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12/13/2007 | Download File 27.87 MB -right click to download

With so many tech vendors claiming their solutions to be green and looking for a leg up with customers wanting to be more power efficient with everything from their servers right up to their entire datacenters, one big problem in the industry is a lack of standards on how “green” is meau

12/10/2007 | Download File 18.77 MB -right click to download

With Web 2.0 being the rage that it is, Web-based productivity software from the likes of Google, Zoho, and WebEx appears to be getting all the buzz while Microsoft which has so far eschewed the idea of a Web-based offering. But if Microsoft’s Office Live Workspace, the beta program of which o

12/04/2007 | Download File 38.56 MB -right click to download

Like Apple’s iPods and the iTunes Music Store (iTMS) from which they can so effortlessly acquire their content, the transparency of the automation and infrastructure that makes Amazon’s Kindle work so effortlessly with the Amazon.com Web site is a marvel in terms of the user experience.

12/04/2007 | Download File 27.75 MB -right click to download

Today, Adobe announced the third versions of its two Flash Media Servers: Flash Media Interactive Server 3 and Flash Media Streaming Server 3. While the two servers represent a range of improvements to both products, the most significant of those improvements are the built-in support for H.264 suppo

11/06/2007 | Download File 21.18 MB -right click to download

While I get into the “workstation” argument all the time, I decided not to belabor the point too much when questioning Dell Precision workstation product managers Don Maynard and Chris Spencer about Dell’s newest entry into the mobile workstation space announced today: the M2300. T

10/10/2007 | Download File 14.80 MB -right click to download

The news is pretty much already everywhere today. Google is releasing version 5.0 of its enterprise search appliance — a turnkey device that, until today, companies could attach to their corporate networks for the purposes of indexing and searching the content found on their Web-based intranet

10/03/2007 | Download File 12.52 MB -right click to download

It was not even four months ago that Google announced it would be acquiring the anti-spam, anti-virus, and e-mail compliance outfit Postini. Today, the company is calling on the press and bloggers to inform them that, not only is the acquisition complete, but so too is the integration of Postini&#82

09/18/2007 | Download File 29.66 MB -right click to download

Compared to the likes of other server makers like IBM, HP, Dell, and Sun, Hitachi may not be a household name in the North American market. But this week at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF), the North American division of the Japan-based company (Hitachi America) will be looking to drive its first x8

09/10/2007 | Download File 26.31 MB -right click to download

Meet Randy Allen (pictured left), the corporate vice president of AMD’s Server and Workstation division. Using the podcast player above, you can hear my interview of him today regarding AMD’s official launch of Barcelona: the first true quad-core x86 chip to hit the market (Intel has a 4

09/04/2007 | Download File 11.45 MB -right click to download

Last December, I wrote about how we here at ZDNet were looking to live on the bleeding edge of media innovation. In terms of publishing content and subsequently, the availability and virality of that content, the immediacy of social networking technologies like blogging have really changed ZDNet and


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