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10/09/2006 | Download File 8.46 MB -right click to download

Just prior to things getting kicked off here at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo, I thought I'd rope in some attendees to find out what was on their minds this year and what they were hoping to come away from the conference with. The first person I found who was willing to talk was Carl. Carl is an internal

10/06/2006 | Download File 26.36 MB -right click to download

For companies looking to speed up integration between new and legacy systems (or, just new and new systems), I've seen a lot of products out that there that use Web services standards (namely XML) to (1) give everything that needs to be integrated a common XML interface and (2) provide the graphical

11/06/2006 | Download File 4.11 MB -right click to download

In addition to finding out why attendees were attending Startup Camp and whether or not they were getting anything out of it, ZDNet podcaster James Hilliard also checked in on their satisfaction with the unconference format. Like Mashup Camp, Startup Camp is an unconference that's largely based on t

11/06/2006 | Download File 2.05 MB -right click to download

ZDNet podcaster James Hilliard showed up at Startup Camp last week with a recorder and a microphone and made the rounds amongst attendees to find out why they attended and what, if anything, they got out of the unconference. Whereas one attendee was looking to be right in the heart of Silicon Valley

12/15/2006 | Download File 15.13 MB -right click to download

The folks from Raketu have been unrelenting in trying to get me to cover what they believe to be breakthroughs in both feature-set and underlying architecture for a universal "communications client." Given what Raketu's free download does, it's hard to say exactly who it competes against. It speaks

12/13/2006 | Download File 6.66 MB -right click to download

Perhaps signaling the next phase of extinction for the Baby Bells, Skype today released a new pricing strategy for using its software or Skype-certified hardware to make outbound calls to just about any phone number in the US and Canada. For consumers and businesses that sign up for the service by t

12/11/2006 | Download File 14.17 MB -right click to download

Wiki-solution provider CentralDesktop.com founder and CEO Isaac Garcia wrote a blog suggesting that Google's system is rigged to favor Google whenever the search giant is itself participating in its auctions. I decided to get more details from both Garcia and Google in a podcast interview. Garcia gl

12/06/2006 | Download File 22.61 MB -right click to download

Over the last decade in the US, a growing labyrinth of privacy, disclosure, and trading regulations -- for example Sarbanes-Oxely and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (otherwise known as HIPAA) has forced many companies both small and large to take a closer look at how they gu

12/06/2006 | Download File 12.03 MB -right click to download

Meet John Roberts. Roberts is CEO and co-founder of SugarCRM. To many SugarCRM is thought of as a provider of open source-based customer relationship management solutions. But is it? There's no question that SugarCRM provides a customer relationship management (CRM) solution. But is it an open sourc

12/05/2006 | Download File 13.10 MB -right click to download

I listened into Dell's press conference today when the company's director of PowerEdge servers Jay Parker provided all the gory details for the two new PowerEdge 2950 and PowerEdge 1950 servers. But I was a bit skeptical of the company's claim to save $200 per server per year in energy costs based o


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