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bayblab podcast
A biweekly podcast from our team of scientists who go over the latest scientific news and quirky research as they get progressively drunker. We are graduate student of the university of Ottawa and we decided to make a funny science news show that doesn't take itself too seriously but is over pop-science level. Subject matter posted at bayblab.blogspot.com

Past Shows

03/25/2008 | Download File 48.58 MB -right click to download

We discuss evidence-based dentistry with our invited guest and then it degenerates into fart, poop and masturbation as usual.

02/13/2008 | Download File 47.09 MB -right click to download

Interview with Dr Ignacio Chapela: co-evolution of fungus and leaf-cutter ants, GMO crop contamination of native maize and more...

02/02/2008 | Download File 44.61 MB -right click to download

Cloned meat, natural chemotherapeutics, stem cell transplant and amateur scientists.

12/16/2007 | Download File 35.32 MB -right click to download

Pubcast from Irene's Pub with beer-fueled discussions of what's new in cancer research, and we bust some quacks selling algeae tablets as stem cell "enhancers"...

11/11/2007 | Download File 30.35 MB -right click to download

1 year anniversary podcast: the appendix, IgNobels, and cancer research.

10/16/2007 | Download File 21.06 MB -right click to download

Complete guide to graduate school: how to get in, tips, post-doc'ing, and why you should have studied unicycle at the clown school like your mom told you to...

10/16/2007 | Download File 14.74 MB -right click to download

Do humans display swarm behavior? Is our brain capacity limiting how many friends we can have?

09/03/2007 | Download File 13.69 MB -right click to download

Science in Japan, photodynamic therapy for cancer, and underwear vending machines...

08/14/2007 | Download File 39.30 MB -right click to download

On this segment we talk about unusual animal penises, drug policies in Canada and we introduce the food challenge! With musical guest Kevin Z.

08/06/2007 | Download File 38.90 MB -right click to download

On this episode we talk about recent findings regarding p53 in aging which drastically change the balance between cancer and senescence, we talk about the implication of the reversibility of Rett syndrome and finally Bayman reports on the 3rd international conference on synthetic biology.


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