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Gamephiles A group of three guys who have been playing videogames and living the gamer lifestyles for many long years in a personal and professional capacity. In addition to the requisite bad jokes, Gamephiles features knowledgeable and insightful analysis of the latest news, reviews and previews of new and upcoming games, and of course, your comments.
Nerdblurb Listen as we make fools of ourselves ranting on and on about life, tech, and more. Favorite topics include anime, Family Guy, The Simpsons, gadgets, new technology, and Star Wars. we suck less so give us a try.
GeekiNtertainment Entertainment discussion for Geeks. Hear the latest Talk, news, and rumors for your favorite Entertainment mediums. Movies, Television, Video Games, Comics, anime, etc.
The Big Bald Broadcast A podcast devoted to the discussion of movies, DVD, anime, video games, comics, toys, voice acting, and random bits of insanity. Professional voice actor, Kyle Hebert, and co-host, Otherworld Steve, take you on an audio journey that will hopefully inform and entertain!
SCTech: A World Where Anything is Possible Join Stephen and Cody (and guests) as we look at internet culture, video games, and other aspects of technology. Including detailed "how-tos", hacks, tech news, and other, various subjects! Highly appraised and entertaining!
I Like Anime A weekly podcast that covers Anime, Manga, Video Games, Music, Movies, Hentai and what ever else we feel like. It is for all of you fanboys, otaku and gamers out there.
Broadcast Gamer Bi-weekly gaming podcast featuring news, reviews, and interviews. Each episode gives listeners a new chance to win free DVDs and games, so tune in often!
Anime Boston Podcast The official podcast of Anime Boston, New England's largest anime convention.
Four Friends and a Game Four friends get together to discuss anything from video games to computers to anime.
Geekspeak Want the latest in gaming, gadgets, tech, Anime, and more? Well, then this is the podcast for you! Ian Levenstein talks geek every week here on Geekspeak!
GeekNights with Rym and Scott GeekNights is the ultimate late night talk show for people with geek interests. Join us four nights a week as we discuss geek topics including anime, games, science, technology and more. Almost entirely uncut and totally hilarious.
AYpodcast he AY Podcasts are more than just a news update and an opinion column, they are podcasts made to be archival reference reviews. The purpose of these podcasts are different than sites that boast ellaborate reviews, not only do you get a new anime/manga review each episode, but you also get interesting news from the world of anime and manga. The reviews are meant to enlighten you to anime/manga you may not have seen or known much about and to explore some details that you might have missed. All older podcasts are available for later listening, so ifyou miss an episode you can listen to it later. Also, say for example,weeks ago we did a podcast about an anime you were always hestitantabout or didnt know much information about, you can download and decideif its worth your time and money to check it out. Now we are not by anymeans authoritative figures of anime nor do we claim to have an emmenseknowledge of these anime topics, we are just normal people giving ourhonest opinions and feelings about anime and manga we are into. There are probally going to be times when you the listenerfeel you know more about the series than we do, so we encourage you allto give us feedback and tell us what we missed. So please don'thesitate to send us corrections, questions, or comments.
Ani-Ma-To! Podcast semanal com dicas, entrevistas e matérias sobre as diversas técnicas da animação.
I Like Anime Terebi A weekly vidcast that covers Anime, Manga, Video Games, Music, Movies, Hentai and whatever else we feel like. It is for all of you fanboys, otaku and gamers out there. It is the most random vidcast EVER! Free Japanese lessons in podcast format for anime otaku. Hosted by the lovely Hitomi-sensei, you will learn common Japanese phrases spoken in anime. Feel free to write in with questions from your favorite anime.
Anime World Order A podcast all about Japanese cartoons and comics as discussed by three self-proclaimed experts in the world of anime and manga! Plus anime news / reviews, coverage of classic anime, hentai / yaoi, and much, much more. Updated every week. We hope.
Anime Pulse An Anime Podcast. We keep our fingers on the pulse of anime. With reviews of the latest anime from Japan, and none of that US bull.
Anime Cafe The Starbucks of Anime. We serve you the freshest brew of anime music, news, rumors,rants and more. Enjoy!
Ani-Ma-Tô! Dicas e entrevistas sobre animação e animadores.
AnimeHELL VideoBLOG AnimeHELL is a live video clip show that tours North America and entertains the late night crowds at Anime Conventions.
