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Hermit in the City A reflection on Scripture given by the Lectionary of the Catholic Church for the upcomng Sunday. The reflections are set upon a rich sound palette.
Calvary Bible Church Sermon Series Sermons from Calvary Bible Church of Neenah, WI by Pastor Harry Shields.
TBN Podcast Here is the oportunity to talk about Trinity Broadcast Network in an open forum. Please send me your comments or audio files to [email protected] We are currently looking for a host. If you would like to be the host of this show, please e-mail me at [email protected] Thank you. DISCLAIMER: This podcast is in no way affiliated with Trinity Broadcast Network.
Your Voice, by Encouraging Audiobooks Variety podcast, covering Business, Inspiration, Faith and Entertainment
The Chris Vaughn Show The web presence of Chris Vaughn's Comedy. Each 30 to 120 second show is here for your enjoyment. Chris draws upon the "life lessons" he has encountered as a speaker, writer, camp director, comedian, and talk-radio host, to impart principles that are easily remembered, and applied. is a fast paced pod-experience church service. When your life is on the go, goes with you. has an inter-denominational emphasis and is an extension of Chris Vaughn''''s ministry.
St. Paul Weekly sermon from St. Paul's, a confessional Lutheran (Christian) church.
The Kingdom Comes Weekly "sermonettes" for all Christians.
ChaseAndSam TechTalk Radio MP3 Podcast Free videos, downloads, hand-picked websites, and a podcast where we solve computer problems, talk about tech trends, and help save the world! (One of those may be a bit of a stretch.) Hosted by Chase, Sam, and Tollie.
Indie Christian Podcast Some of the best Indie Christian Music in the country - updated twice a month. Check out our website for more details on the bands -
Grace Community Church - Arlington, VA Grace Community Church is a church for people who don’t go to church. Our mission is connecting people with God and others. We are a contemporary Christian church, open to all faiths and religious beliefs. - Sermons Biblical sermons presented to a Christian congregation in Rienzi, Mississippi. Updated weekly.
the podXAst Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship at Stanford University is challenging students to sacrifice a song--to take the time that they would normally spend listening to a track and replace it with a prayer oasis in the midst of their day by subscribing to the podXAst--a series of brief meditations on the Bible for college students.
Preach The Word - Sermons from N. Ireland Weekly Bible study sermon podcast from the Christian ministry Preach The Word - sharing the preaching and teaching ministry of Pastor David Legge from the historic Iron Hall Assembly, Belfast, N. Ireland. The site also contains archives of previous Podcasts in WMA and MP3 formats, as well as word-for-word transcripts.
Piano by Joel Inspirational, contemplative, and improvisational piano music, arranged and performed for anyone who cares to listen. This is you and me and a few friends sitting around the piano; less about studio-quality polish, and more about spontaneity, and personal interaction.
Mansfield & United ELCA Lutheran Sermon PodCasts Mansfield and United Lutheran sermons from an ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) perspective. Learn about our Lord, Jesus Christ and his presence in all our lives, podcasts straight from rural Alden and Walters, Minnesota, USA. Pastor Don Rose ministers not only to local members in attendance, but those around the world joining us here. May the peace, hope, and love of God be with you all.
Catholic Exchange Rock Solid Catholic Exchange's Rock Solid with Mark Shea features interviews, apologetics, information, and catechesis on the Catholic Faith. Brought to you by the most popular Catholic website on the Internet,
:-) The Shinfield Christian Podcast (-: Short messages/sermons. Shinfield Baptist Church is a small lively family church nr. Reading, UK. See our website for regularly updated messages available with visual aids.
Emmanuel - Live Worship from London Hello and welcome to the Emmanuel podcast, a live worship CD from Chris and Jennie Orange in London. I'm your host, Shane Anderson. Hopefully we've all had those worship times, where the intimacy in the music allows us to feel so close to the throne that we just never want it to end. Listening to this CD over the last week, I'm sure that exactly how they felt when recording it, you're really going to love this. We're going to be podcasting one track per week, each Wednesday. Now, we're only keeping one track online at a time, so make sure you subscribe now so as not to miss out on any. Enjoy...
First Baptist Church Norris Weekly Sermon Weekly Sermon from First Baptist Church Norris, South Carolina
Rosary Army Catholic Podcast Featuring Catholic husband and wife Greg and Jennifer as they try to juggle their life, family, and faith while running, a worldwide family apostolate dedicated to making, praying, and giving away all-twine knotted Rosaries. Featuring interviews, soundseeing tours, and conversations on all things Catholic.
EWTN - Global Catholic Network EWTN is the largest religious media network in the world. This podcast is a sample of it's Catholic programs including the daily Mass, live programs, and Catholic prayers and devotions.
