married life with a new husband and new surroundings.
raw audio free and podsafe original music by raw : audio. a new track each tuesday night!
Gallup Christian Church Sunday sermons from the pulpit of Gallup Christian Church
Melissa These are original compositions of many genres, instrumentation and moods. Downloads are free to use however you like, for nonprofit purposes. To use for profit-making projects, please contact the composer for permission.
Music for Your Head A monthly mix of whatever I want to feed to you.
Rascal Show Join Weird-Edsel and The Milkman as they spew their gift of gab about a new topic of discussion every week! Broadcasted LIVE every Friday. All shows archived as podcasts!
Haters Need Love Too Show You Rock Radio at provides you with radio entertainment of some of the best music, talk, and variety on the Internet today! You Rock Radio in conjunction with will bring great music and wonderful entertainment right to your computer or iPod. In three days we will become... This is more than a typical playlist show, more than an interview, this is personal! The people who are on this show are not being asked questions and sent on their way... They are co-hosts for each episode! People from around the world with unusual lifestyles and something to share with the rest of us. We connect with our artists from Music Forte AND WE PAY THEM! No music pirates here, we back these people and their careers on a much deeper level than ever before and there is something in it for everybody!
bluestvDOTorg Bringing the best Colorado Blues live into your computer and I-Pod
Poets Coop Podcast Free Audio Excerpts from the Poets Co-op Open Poetry Readings as well as Video from the Poets Co-op TV Show
HzBen electronic podcast listen to my monthly updated podcast it's just made for the love the music with my favorite songs of the moment
MP3Flex Podcast - MP3 Music For Your Exercise Workout Are you ready to go the distance? Give your muscles the best workout possible with free exercise music from MP3Flex Podcast. Enjoy a fresh five to ten minute power song each week created by Fitness Trainer and DJ Jason Z. Listening to mp3 workout music from MP3Flex Podcast can motivate you in the gym strength training, running a race, and any other weightloss or muscle building activity.
The Audio Nut sample of my Weekly show: The Audio Nut Mondays 9pm eastern is a unique collection, curated with the expertise of the National Arts Centre, brings together Canadian audio and video podcasts that reflect Canada''s vibrant arts and culture scene. We collect podcasts produced by Canadians in French, English, and other languages on a variety of cultural topics.
Jarock Young journalist Simon Jay brings a weekly podcast with the latest tunes he's heard, seen and reviewed over the past 7 days to supplement his written articles on the website. Ranges all types of music from acoustic to electronica.
Nucks Writing Podcast Clean, like always and a lot of fun to listen and learn from. Subscribe! We will have a lot of fun with writing and you will learn a lot! Feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about your writing or the podcast. I love to hear from you!
Online Bible Studies of Teaching For Today Calvary Christian Fellowship, Motherwell free bible studies from Teaching For Today, a ministry of Calvary Motherwell. More online studies available through the website.
Hall of Mirrors: Tales of Horror and the Grotesque A second helping of podcast fiction from 'One Among the Sleepless' author, Mike Bennett. 'Hall of Mirrors' is a short story collection featuring tales of horror, the grotesque and people in... 'unusual' circumstances. Delivered in a style that pays homage to Night Gallery, Alfred Hitchcock Presents and the old British horror anthology movies of the 1960s, this is a collection of modern gothic tales with a nail of dark humour hammered through its heart. So roll up, ladies and gentlemen, and enter the Hall of Mirrors – if you dare. New Fashion Videos. Fashion Designers. Which one is Haute? Top Models. Interviews. Make-up and Backstage Beauty. What's hot this season? Do you really want to watch Fashion? Get all of fashion here at MobileFashion.TV or
The Jersey Shore Podcast An entertaining weekly journey through the upcoming weekend's highlights including new movie, music, and local events. Guests hosts and original features set the Jersey shore Podcast apart from the rest.