AMN Podcasts Advanced Media Network is one of the leading video game / entertainment resources on the Internet.
Emerging Sea Technology, ecology, wisdom and smut. Covering many topics from our weblog
Anime+ Welcome to Anime+, an anime news/reviews/previews all-around show done by us, Alex and Luis. The podcast is a hobby of ours and done absolutely on our own time because of our love for anime. We try to spread out to all crowds by keeping listeners up to date with news, previewing recently released fansubbed animes straight from Japan, and extending ourselves to retail consumers looking for a good licensed purchase with balanced and objective reviews.
RPG Forums Online podcast A podcast for all things RPG, fantasy, anime, roleplaying and MMO related. Includes Harry Potter, WoW (World of Warcraft) and other video games.
Up a Paddle Geek news, reviews, and rants in the subjects of video games, movies, tv shows and anime.
NBS Review NBS Review is free podcast that covers a range of technology, gaming, industry and comsumer topics, without the BS. It's 100% amatuer 50% 0% BS.
Anime Snacktime Hidden deep in the chambers of Madman Central, a suspect few have made their first pirate broadcast, hijacking your media player to bring you all the latest news and info from the world of Anime. It's Anime Snacktime! Featuring reviews, interviews, features, giveaways and lots more, sink your teeth into it now. (May contain traces of nuts)
TALLER DEL GNOMO el taller del gnomo es un podcast dedicado a los comics, anime , juegos de rol y estrategia desde mexico
Game VS Anime Minzara, Mr.Mecha, and SDDNinja review anime, and video games, while insulting everyone in the process.
sabrina * art-n-activizm zodiac stylee *
AQUA Dragon Podcasting of fusion of a Japanese sound and music...from Tokyo...
J-Talk J-TALK is an audio podcast about all things Japan from the inside out. Your hosts , Sonny and Keiko, discuss their personal experiences and ideas from an outsiders perspective of modern Japanese culture. J-TALK also features interviews with natives, polls, interesting tid-bits and J-Talk's unique home-made commercials.
Chibi Tokyo Two guys talking about anime. Every week, we hit you a with a few anime reviews and previews. Some anime that you might have not heard of, maybe overlooked or just plain didn't know about. Plus we rant about anime related stuff and poke at anime fandom.
Naruto Uzumaki Naruto is a lonesome young boy from the Hidden Leaf Village, a town with several young ninjas-in-training who aspire to reach the village's one-of-a-kind highest ninja rank, the Hokage. Naruto is treated as an outcast by the rest of the village ever since a deadly fox-demon was sealed inside him when he was a baby. He now has a penchant for mischief but all Naruto really wants is some attention and respect. Accompanied by his secret crush Sakura, his skilled rival Sasuke, and his mentor Kakashi, Naruto will have to overcome many challenges as he comes of age and pursues his dream of becoming the Hokage. The Naruto anime is adapted from the extremely popular Naruto manga series, created by Masashi Kishimoto, which has sold in excess of 59 million copies in its native Japan.
Anime Bliss Are you a fan of anime? Well then this is for you. This is a user run site and podcast for anime fans of all levels, new and old alike. We cover Latest News, Reviews, Upcoming Releases, Conventions and other anime related goodies
Niirojuusan Podcast: Rebirth After slipping into the shadows for many months, the infamous anime music podcast is back, bringing the you the latest and memorable songs in top quality format.
Geneon Talk Radio An exclusive podcast from the crew of Here you will get to know the shadowy figures behind the greatness that is Geneon Entertainment. From producers to marketers and everyone in between, this podcast is for you!
RDF Underground Your netcasting guide to the classic 1980's animated transforming robot vs. alien space opera, Robotech. Featuring news from around the Robotech Fan community and the latest information on the soon to be released sequel, Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles. If you're a fan of Science Fiction, Anime, or just nostalgic for your childhood, the R.D.F. Underground is for you.
Ruanime Podcast Welcome to the Underground. This is basically a community where you can share media and RP. We are looking foward to having everything up and running real soon. Our download section is off to a good start, but you have to be a registered member to get into it.
GamingEternal The definative source for gaming information on the web. Reviews and Previews for Games and the culture that surrounds it
Sidebar - Four Color Conversations on Comics and Pop Culture A roundtable/interview show about comics, movies, tv art and other pop culture elements.