The BreadCast Reflections on the Daily Scriptures of the Catholic Liturgical calendar. Based on the writing of James Kurt's book 'Our Daily Bread'
Daily Bible Chapter with Music Daily Bible Chapter from the UPDV Updated Bible Version with background music.
Whiplash This podcast is certified crap-less. If you're reading this, we've been praying for you. Thank God you're here. It's a new day for Christian music and you're a part of it. Really. Nashville based Whiplash records is on a mission to reclaim the heart of the artist and rekindle the faith of an industry. If you're a music fan and want to go deeper come walk the road less traveled with us. If you love Jesus, come check out what He's doing in the underground. If you're an artist wondering what comes next, this is for you. It's not about you on a magazine cover; it's about being the servant of all. You won't find hype here but you will find something refreshing: Authenticity. Got you interested? Come join us. We've been expecting you. Welcome to the revolution.
Alive Today with Shavar Past and present sermons and powerful biblical preaching and teachings from former actor-turned pastor Shavar Ross. Shavar is best remembered as a child actor. He played "Dudley", Gary Coleman's best friend on the hit 1980's television show "Diff'rent Strokes". Shavar, now 34, has been an actor for well over 20 years and has starred in over 100 film and episodic television productions such as Magnum P. I., MacGyver, Friday The 13th Part 5, Chicago Hope, Designing Women, The Bold and the Beautiful, What's Love Got To Do With It?, Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, Family Matters, and many more. After completing 4 years of biblical studies at The Ministry Training Institute, an auxiliary of one of the largest churches in Los Angeles, Shavar founded The Alive Church in which he pastored for 4 years. Currently Shavar is a film director, writer and producer and still enjoys inspiring others through his fiery preaching sermons.
The Storyteller The Storyteller is a 15-minute weekly radio program of true stories from First Nations people across North America who are following Jesus Christ without reservation. Don't be fooled, this is not some religious, feel good program. This is real life. It's raw, direct and personal. If you're tired of trying to figure out who we really are, or wonder if there really is hope for something better, you may want to listen to some folks who understand.
The Gathering Place of Northbrook Church The podcast messages of Northbrook Church, Three Way, TN.
First Baptist Church The podcast messages of First Baptist Church, Marshalltown, IA.
Seeking God Podcast Seeking God Podcast, with Steve Shaw, pastor of Way of Hope Christian Gathering. Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.
Silverado Cowboy Church Collection of audio teachings from Silverado Cowboy Church in Weatherford, TX.
Travis Brant - Christian Singer / Songwriter Travis Brant releases many new songs for free through this PodCast. Enjoy!
Grassroots Films Grassroots Films is an independent film company located in Brooklyn, NY
NBC Audio Chapel Services This is an audio podcast of the Nazarene Bible College weekly Chapel services which often feature special guest speakers primarily from throughout the denomination. A video version is available as a seperate podcast subscription. Copyrighted music has been omitted.
NBC Video Chapel Services This is a video podcast of the Nazarene Bible College weekly Chapel services which often feature special guest speakers primarily from throughout the denomination. An audio only version is available as a seperate podcast subscription. Copyrighted music has been omitted.
Worship Podcasting Welcome to WORSHIPPODCASTING!!! Our show is hosted by worship leader and songwriter DARRELL EVANS. Our focus is on connecting with GOD in a non-religious but authentic way. Every week you'll hear spiritual encouragement and ways to build relationships for every walk of life. These life giving messages will be followed by modern worship expressions. So join us every week for an exciting experience.
The Iron Rod We are The Iron Rod! We represent the LDS Church on the Boise State University Campus. We play great music, read church news, announcements, local activities, FHE ideas, dating ideas, specials segments, cd reviews, and other local events, and we have too much fun trying to do it!
The Lighthouse Report Inspiring listeners to share the love of Christ. Steve Douglass of Campus Crusade relates stories of the Christian life to help you in your spiritual life.
Tides Church Weekly Sermon Series Tides Church, based in Lake Elsinore, CA, presents it's weekly sermon series. Tides Church is a non-denominational Christian chuch reaching out to the 18-40 year old generations.
First Presbyterian Church of Sparta, New Jersey AUDIO sermons and other activities from a progressive, contemporary, Christian family in Sparta, New Jersey. Every message is a compelling experience!
First Presbyterian Church of Sparta, NJ VIDEO Podcast VIDEO sermons and other activities from a progressive, contemporary, Christian family in Sparta, New Jersey. Every message is a compelling experience!
