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The Directors Cut Radio Program The Directors Cut is a weekly 2 hour movie radio show broadcasted all across the country! The Directors Cut can be found on several online and broadcast radio stations. This show is for those who like movies! With news, reviews, interviews, games and beautiful women. We've been referred to as a cross between Howard Stern and Ebert and Roeper. You can be a part of the show by calling in at (505) 565-5476 or 1 (800) 893-9682 toll free at any time. If we are not live on the air Leave A Message! Go
Meandawg Movie Top 5 MeanDawg Movie Top 5 is a fun show with a group of friends discussing top 5 lists about a variety of Movie topics. It's super. Feels like a hip-cool t-shirt.
Jeff and Aaron Jeff and Aaron review the lastest DVD''s and some hits from the past. In future shows we''ll take a look at hollywood classics, family features, the newest tech news, and tidbits from the world of entertainment, plus every once in a while, Wiley our DVD Wonder Dog will stop by and give us the dog of the week. So tune in and listen to our podcast and when your done, give us your opinion by emailing us at [email protected]
The K.L. Phair Show The K.L. Phair Show has oficially moved to the Liberated Syndication network. This is a new and extended platform for the show. Be sure to listen to it for all of the new and exciting details.
Hollywood Futures Hollywood Futures is a free video podcast that provides short interviews with Hollywood celebrities, producers, directors, writers and other industry success stories who share advice for "making it" in the entertainment industry.
Mobile Movie Minute Opinionated and irreverent in-car movie reviews, right after we've seen the films. Short and punchy - great fun! Podcast Welcome to the world beyond the velvet rope where you will have the best view and most exclusive access all at your fingertips. maintains strong relationships with celebrities and trendsetters so we are able to take viewers behind-the-scenes and give an insiders' perspective on lifestyle, travel, parties, nightlife, music, fashion and more. Visit if you want to know what actually happens in Hollywood and become an insider. Come check us out!
In the Mood for Podcast A British-based film podcast by Calum Reed of Ultimate, and Peter Sheppard of Reviews of brand new movie releases, and comment on the latest news.