Missing Pages (amended version) Professor Tanokura builds a time machine, igniting a savage war. Running for his life, he tries to stop humanity from destroying itself while, at the same time, bring his son back from the dead. Made from animated photographs, Missing Pages is an award-winning short that has stunned audiences worldwide. Don't miss your chance to watch these high definition (HD) podcasts available for the first time ever.
El Espectaculo de Bajo Presupuesto Debate de Anime, Video Juegos, TV, Cine, Manga y todo entre medio.
Anime Web RAdio Anime Web Radio bring you every week the best of Anime News from Japan and around the world. You can download your weekly anime news podcast mp3 file of the show, play it directly on your browser or get the podcast of the show for your favorite mp3 portable player.
Storm Hawks! No Sky Knight squad was more legendary than the STORM HAWKS, but that was before the dark forces of CYCLONIA put them out of commission. Now, five mismatched teens and their strange, furry sidekick have taken their quest, their gear and their name, and will send anyone who dares try and clip their wings into a serious tailspin! Armed with high-octane transforming flying motorcycles, these punks are dog-fighting some of the nastiest villains ever to hit the skies. Too young to have fear (or a pilot's license), Aerrow, Piper, Finn, Junko, Stork and Radarr are burning rubber and cracking rudders on an adventure that will take your breath away, or just make you lose your lunch! From the tubular waves of Tropica to the snow-peaked mountains of Blizzaris, who knew that a dangerous quest could be this much fun!
Anitalku Podcast A weekly review cast about all things anime, manga, and video games.
Anime Diet Radio Fun and banter about anime plus news, reviews, goodies and other good stuff at Anime Diet Radio!
Sesho Podcast reviews of anime and manga with a passionate and critical eye.
Nerd Wars!!! Fantasy nerd battles, where in we pit characters from across the nerd universe in direct mortal combat (oddly there are none from Mortal Kombat). The shows will feature Toadpuc and Fereshte fighting over who should win. However since there is a small chance of the two agreeing with each other over a particular battle, and a huge chance of the podcast disintegrating into broken bones and hurt feelings we welcome people to call in. callers votes will count as high as the votes of Toadpuc and Fereshte, while people texting on the boards points will be adopted (stolen) by the host currently supporting that side. We plan to do 4 fights a show, for the first round at least, unless fights go quickly. If you listen to the recorded version and something we say doesnt jive with you email us @ [email protected] before the next scheduled show, and we will address it on the next show. We also understand that some characters such as Robin were different people at different times, before the first battle with those characters we will establish which one we are using and stick with it till they die.
Fandomaniacs Fandomaniacs is a podcast for tabletop RPG gamers, Anime Otaku, Sci-Fi TV and Movie Buffs. Discussions topics usually focus on anything found at a convention.
Versione Beta Idee dai sub-universi della tecnologia e del web. Un magazine di approfondimento sulle nuove idee e i personaggi emergenti nei sub-universi della tecnologia, del web, della musica indipendente, dei manga e del gaming, dei nuovi media.
Rascal Show Join Weird-Edsel and The Milkman as they spew their gift of gab about a new topic of discussion every week! Broadcasted LIVE every Friday. All shows archived as podcasts!
Symmetrical Docking!! Hosted by Teh andeh "the ecchi king" and Nick "the pervy virgin" Symmetrical Docking!! is a podcast about movies, games, anime, and other odd youth culture through the eyes of two perverts.
Hey Hey Anime Your # 1 Source 4 Everything Anime
Ztoon Thai Podcast about all Cartoon manga comic and anime.From . game chat I run, an online community where females talk about video games, the game industry, tech, gadgets and Japanese culture. Our podcast is fun and informative so stop by!
Fellowship of Fools Hosted by Charles Briede and co-host comic book artist Brian Denham. Covering video games, accessories, collectibles, anime, comics, conventions, tv, film and books. We will have special guests and will take calls and questions.
fightbait anime podcast GO TO WWW.FIGHTBAIT.COM/FORUMS Join me as I talk about anime, manga, and other cool stuff from Japan. Every week I'll have news, reviews, rants, and more. Not gonna lie, that first episode isn't very good. I suggest you listen to a later episode first and then go back and listen to the earlier ones. Or at the very least, start with episode 2. You can send feedback to [email protected] or by calling 206-203-2149.