Dodd Road Community Church Sermons Dodd Road Community Church is an evangelical church based in Brentwood UK. We provide weekly sermons which cover a variety of topics throughout the bible. The church also hosts events during the year for our MenTor, WIN and WINK groups. For more information please go to our website -
The Mount Church Clemson, SC Reaching People, Teaching Truth, Transforming Lives Weekly Podcast from The Mount Church in Clemson, SC. A Purpose driven church focused on reaching people, teaching truth, and transforming lives.
Methodist Church of Great Britain podcast News and interviews from around the Methodist Church
SquareTalk Three conservative teen bloggers discuss today's important issues in this weekly program.
Christian Views to Media Matt Talks about the media good and bad and how to make it work for you. He will talk about video games to video's played at worship services. Video is Ipod ready or can be played with quicktime. Please use the video to help break the ice when talking to friends or strangers. For my daily bible verse go to
Parrott Talks Parrott Talks is a talk show featuring straight talk from the heart. No topic is off limits as your host Michael Parrott presents a Christian perspective on the modern world. Seeking audience participation, Mike is ready to talk about anything. Send him your emails or MP3 comments and he'll give you an entertaining look at your topic from his unique perspective.
The ArtistLaunch Radio Show Featuring Independent artists and underground music from across the planet. With DJ's Remy Lambert, Paul Laginess, Gordon Bell. Produced By Neville Meredith for
NeoSpirituality Where religion and spirituality differ. NeoSpirituality is about getting closer to God and being a better person, it is NOT about religion. The cornerstones of NeoSpirituality are- hurt or harm no one, leave the world a better place than you found it, and focus on the positive. If this sounds good to you then listen to the NeoSpirituality podcast and visit
City Church City Church in Oklahoma City. Pastor Richard Hogue discusses the Favor of the Lord. This multipart series will walk you through what favor is, how to get it, and what to do if it seems you are being attacked in the midst of it.
First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas Positive and encouraging, Heavenly inspired sermons at First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas
Vid-Ricco Presents... See what can be done with iMovie and a bit of an imagination. This is a collection of fun videos. Many are from Japan (and other places) as captured by Rich Dupuis, a Canadian English teacher living in Japan. Some of the videos are comedic, some are cultural, while others touch on the spiritual, all are entertaining.
Grace Church Cary Podcasts Welcome to Grace Church in Cary, North Carolina 3725 Kildaire Farm Road Cary, NC 27512 Pastor Rob Keffer Associate Pastor Nate Marriner
The Bible Pod Class Hello and welcome to The Bible Pod class. The Bible Pod class is a weekly podclass to connect you with your Bible and help you apply it to your life. Each week In the Bible Pod Class we will have a time of information and inspiration. The first segment of this program is short lesson about the Bible. Make sure you download the companion guide for this lesson. After the lesson we will read and walk through the Scripture of the week. Occasionally we will have a short commentary or answer questions that you may have. All of this is wrapped around a wide variety of Christian music. So without waiting any longer let us open our Bibles and get into class.
Christianity For Today Christianity For Today offers a weekly inspirational study of books of the Bible. Pastor Art carefully analyzes particular passages with great insight into the interpreted meaning. An online archive is available for 24-hour listening to previous publications. Also available are several unpublished, or yet-to-be published messages for your listening pleasure.
My Trivia Podcast 8 minutes of audio, science, geography and ... totally random trivia and facts to get you thinking. 10-15 questions and answers with occasional prize rounds
Left of Friday :: A liberal podcast from the left coast of America Left of Friday is a weekly, liberal podcast focusing on a range of topics. Included in the program will be straight politics, social and cultural issues affecting politics, a little bit of technology news, and other, miscellaneous things.
Apostolic Prophetic Bible Ministry - english Audio sermons of Ewald Frank preached monthly from Krefeld-Germany, Zurich-Switzerland and other countries around the world. Hear God's Word from this humble servant of God.
Rezin Video Podcast Rezin is a Christian action/adventure 3D animated series focusing on a character named, “Rezin” who is caught in the middle of a global conspiracy where he fights against the evil Dominion empire who are in the throws of unleashing untold evil upon the earth.
Hardcore Christianity Some might call this podcast far right, extreme, or politically incorrect. I just call it like I see it. And in todays world, we've traveled so far away from God that simple Biblical standards are often considered "Hardcore Christianity".
Speaking of Faith Speaking of Faith with Krista Tippett is public radio's weekly conversation about religion, meaning, ethics, and ideas. Speaking of Faith does not always have religion itself as a subject. Week after week, it grapples with themes of American life -- asking how perspectives of faith might distinctively inform and illuminate our public reflection. The Speaking of Faith podcast contains each week's program in its entirety and is updated every Thursday.
Life on Fire Chris and Tanya discuss faith and family while having a drink.
