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shralp! snowboard video podcast
Podcast Host: mee-z
Podcast Owner: coreymt69
Podcast Location: Munich/Germany
Website: http://shralp.com/
Episodes: 39
Wöchentlich: 3,5 Minuten aktuelle Snowboard-Infos als Video-Podcast (MOV) auf Deutsch. Auch für iTunes und als WMV oder MP4.

Past Shows

04/16/2006 | Download File 21.09 MB -right click to download

Contest: Wängl Tängl 2006 Mayrhofen, March 27th 2006 A contest by Die Ästhetiker 1. Ville Uotila, 2. Stefan Gimpl, 2. Tomi Savela, 4. Jakko Ruha, 5. Chris Kröll, 5. Wolfgang Nyvelt Music: The Dials (music.podshow.com) Contest: Rail-JahZee 06 Hoch-Ybrig, April 2nd 2006 Shred

04/30/2006 | Download File 20.41 MB -right click to download

Contest: Absolut Park Spring Battle 2006 Flachauwinkl, Austria March 31 - April 1, 2006 1. Martin Sandberg 2. Steve Gruber 3. Mathevz Pristavec Most Creative Rider: Friedl Kolar Music: Motion Soundtrack (music.podshow.com) Contest: TransWorld Team Challenge 2006 Buttermilk Mountain, Aspen, Colo

05/21/2006 | Download File 25.09 MB -right click to download

Contest: Stairway To Heaven April 20-22, 2006 • Oberstdorf, Germany 1. M. Ligocki, 2. R. Marti, 3. S. Alibabic Teaser: Gip-Sity Fasgipsyproductions Amateur Video: Disco Hillrippers, Switzerland Music: Spitville (music.podshow.com) Teaser shralp surf!

06/04/2006 | Download File 22.77 MB -right click to download

Contest: Bonnie and Clyde May 20, 2006 • Ice-Mountain, Belgium Music: Jet 68 (music.podshow.com) Trick Tip: Nosepress Josh Sherman Amateur Video Suicidal Crew, Germany Music: The Dials (music.podshow.com) Media: Popmag Skate, Surf, Snow Magazine Music: Trap Door (music.podshow.com) Tease

06/18/2006 | Download File 22.77 MB -right click to download

Snowboarder Magazine Superpark Spring 2006 • Keystone, CO Music: Robot • Track: Summer IR77 Video Teaser Music: IR77 Amateur Video Thomas Krapf Music: Vincent Van Go Go • Track: The Dudes In The Car (music.podshow.com) Teaser shralp surf! #05

07/02/2006 | Download File 31.12 MB -right click to download

Snowboarder Magazine Super Session Spring 2006 • Breckenridge, CO Music: Tokyo Hot Rocks • Track: Yeah Pirates Video Teaser Amateur Video SwissNinjaNerds Music: Lo • Track: Sugar (music.podshow.com) Teaser shralp surf! #06

07/16/2006 | Download File 25.14 MB -right click to download

Bonfire Pipe to Pipe 06/28 & 07/12, 2006 Timberline Resort, Mt Hood Music: Dear ++ Glorious Physician • Track: Frenzy (music.podshow.com) More by Absinthe Films Video Teaser Amateur Videos Half Shot Crew • BC, Canada Steffen Wiegand • Allgäu - Germany Music: Sunspot

05/01/2006 | Download File 23.00 MB -right click to download

On Location: Park City TWS Footage from the upcoming film City - Park City Music: Max Bygraves (music.podshow.com) Teaser: IR77 Cat Trip Contest: Wir Schanzen Finale The Barbecue, Oberstdorf, Germany April 15, 2006 Music: Katy Pfaffl (music.podshow.com) shralp surf! #02 Contest: Rip Curl Pro Bel

07/30/2006 | Download File 23.20 MB -right click to download

Abominable Snow Jam July 8, 2006 • HCSC, Mt Hood Music: The Exchange • 1...2...3...UHH! (music.podshow.com) MT. Buller Rail Event July 20, 2006 Mt. Buller, Australia snow bored? by MellowMoodProduction Video Teaser Music: DJ ReeDo • Title: Without You Amateur Video Chicken Hol

08/13/2006 | Download File 30.77 MB -right click to download

Abominable Snow Jam July 9 + 10, 2006 • HCSC, Mt Hood Music: Trap Door, Project Y (music.podshow.com) storbis Video Teaser Amateur Video Livid Music: The Tattle Tales, So Wanna Kiss You (music.podshow.com)


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