Horror Addicts h o r r o r . a d d i c t s: people who are physiologically or psychologically dependent on items depicting macabre events.
GamingAngels podcast is the premier online community for women to talk about all things geek! Welcome to the show where you can get a woman's perspective on the gaming industry, gadgets, and anime. We'll feature guests from the various industries and talk with you in the chat room to get your opinions.
SakuraCon Presented by the Asia Northwest Cultural Education Association, Sakura-Con is the oldest and most well attended anime convention in the Pacific Northwest. Sakura Radio is a podcast introduced to keep you informed on Pre-registration dates, local events Team Sakura attend, new guest updates, and anything else Sakura-con related.
Animeshon Animeshon is an anime podcast that coves not only anime, ut manga as well.
Late Night Anime Review We review the newest anime and manga straight from Japan. Aswell as reviewing the shows that influenced them. We also talk about the news dealing with everything Japanese.
Ki TV: News Ki TV News keeps all you otaku up to date on what's happening in the anime industry. We also cover manga, video games and J-music. SUBSCRIBE!
Ki TV: Ki Reports Ki Reports covers events and people in the anime industry including conventions, performances and interviews. Make sure you SUBSCRIBE!
Ki TV: Otaku Livewire Otaku Livewire is a weekly rundown of anime, video game and J-music releases. It's short, simple, and sweet so make sure you SUBSCRIBE!
The Bouty Bouty SquadCast Entertainment news and comedy about all things fresh, including movies, music, comic books, video games, anime, celebrities and more. All from the skewed perspective of Duz T and $hane Peezy!
The Banzai Beat A weekly podcast that covers all the latest anime news and reviews a new show every week
The Power of Friendship An anime, and fantasy movies podcast by two fangirls. Each episode contains indepth analysis on a single series/movie/topic etc. This podcast contains spoilers and may also contain language not sui for children.
Toon Radio News Animation news, reviews, and commentary
Red Gate Manga Review The Red Gate Manga Review takes a major interest and critical eye to the modern storytelling, art and cultural depictions of modern popular manga comics!
BROGAN Chris started DJing back in 2002 in bars and clubs across London after being given a chance to get out of the bedroom and onto the scene. Under his previous ego(s) as SuperSeiya or Seiya he played at venues such as Fabric in London, Le Nautilus in Bordeaux and a few warehouse parties Now as himself, Chris Brogan, he's joined forces with some of the fiercest parties across London thanks to Love Muscle and all the guys at Salvation you can now find him spinning the tunes around Soho. With a few remixes and productions under his belt, Chris has gone from strength to strength introducing the toughest house groove this side of electro.
This Week in AMVs TWIAMVs is a podcast that focuses on all things Anime Music Videos. We answer questions, look at software, discuss new and hot topics on the org and in the chat rooms, interview editors, review videos, discuss the newest noteworthy releases, keep you up-to-date with contest submission dates, if it's even remotely related to AMVs we'll talk about it.
The PodCore NerdCast Welcome to the official podcast for the Nerdcore Comedy Tour: a motley collective of stand-up comedians who have what it takes to talk about what really matter in this world. From Super Mario Kart to Sovereign Class starships we cover it all in our live shows and now we're on the interwebs. Ooooo. Shiny.
Mission Start Podcast Make sure to listen to our podcasts at the end of every month as we cover the latest in anime and video game news! As well as cover the big questions facing the video game and anime industry
"KIKEYO!", Presented by Samurai Beat Radio “KIKEYO!” will focus on Japanese news, music, anime, manga, video games, fashion, and other interesting tidbits of Japanese culture. The show will offer sharp-wit commentary, fun stories, serious insight, and music recommendations from both hosts. In addition, there will be also contests for the fans and listeners are invited to chime in their feedback on the topics chose for each show through SBR's blog, e-mail, & social media networks. “KIKEYO!” is planning to have special guests stop by the program in future episodes.
Got Faded Japan The Got Faded Japan Podcast gives listeners a glimpse of the seedy side of Japan's news, culture, politics, parties, drinking spots, and all around mischief and mayhem. Hosted by Johnny and Shank who add their own opinions and otherwise drunken comments to the mix. Kanpai!