The T.N.T. LifeCast Truth and Testimonies of Life! This podcast is designed to edify the body of Christ thru testimonies of believers from around the world. Produced by two Canadians living in Japan.
Faith Shaping Sharing with the world a faith journey, bringing us into an authentic community of faith.
Faith Shaping (Enhanced) Sharing with the world a faith journey, bringing us into an authentic community of faith.
The River Church Podcast TheRiverChurch at Mall of America has been around since early 2001, podcasting since spring 2005. Message audio, plus sometimes music.
Jesuit Communications To see the face of Chirst and hear His voice in our midst. To be a face to the faceless, and a voice to the voiceless, so that we may recognize Christ in them and hear His story in theirs.
Bell Shoals Baptist Church VODCast Weekly Sermon Video from Bell Shoals Baptist Church in Brandon, Florida
Breaktime with Earl and LuAnn Breaktime with Earl and LuAnn Gardner is a daily 15 minute break from your normal routine. Learn to think outside the box with principles geared at increasing your quality of life.
Catholic Answers LIVE Catholic Answers LIVE is a two-hour-long, daily, call-in radio program that is carried on over 100 radio station across the country, plus EWTN, Sirius Satellite, and shortwave radio. It features some of the most prominent men and women in the Catholic Church answering caller questions on topics that touch on every aspect of our lives as Christians, including shows that deal with doctrinal controversies, family concerns, political and social issues, evangelization, ethics --you name it! Catholic Answers LIVE has been on the air since 1998 and hosts the entire catolog of shows.
bt IndieCast bt IndieCast is a weekly broadcast showcasing local and regional bands, songwriters, solo artists and more in and around Kentucky as well as bands touring the area. We have artist spotlights, interviews as well as the latest on what's going on in the industry locally.
Food for Lambs, the Bible podcast Listen to the entire Bible, The Old Testament once, the New Testament twice, each year, updated weekdays. The GOD'S WORD Bible is a wonderful modern English translation, not a paraphrase, that is accurate yet easy to understand, and very enjoyable to listen to. It comes recommended by Billy Graham, Greg Laurie and many others. Even non-believers will enjoy this, and it's a great way to discover the truth about Jesus/God without someone else's interpretation or influence. As they say, get it from the horse's mouth! Brought to you by
In Christian Love IN Christian Love taking the Living Word of God to a dieing world.
Sermons from New Hope Bible Church in Lewiston, Maine USA Sermons from New Hope Bible Church in Lewiston, Maine USA -- New Hope Bible Church is dedicated to helping people along their spiritual journey by addressing the tough questions of life with sober logic and scripture. Plato said "The goal of philosophy is the ultimate integration of all truths to find unity and purpose of all human life." We believe that Jesus Christ is the ultimate integration of all truths. We believe that only in Christ can we find unity and purpose for life.
Catholic Forum Providing information about the Catholic Faith, including true stories of converts and people returning to the Catholic Church.
Louder Than The Radio Fresh music and great chat content, we've got great music from loads of bands and some of the funniest chat content from our presenters
The Narrow Way Learning to live life to its fullest is easier than you might think. You need to try it to find out!
Courthouse Church of Christ Welcome to Courthouse Church of Christ. We take this opportunity to personally invite you to meet with us to worship the Lord and study His revealed Word.
Thoughts for Success Success is a state of mind, if you believe in yourself then you will be successful. Success is doing what you were created to do, walking in your purpose. Success is get ready. I am J. Success and welcome to my thoughts. Podcast The Best in Independent Christian Music! Featuring new music and Live interviews and song sessions with today's top artists!
Mission: Artist As performers, musicians, actors, artists, or writers; God has wired us to really love the spotlight. Because of that wiring; we typically gravitate quickly into areas of ministry leadership. But the Bible clearly calls us to decrease so that God might increase. Quite the paradox if you stop to think about it. My podcast is for all of us creative types who are seeking to really understand who we are and who God is calling us to be. Maybe a good way to describe the Podcast is to tell you what it is not. This is not a Podcast on "How to build a more effective (name your talent here) ministry". There are already some excellent Podcasts that are focusing there. Certainly the principals we'll learn will overflow into our ministries. But this Podcast will really focus on God's heart, our hearts, and how to bring them closer together via the gifts He has blessed us with.
Mission: Artist Enhanced As performers, musicians, actors, artists, or writers; God has wired us to really love the spotlight. Because of that wiring; we typically gravitate quickly into areas of ministry leadership. But the Bible clearly calls us to decrease so that God might increase. Quite the paradox if you stop to think about it. My podcast is for all of us creative types who are seeking to really understand who we are and who God is calling us to be. Maybe a good way to describe the Podcast is to tell you what it is not. This is not a Podcast on "How to build a more effective (name your talent here) ministry". There are already some excellent Podcasts that are focusing there. Certainly the principals we'll learn will overflow into our ministries. But this Podcast will really focus on God's heart, our hearts, and how to bring them closer together via the gifts He has blessed us with.