Indie Invasion Listen to Indie Invasion to go on a metaphorical musical safari that will take us from Rock to Metal and from Electronic to Classical and back. About once a week you'll find the best free and legal Indie music on the web, right here at Indie Invasion
Bleep vs Pump it Up (DJ ReJason Edit Mix) Bleep vs Pump it up DJ ReJason Edit Mix Subspina Jakarta-Indonesia
ItalianPod - Learn Italian The modern way to learn Italian integrating daily MP3 podcast lessons, a vibrant community of learners, online lesson review, vocabulary study tools and speaking practice - all with the goal of producing a customized and powerful learning experience.
Bill Creata 5 Minute Podcast 5 Minute Podcast covers news, politics and current events with real life commentary.
Game Mechanix Get your fix with the Game Mechanix. If you want PS3, Xbox 360, or Wii news than you have found the best. We break down games and try to fix the problems. We are your voice for making the video game industry better.
kayser9soze Bringing you only the best in hip hop and its natives. New music every tuesday guaranteed and the quarterly 60 minute mixtape. -kayser9soze:Give us a try..
AudioRealms Podcast Audio Realms award winning audio book podcasts feature both classic and modern science fiction, fantasy and horror audio books that are produced and directed by Fred Godsmark
Late (Original Mix) DJ ReJason Late DJ ReJason Original Mix Subspina , Jakarta Indonesia
Mixdatabase Podcast The Mixdatabase Podcast... The one and only place for DJs and music fans to listen and download high quality mixes from all styles of Hip Hop, Dance and Drum and Bass music.. Listen to a collection of mixes from some of the hottest DJs from in and around the Uk.
The Cheapshot Show The best bits of the one hour radio show, including odd games, weird trivia and facts and very strange but funny news. Learn about the boy with a heart on the outside of his body, find out what the nation does when vending machines steal their money and see what happens when we face the dragons in Dragons Den.
Learn Chinese! Know China! GigaChinese is a E-learning Chinese Web 2.0 that combines fun self-study Lessons and Practice to help you learn Chinese well. Unlike CDs and books that contain stale academic content, GigaChinese brings to you useful Chinese language from Daily Aduio Lessons.
The O Line Mysteries An original work of comedy fiction, told in the fashion of radio serials from the 1920’s-1950’s. Each week our characters battle for truth or justice or some other random pillar of jurisprudence.
Gutiar Lessons With Quest Poetics Free Guitar Lessons Free Guitar Lessons. Learn how to play your favorite songs on the guitar by Randy Ponzio. Songs by The Police, Bob Marley, Nirvana and every song you’ve been wanting to learn. Randy’s project called the Quest Poetics has been blowing audiences away with their creativity. Now you can learn all the tips and tricks of this amazing guitarist!
MaraRecords Brazilian Lps Groove Bossa Jazz Soul Funk Rare Vinyl Records Brazilian Music Specialists Welcome to MARA RECORDS BRAZILIAN LPS GROOVE BOSSA JAZZ SOUL FUNK RARE RECORDS Brazilian Lps Groove Bossa Jazz Soul Funk Rare Vinyl Records Brazilian Music Specialists.
How Not Why Have you ever felt that you had more to offer the world than you were currently expressing and manifesting?
Submersible Hamster Submersible Hamster is a weekly podcast hosted by Jamez Hamst3r where you can find out about all kinds of great music, that you can download legally and for free. Full tracks, no advertisements and no RIAA. The music showcased on Subham is licensed under a Creative Commons or similar license.
The Chickenwhipping Podcast Welcome to a land that bears the kind of comedy that is fit for kings and peasants alike. Nary shall a man enter here without laughing - so beware ye serious ones and consider yourself warned. Harrison Okins and Jeremy Villucci deliver comedy on a regular basis with the usual suspects such as Antione the Chef, Proctologist Nefarious, Trebor, and Adrian Glorp, as well as a whole host of others. From adventure on the high seas to world-domination plots to humor during tea time, it's all here.
God Pastor Steve Brown shares truth about the state of the American church along with many inspired sermons in mp3 format.
Eric Strom 23-year-old Eric Strom writes a song every day.