The Yellow Menace Podcast The official podcast of Bringing Asian Pop Culture to the round-eye since 2001! Every two weeks we discuss Asian film, music, food, and culture...from Battle Royale to balut.
Great Podcast Banzai An epic audio adventure about all things Manga and Anime hosted by Mikey, Andy, and J-Rub. Tune in every Saturday as they recap and discuss the new issues/episodes of the Big Three in addition to monthly, lesser known, and their favorite series.
Prowensworld Weekly dose of anime/gaming/movies and random talk.
Flying DVDs Of Death Celebrating the cinema of ass kicking, Michael and Jeff take a weekly look at anything and everything with kung fu, ninjas, giant robots and whatever else grabs their limited attention.
Leet Speak Leet Speak is a group of friends who play video games as if it were their religion. Leet Speak is a podcast made by them covering hot topics of games, movies and tv, politics, and funny every day happenings in their lives.
Otaku, No Video Otaku, No Video offers intelligent analysis and reviews of Japanese anime and manga. I won't just tell you if something's "good" (whatever that means); I talk about a show's actual elements. Otaku, No Video includes at least one anime and one manga review per week, plus news, primers, giveaways, and more.
The Summoner The Summoner is a Warrior living in the Yellow Realm. Come along on his adventures with the other Warriors.
Underground Geek Network The Underground Geek Network is a podcast for geeks by geeks. We are not industry experts or professionals. We are simply geeks who love geek things. The podcast focuses on video games, comic books, technology, and other “geeky” subjects. Feel free to comment and participate. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and I-tunes. You can also e-mail us at [email protected]
Gamer Reaction: The Awesomecast Gamer Reaction: The Podcast is everything that we can’t get to in the web show. Here we’ll talk about everything from zombies to pancakes. Sit back and enjoy the ridiculous sounds of Alex, Jeremy, Chris and Dianna yammering about stuff and more stuff.
Super No Vacancy The Wrestling Podcast for The Wrestling Nerd. Djm & Ness speak upon everything in the world of professional wrestling, and look at the Internet Wrestling Community.
DMonkeyStudios Podcast All the great podcast from Disciplined Monkey Studios, you can catch WTF Weekly, The Game Grind, Anime Import Weekly, Self Discipline, and Movie B-Rated. Just remember keep it disciplined, keep it fun, and keep on sharing it.
CEN.TAKU.ME The podcast version of the blog "Centering around Otakudom and Anime". Includes discussions about Otaku culture in general, including Anime reviews and news.
g33kWatch Proudly showcasing the best in geekery!
BLACK TRIBBLES Everything sci-fi, comic books, movies, video games, cartoons and anything a geek would love gets tossed around by the 5-headed hairy hoard of Black Tribbles.
What Could Go Wrong? It's the question they always ask before everything falls to pieces. We dive into the inherent wrongness of bad movies, cult TV shows, and idiots in the news. Skullard and Luka flaunt their goofliness for all the world to hear. What could go wrong?
Fresh&Filthy Podcast Stay Fresh&Filthy and tune in to hear about music, movies, and the overall craziness that is the lives of the DVM crew.
Techpedition Podcast Random technology, gaming, comic, movie, television, and anime ramblings and entertainment from the techpedition pundits.
Gundamn! @ MAHQ Gundamn! @ MAHQ has been covering everything mecha since 2007. As the flagship podcast of the Mecha & Anime HQ, expect lots of talk about Gundam, Macross and all manner of mecha anime, with listener feedback and special guests.
D Saint Radio Welcome to D Saint Radio! We're 3 guys and a gal hailing from Detroit, MI. D Saint Radio is a geeky blog and podcast featuring of a variety of subjects alongside video-game related content. New Episodes of the show premiere every two weeks! Feel free to tune in and listen as we talk games, news, memes, jokes, TV, music, movies and anything else you can think of!
All Geeks Considered We are a weekly podcast that nates between a sci-fi movie review show (The Delve) and a broad geek podcast. This covers anime, games, movies, comics, books, et cetera.
The Lovebird Anime Review We are anime''s new obsessive couple, The Goatee and Taiga Marie! Listen to us bicker about random things, review old and new anime of all different genres, and Top 5 lists of all sorts of different anime-related subjects!