The Malex Minute Welcome to the Malex Minute, a hilarious weekly audio show hosted by the Markley Brothers! Following the life and times of an alien fuzzball, a disgruntled laptop, and the broken shell of a man they live with, the Malex Minute is one comedy you won't want to miss! We often poke fun at politics and the entertainment industry while simultaneously satirizing whatever happened to us at the grocery store last week. It's so exciting! We've even been known to bring in various people and interview them! (Failing that, we occasionally corner various people and interview them - an exhilarating, albeit frequently unsatisfactory solution.) mp3 blog mp3 blog and podcast from Japan, introducing independnet bands and music.
Israel Seen Israel Seen through the eyes of two quirky guys that share their love and commitment to Israel.
Tsp Christian Music Radio Show Tsp Christian Music Radio Show showcases talented Independent Christian Artists in a ll forms of modern Christian music.
Sacred Heart Music Hour 1 Hour weekly program of interviews and music with todays Catholic / Christian musicians
JBC Sermons Sermons from the pulpit of Jackson Bible Church in Jackson, SC.
Arun Community Church Download God's Word from Arun Community Church, Littlehampton, UK - also podcasting on iTunes
Geeks and God Technology. Faith. And a big ol' mix of both.
Messages about life, New Hope Church Calgary New Hope and it's pastor, John Van Sloten believe that the life of faith is a journey. God is working in our world, through disaster and hollywood. Take a listen and begin to see the world with new eyes.
Kingdom Commentaries Theological discussions, not sermons on various Bible based, Christian topics.
Flight to Eden - Free Audiobook Enjoy this free audiobook novel! In Flight to Eden, author Doug Hirt explores what the world might have been like before the Great Flood—a world where giants and dragons roam, people live for hundreds of years, and a dark power seeks to destroy mankind. If you like fantasy, science fiction, or historical fiction, you will enjoy the literary magic of the Cradleland Chronicles. Visit to explore the pre-Flood world.
Icrosstalk Podcast Morning and Evening Prayer with Bible readings.
Encounter Messages Encounter Christian Centre, Avondale, Auckland, New Zealand. "Bringing people into a dynamic encounter with Jesus Christ."
Crossgar Free Presbyterian Church Services from our Church where we preach Christ and Him crucified
Upbeat and Casual Evening Worship It is more than great people, atmosphere, and music. It is a fusion of your everyday-life and something much deeper... Trinity United Methodist Church in Denver, CO offers their Casual and Upbeat Evening Worship service to listeners via Podcast every week. The sermons are postmodern and exciting looks at Christianity and how the Christian Faith still relevant in todays world, from the perspective of a young pastor. Blending humor, pop-culture, scripture, and young idealism, this is Gods message for a post-modern world. Send Brad an e-mail with any feed-back, prayer requests, or sermon requests.
A Revolution of the Mind The radio show and podcast that will revolutionize your life!
WORD AND MUSIC WITH XALTAR Group members, including Catholic Priest Father Scott Mansfield, play music and disuss their Catholic Faith
Door of Hope Church Door of Hope Church sermons and lectures. Speakers include Julie Melberg, Angela Sandquist and guests.
Stand On His Word - Preview Stand on His Word is a Gospel Song written by Madi Simmons. This is a preview for the upcoming album by Bijoy Thangaraj
Worship with College Park Baptist Church Please join us for worship at College Park Baptist Church, Winston-Salem, NC, USA
myGodPod myGodPod offers daily “Devotions on the Go.” A unique subscription-based service, it allows Christians to download original devotional content to enrich the practice of their faith. Each day, subscribers receive up to 40 minutes of Bible and other readings, contemplative prayer and Christian music, allowing them to “dock and walk.” They also enjoy full access to the myGodPod archives. For more information:
Lighthouse Teaching Podcast Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ over the airways to reach those who are in need
Prolog Lives of the Saints of the Orthodox Church as written by St Nikolaj of Ochrid and Zica, the new Chrysostom.
BBC All Things Considered All kinds of religious and spiritual matters explored, through documentary, discussion and interview.
Life Lessons From The Bible Inspirational, devotional, faith building, and encouraging sermons by Kenneth Morvant Minister
Hillbill Theology (a Christian podcast) from Hillbilly Theology is the conversation between an Urban Hillbilly of Appalachian descent, and a Desert Rat (i.e. "desert hillbilly") made brothers in Christ. We hope you will listen and be encouraged.
