Podcast Host: mee-z
Podcast Owner: coreymt69
Podcast Location: Munich/Germany
Website: http://shralp.com/
Episodes: 76
shralp! snowboard video podcast
Wöchentlich: 3,5 Minuten aktuelle Snowboard-Infos als Video-Podcast (MOV) auf Deutsch. Auch für iTunes und als WMV oder MP4.

Past Shows

02/25/2007 | Download File 28.37 MB -right click to download

TTR 5* Event Champs Open Crans Montana, Switzerland February 11th, 2007 Big Air, Rail Jib and Quarterpipe 16th Anniversary Event 1st Markus Keller 2nd Henning Marthinsen 3rd Nils Arvidsson Music: Aliens + Strangers, Fiend Without A Face • music.podshow.com Pee Wee Sherman Rail Jam Tyrol Basi

02/18/2007 | Download File 24.10 MB -right click to download

5Star TTR Event ProFreestyle Avoriaz, France • Jan 28th - Feb 03 1st Arthur Longo 2nd Henning Marthinsen 3rd JJ Roux Music: Paynbird, The Street of Seven Stars (music.podsow.com) The Gap Session Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany • March 10th 2007 - Cancelled Amateur Video Global warmi

02/11/2007 | Download File 16.37 MB -right click to download

ISPO-Contest: Das Rail Haus der Kunst, Munich, Germany • Feb. 5th, 2007 Winner: Daniel Joseph Brisse USA Finalists: Aaron Bittner USA, Björn Leines USA, Margan Le Faucheur FRC, Lucas Magoon USA DVD Teaser Public Yeah Amateur Video Kevin, Max, Muc • Diessen, Germany

02/04/2007 | Download File 21.30 MB -right click to download

ISPO Trade Show Munich, Germany February 4-7, 2007 Music: The Hydeouts, Tell Me, music.podshow.com Bike Car DVD Teaser Travis Parker, Louie Fountain and Scotty Wittlake Friends and Fondue Switzerland, January 8-9, 2007

01/28/2007 | Download File 19.88 MB -right click to download

SIA Trade Show Las Vegas, Nevada • Jan 22-25, 2007 Amateur Tour Chill and Destroy • Tourstart Music: Love is Chemicals , Track: Aquamarine, music.podshow.com Free Web Video Escramble Webisode #2 with Terje Haakonsen, Gigi Ruf, Mark Landvik, Iker Fernandez, Alex Schmaltz, Ton-Ton, Iouri

01/21/2007 | Download File 15.52 MB -right click to download

The Session Vail, Colorado • Jan 12-13, 2007 Slopestyle 1st Andreas Wiig 2nd David Benedek 3rd Chas Guldemond Check Transworld Snowboarding Progression Session with K2 Jan 13-14 2007, Laax, Switzerland Music: Coppermine, Track: Suffocating, music.podshow.com

01/14/2007 | Download File 26.15 MB -right click to download

TTR Event Evolution Davos, Switzerland Jan 2-7, 2007 Superpipe 1st Anti Auti 2nd Iouri Podlatchikov 3rd Markku Koski Quaterpipe Highest Air: Terje Haakonsen 1st Nicolas Müller 2nd Anti Auti Music: I Walk The Line, Track: When I'm Gone, music.podshow.com The Session Vail, Colorado Jan 12-13, 20

01/07/2007 | Download File 26.96 MB -right click to download

DVD Teaser Midwest What! by Antix Media Nanshan Open Nashan, Beijing, China Jan 6+7 2007 1st Hampus Mosesson 2nd Kalle Ohlson 3rd Austin Smith Music: Coppermine, Track: Suffocating, music.podshow.com

12/31/2006 | Download File 32.68 MB -right click to download

Drive By Nov, 11-26 2006 East and Central Europe DVD Teaser In Transit Alterna Actionfilms Video Podcast Amateur Video White-Passion Music by Stimpack Snowboard Blog snowbroader.eu Music: Coppermine Track: Suffocating music.podshow.com

12/24/2006 | Download File 18.41 MB -right click to download

Chicken Jam Kaprun Austria December 15-17, 2006 1. Jamie Anderson USA 2. Cheryl Maas, NED 3. Jenny Jones, GBR Shaun White Air and Style Munich Cab 1260 - 720 mute - Rail Music: Hey Dude, Just Listen • music.podshow.com Air + Style Rookie Video Isenseven X-Mas Gift Idea Download For Right Or


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