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Your Neighborhood Stage
The first and only podcast dedicated exclusively to the discussion of school, religious and community theatre.

Past Shows

06/21/2006 | Download File 16.55 MB -right click to download

June 19, 2006: "It's Good to Be the King, but You Can't Take It With You"This week we spotlight the King of Prussia Players from King of Prussia, PA and interview their president, Dr. Larry Anderson. Our Show of the Week is "You Can't Take It With You". We will rea

06/05/2006 | Download File 24.31 MB -right click to download

June 5, 2006: "Schedchy, Sketchy, and Smokey"This week we tackle setting up that rehearsal schedule. We spotlight the Sketch Club Players from Woodbury, NJ and interview their president, Frank Myers. Our Show of the Week is that toe-tappin' "Smokey Joe's Cafe". We will throw in a

05/22/2006 | Download File 15.33 MB -right click to download

May 22, 2006: "Radio On! Noises Off! Try Out! Call Back!"THE END IS HERE! (That should get some Google hits). In this episode we discuss the audition process, including pre-casting vs. open auditions. We also speak with Gina Lemanowicz, host of the "Sunday Sounds of Music" broadw

05/15/2006 | Download File 16.63 MB -right click to download

May 15, 2006: "Godspell, Guys, and an Orchestra"Ok. So we weren't quite weekly. We are trying. This show we will talk to Toni Benecchi, a middle school choral director about putting a pit together. Chris will review Walnut Street Theater's unique version of "Godspell" and we will

05/01/2006 | Download File 11.06 MB -right click to download

May 1, 2006: "Show Selection"It's finally here! After a couple of months of preparation, we are ready to take the plunge. What a show we are starting with! Besides talking about show selection, we have a wonderful interview with Suzanne Baldino Jones from this week's spotlight organization

05/01/2006 | Download File 7.16 MB -right click to download

Contains the full interview with Suzanne Baldino Jones of The Road Company in Williamstown, NJ. Segments of this interview wer used on Episode 1.1



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