Imago Dei Christian Community - Hawaii An emerging church of missionally-minded, interpersonally authentic & deeply spiritual evangelical worshipers of Jesus Christ, meeting on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Includes Podcasts of our weekly messages.
Tail of the Kairoo Grab hold of the kairoo's tail and hop with it through time! This educational radio program-style podcast takes a dad and his daughters on an adventure through time, hopping into key people and events from the history of the Christian church. It's hysterical or historical, one of the two, and fun for the whole family! Don't lose any time! Subscribe now!
Christian Songs And Blessings Christian Songs And Blessings Audioblog/ Podcast features great worship songs and hymns sung by contemporary artists and also a selected blessing from the Bible expounded by Bible Teacher Dr. Johnson Cherian MD,PhD.
Wayne Geiger The preaching ministry of Wayne Geiger
Cornerstone On-Line From Cornerstone Church in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, comes a podcast that will stir you up, build you up, encourage, inspire, and instruct you! A radical revolution is coming that will change the shape of the world. Are you ready?
The VSU Wesley Podcast The official podcast of the Valdosta State University Wesley Foundation in Valdosta, Georgia. Features dynamic messages from campus minister David Scott and guests.
thebridge thebridge is a community of people on a journey toward God, asking questions, discovering answers together, and encouraging one another to know God better and follow Jesus more faithfully.
Prima Facie Prima Facie Commentary offers dialogues on history, biography, and current events from a Christian perspective
Bible Study .net Globally available messages featuring the systematic teaching of the Bible, which is the word of God. Our purpose is to bring faith to the lost, and strengthen the faith of Christians, helping them to enjoy the Scriptures.
Revealing Word A weekly MP3 recording of a live bible study with audience interaction. Studies center on deeper biblical truths that challenge the listeners tradition, theology and faith. You'll never be the same again!
The Best Of provides over 100 hours of life changing sermons from various preachers over the past 100 years in streaming audio and video content.
Elmwood Baptist Church Sermons Podcast Fundamental and Independent Baptist sermons and services podcast from Elmwood Baptist Church in Brighton, Colorado.
Barnton Baptist Church, Edinburgh, Sermon Files Barnton Baptist Church, Edinburgh. Sermons by Andy Scarcliffe or visiting speakers
1 Minute Video Bible Messages 1 Minute Video Bible Messages By Dr.Johnson Cherian MD, PhD
Vision y Cosecha Audiorevista del Ministerio Mundial Maranatha
The Sitter Downers One British atheist and one American Christian entertain themselves, and hopefully a few others, with talk about family life, technology and politics. Adam mentions who won the American War of Independance on just about every show and Tom bores Adam to death with endless talk about his Stickies app or how stupidly large Adam's truck engine is. The Sitter Downers is published once a week on Saturdays and runs about 60 minutes each episode.
ChristLife: We Have Been Sent Through these podcasts ChristLife encourages and equips young adult Catholics to share Jesus Christ in the spirit of the new evangelization.
Castle Court Improv The short form comedy improv troupe that harkens from New Castle, PA. {Yes, they even named a whole city after us!} These jesters provide off-the-cuff humor {and mayhem} at the drop of a hat, often based on audience suggestions. You never know what just might happen, and neither do they. Their motto: YOU PROVIDE THE VIBRANT IDEAS. WE PROVIDE THE VILLAGE IDIOTS.
Die Avonture van Skaats de Wet 3am een Vrydagoggend skrik Skaats de Wet wakker na sy 12de Jurie Els nagmerrie in ‘n ry. Hy kom toe met ‘n skok agter dat almal dink Christelike musiek suck. Join Skaats op sy avonture waar hy die beste Christelike rock, punk, emo, screamo ens. showcase van Suid Afrika en die wereld. [Afrikaans Podcast]
Reaching Oakland Be released in the spirit of God - live messages from Tree of Life Open Bible Church in Pittsburgh (Oakland).
The Corner Church We musical representation of the Church on your corner, with a varied collection of locally based independent Christian Artists. No big names here!! Just great music!
St Andrew Sermons on MP3, preached at St Andrew's Cathedral, Sydney, Australia, mostly by Dean Phillip Jensen. We are evangelical Christians, seeking to know God through His Word, the Bible. Phillip's talks are usually between 30 and 40 minutes in length.
Daily Devotions by Delivered Monday through Friday, our devotions are the perfect companion to your time in the Word. Biblical, consistent, and with over three years of back content, is a great resource for everyone. Check us out on the web at
Tech Ethics We have the technology to do amazing things. The issue is whether or not we have the wisdom to use it responsibly.
