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A great Podcast "fix". 
Thanks for keeping me awake at work! I love you guys. Melissa the Podcast Junkie

A bit odd, but we love it anyway 
I love this podcast! It may have a simple plot, but Jon and Rob make it funny and witty. But sometimes they waffle on too much.

Rob & Jon - Podcast Gods! 
Two upstanding gentlemen from the U of K. The reason we got into podcasting. Consistently entertaining. Well produced. Not one wasted byte of download. Outstanding!

Awesome Podcast 

quality is not a popularity contest 

I give it my thumbs up!


Great show! 
Love it on my daily drive.


Top of the Pods 
Five stars x 2 for the top tens!

By: gwyn
You'd think it'd get boring, but they're one of the best podcasts evah. The content is only half the story, it's nice to listen to two mates taking the piss out of each other and generally having fun. Grand.

Top of the Pods 

Top of the world ! 
Ron and Jon; two of the funniest guys in podcasting. Marvel at what they think 'wasabi' is; gasp at Rob thinking Tel Aviv is in Spain, and guffaw at the fact tha they think Sammy Davis Jr sang the Ghostbusters theme; and that's the unintentional laughs ! Their Top 10s are hilarious too. A must-listen; I'm addicted and can't wait for every show.

These guys rock! 

great entertainment. 
2 blokes having a laugh, and if today's show doesn't grab you, tomorrows probably will.

Good family oriented show. Listener lists presented... submit your list!


Very funny! 
These guys are excellent!

Not all that good 
Gets a little bit boring, very quickly. Not for everyone.

Great show! 

Hilarious banter!! 

top of the pods 

Brilliantly funny! 
Rob and Jon keep us laughing with their lists and banter. Subscribe and be amused! Or bemused. One or the other.

Top of the Pods 

Top of the Pods 

Love it! 
I can't wait for my daily dose of Top Of The Pods! It's the best cast out there by far.

Superb Podcast 
Everyone should subscribe.