The Surly Nerd A Video Game/Entertainment/Technology podcast for the discerning drunken nerd.
Nemurenai Podcast Un podcast de Anime, Manga, Videojuegos y demás frikadas...
Distro 1 Podcast Random Distribution dot Com presents the Distro 1 Podcast. The show that discusses a wide range of topics from across geek culture including Movies, TV, Anime, Comic Books, Music, Art and more!
Geekspotting Welcome to Geekspotting where hosts Ruben Rosario, James Thompson, and Rachel Goffinet, often joined by guests, take a critical look into popular culture, be it comics, TV, movies or anything in between.
NerdBurger NerdBurger is a weekly, hour-long podcast with hosts Mike and Craig (and often a guest). Episodes include all sorts of nerdy/geeky topics which will vary from episode to episode. Weird/geeky news items. Computers and other technology. Genre/nerdy TV, movies, and comics. Games (tabletop RPGs, board games, video games, etc.) Science. The internet (fun sites, podcasts, etc.) Anything else we might come up with that fits the bill.
PW Comics World: More To Come Heidi MacDonald, Eisner-nominated writer of The Beat; Calvin Reid, Comics Editor for Publishers Weekly Magazine; and producer Kate Fitzsimons present More To Come, the bi-weekly comics podcast of Publishers Weekly Comics World.
Solid-Knight Podcast Welcome to the Solid-Knight Podcast! A podcast about gaming, movies, music, anime, and manga d by a group of friends with differing opinions who knows whats to happen!
The Solid-Knight Podcast Welcome to the Solid-Knight Podcast! A podcast about gaming, movies, music, anime, and manga d by a group of friends with differing opinions who knows whats to happen!
The Outerhaven Podcast The Outer Haven is a enthusiast formed by people who share the same passion on many topics and subjects such as the following; Video Games, Music, Animation, Movies, Technology, etc. So, you could basically call us an enthusiast site which would better sum us up. All members of this creative community are equal as there’s no one person more important than the other nor do we have a script, agenda or outline. We report and talk about what intrigues us and offer our own spin on many things. While
That Hashtag Show Joe and Daniel bring you the latest in GeekPop! Let them be your guides through the worlds of Comics, Film, TV, Video Games and everything in between!
DFE Radio Urban Geekiness at it''s best
Bastards of the Universe They are outcasts. Unwanted. Despised. Pursued to the ends of the earth, they have at last found their stronghold. And the time has come for their revenge. A motley gang of acerbic individuals: sardonic curmudgeons committed to the highest ideals of bitterness. Wrought and especially fermented... from Bastardhouse on the unfashionable southside of Metro-Atlanta: they are... the BASTARDS OF THE UNIVERSE!
Superdroid Radio Two awesome people discuss vidya games, movies, comics and more! Sometimes with guests! Check us out every Monday!
Nerdy Talk: The Official Anime Herald Podcast A podcast about all things anime, brought to you by the staff of Anime Herald! We discuss the latest anime news, plus offer commentary and discussion on titles both new and old. Give us a chance, and we'll talk nerdy to you.
UK OTAKU Japanese flavoured reviews, news and nonsense from The UK Otaku. We are a UK bunch of otaku podcasting about our love of all things geek. We chat about anime, manga, video games, Japanese news, board games, card games and toys. All with a good sprinkle of silliness on top.
The Gamecocks Gamecast Your guilty pleasure video game podcast.
The Geek News Show Welcome to The Geek News Show where we cover all things geeky, from technology and video games to comic books and anime.Join us as we geek out about the things we love. Host: Dion Giles Producer: Martino Jones
Super Nerdy Best Friends So you're a nerd. Or maybe you'd rather call yourself a geek, or a fan. That's okay with us. Either way, let your geek flag fly here with the Super Nerdy Best Friends! Our podcast is filled with nerdy news, geek debates, and those hot topics we just can't wait to talk about. Join us for news and chatter about movies and film, television shows, video games, comic books, and so much more!
I Mini The Fool - Go back to the present with Jay and illy, the hosts of Deathcakes Podcast, as they deliver a periodic (usually monthly) offshoot of modern topics and other random goings-on of today.
The Missfits A podcast dedicated to all things geek from the perspective of women heavily involved in the community in various ways. A podcast filled with fun, sass, knowledge, good discussion and friendly debates.