FreshStreams Daily Prayer Live podcast of daily prayer, recording and broadcast by an Anglican priest in Derbyshire, England
Living Truth Podcast Bring a Biblical Christ to the Mormon People
Holistic Health-Forget The Cures, Find The Cause Holistic Health from a global and Native American perspective
Faith To Believe Podcast Phillip Williams has a mandate to teach the uncompromising Word of Faith with simplicity and understanding. Listen to the Word of God and learn to live by faith, walk in love and become a do-er of the Word. One Word from God will change your life...forever!
Horizons Community Church Here at Horizons, we’ll make sure the first face you see when you approach the church has a smile on it. Whether your looking for a great children's program, a fun and challenging place for your teens or a new Church Home for your entire family, a greeter will be nearby to help you get where you need to go.
Christianity and Science Are Christianity and Science in conflict? Listen to these talks or discussions organised and recorded by the Southampton-based Central South branch of Christians in Science, and make up your mind. Designed for everyone, not just the committed Christian or professional Scientist, they explore the perceived conflict and the ethical issues involved in the relationship between science and faith.
Father Presence Driven Church for Todays Christian... exclusive content from the some of the most profound authors, speakers, and thinkers in the church. we bring you coffeehouse conversations with the best and the brightest. visit us at for access to over 20 'casts a week for just pennies a day. tune in. turn on. get wired.
Family Bible Church Podcast The good news about God, Grace and Peace.
It Strangest Christian rock Vodcast on the web. A Christian worldview that deconstructs the former backsliding life of Slopdellica.coms Pastor Curfew. The Shows are alternative medicine for Christians and non-Jesus freaks alike but be prepared to hear the Gospel in a fresh new way. These new shows have been unveiled from the pre-9-11 DV vault. Two week rotation. Slop it up!
Walking for One This a about my thoughts and walk with Christ. I also hope this helps others praise and find the greatness that is Jesus Christ
Born Again Devil Fighters Sermons for Born Again Devil Fighters. Put'em up or shut up!
Meditations from Carmel The short meditations in this podcast come directly from the treasury of writings of the great Carmelite Saints including St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross, St. Therese of Lisieux, Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity, St. Teresa of the Andes, Brother Lawrence of the Resurrection, St. Teresa Benedicta and many more. We are hopeful that these reflections will inspire you to take up the practice or prayer in your life!
Covenant People Covenant People's Ministry is led by Pastor Jeromy John Visser and is the web presence of Covenant People's Church. Our site features audio sermons, topical studies, forums, Biblical discussion and numerous Christian links.
Covenant People Covenant People''s Ministry is led by Pastor Jeromy John Visser and is the web presence of Covenant People''s Church. Our site features audio sermons, topical studies, forums, Biblical discussion and numerous Christian links.
Mustard Seed Podcast Short, daily devotional read by author
A Light Unto the Nations The Jewish and non-Jewish communities and their relationshiop to Israel. From Christian Zionism, to Bnei Noach to secular Israelis and religious Jews and everything in between. Hosted by reserve officers on the Israeli Defense Forces.
Committed to Freedom Learn practical and effective spiritual tools to move beyond abuse. Learn what commonality with God can mean to your personal journey towards spiritual health.
Tsiyon Heights Messianic Radio Enjoy Messianic Radio from Tsiyon (Zion) Heights hosted by Eliyahu ben David. Known for its unique Hebraic / Hebrew Roots, and more specifically, Davidic perspective, this program is heard by satellite in Israel, North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Now available to you as a podcast! p/pThe weekly programs each stand alone, but are best enjoyed as a series that will lead you step by step in the Way of Yeshua the Nazarean. Get to know Him as He really is with fresh and insightful information of a depth that will inform and challenge the most spiritually experienced listener. All are welcome, but this program is especially for those talmidim/disciples who aspire to ascend to the heights of Tsiyon with their King!
The CCDA PodCast CCDA and the TechMission Network have come togather to bring you talks and training from the CCDA national conference.
Hope Foursquare Church Weekly sermons from Hope Foursquare Church in Snohomish, Washington. Pastor Tom Ferguson has been pastoring in this area for over 30 years. His son, Pastor Andrew speaks Sunday third service and Wednesday evenings.
Love Jesus, Hate Church A podcast for those who have taken an honest look at the church, scratched their head, and said, "You know, this ain't the way church is suppose to be. Something must be wrong. Bad wrong."
AltarCast AltarCast provides you with different biblical teachings from different speakers and churches every episode. Listen to a wide variety of speakers and messages and when you find one you like, you can subscribe to their podcast directly. For an ENHANCED version of this podcast with slides and hyperlinks, search for AltarCast Enhanced on iTunes.
The Soul Seeker We reach teach and preach to your Soul
The Soul Seeker We reach teach and preach to souls We care for your soul and want to share the Bible truth.We teach what most are afraid to teach.
Supernatural Living Lydia's Legacy is an international internet woman's ministry focused on empowering the heart of the Christian women. But men, check it out to!
Victory Worship Center Sermons Dynamic and relevent messages with Pastors George and Terri Kocourek recorded live at Victory Worship Center.
Wired Jesus Podcast Wired Jesus Podcast is a podcast exploring the spiritual journey as it is lived out in the wired world - on the net, in film, in song, where ever questions of faith, life and meaning are being asked. While there are others in the podcasting world who are doing bible studies, sermons, and inspiritational shows, Wired Jeus is for places where people can discuss openly their beliefs and find where really creative discussions of spirituality are going on.
bible dumpers the bible has a lot of crazy crap in it, so i decided to point some of it out.
Todd We all want to live an upright life but it is difficult when it appears that the rest of the world is so upside down. Left is right, up is down, and right is wrong. How do we balance what the Bible says to how the rest of the world lives? How do we live in an upside down world without becoming upside down ourselves? There is only one way to find out. Don't miss a weekend!
Camden Uniting Church Sermons Each sermon is updated weekly, taken from either the morning or night services.
ALM CyberChurch Services Services from the virtual world. Cutting edge worship experience with singing and Biblical preaching.
Allan Rich - Sharing Center It is a bimonthly show hosted by Allan Rich where christians from all over the world share their testimonies. (15-25 min). Also in French
Allan Rich - Centre Partage Show bimensuel presente par Allan Rich ou des chretiens du monde entier partagent leurs temoignages. (15-25 min) Aussi en Anglais
Ebenezer Church Sermons mp3 sermons from community church in Bristol, England
Teens in Christ Welcome to Teens in Christ. This site is dedicated to the development of Podcasts for Christian Teens. Each Podcast will be a weekly program that will cover the many challenges that face the modern Christian Teen. The Podcast will cover a variety of topics and concerns to help ground the Christian Teen in their faith and trust in Jesus Christ.
God Technology meets eternity. We explore avenues of uniting these two seemingly separate arenas of life into a seamless whole. Where we recognize the times in which we're living and use what we've been given to make a difference for eternity. Come hear the latest in technology review, and meet some incredible people who might very well become an integral part of your own life and ministry.
NurseHealer Podcast for Healing, Spirituality, Preparedness NurseHealer Podcast is a monthly program dedicated to healing of body, mind, and spirit with emphasis on holistic healing, spirituality, and preparedness. NurseHealer Podcast touches on topics including spiritual guidance, natural healing, emergency preparedness, and the paranormal.
Runt the Brave The award-winning fantasy is brought to life in this audiobook podcast. A merciless army of rats swarms toward the underground mouse-city of Tiranor, and only one little mouse has the courage to face the onslaught. “Schwabauer combines the best of Narnia, Middle Earth, and his own talent in this unforgettable retelling of David & Goliath.” - Church Libraries. A podcast for those who know the hour.
Fresh Worship Fresh Worship highlights independant Christian and Worship music. Each 30 minute episode covers 3-5 different artists and plays their music.
CrossFeed Religious News (Video) CrossFeed Religious News (Video) brings you the latest religious news each week as found on, the only social religious news community on the internet! Watch level-headed Christian commentary from Dale Critchley in Iowa and Jim Butler in Massachusetts, a couple Lutheran (LCMS) pastors.
theology, philosophy, Christian, truthTheology Rocks - truths to stand on Simple, clear talk about theological truths for Christians. A conversation between two Christian brothers about all kinds of theological issues, daily issues with theological implications, and how Christianity should permeate every aspect of the Christian's life.
Mariners Church Mariners church. Located in Annapolis, Maryland. Our weekly sunday sermons.
Theology Rocks - truths to stand on Simple, clear talk about theological truths for Christians. A conversation between two Christian brothers about all kinds of theological issues, daily issues with theological implications, and how Christianity should permeate every aspect of the Christian's life.
Daily Readings Podcast Start your day with the Gospel. Get the readings from the daily mass, every day on your iPod. The audio files of today's readings are from the Lectionary approved for use in Australia. The recordings complement the audio of our Daily Gospel Reflection. - for all you daily Catholic News needs
Reflection on the Daily Gospel Start your day with the Gospel. Listen to a short reflection on Today's Gospel readings. Awaken your spirit through this meditation on the Gospel. An ideal reflection to complement the Daily Readings. - for all your daily Catholic News needs
The ClubFBC Blogcast The weekly podcast from ClubFBC in Crossville, TN
Surgeon Weekly video podcast series featuring excerpts from the weekly music video series, "Christian Music Videos". Much like weekly devotionals.