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Rabbi Josh Yuter discusses religion, politics, media, and culture with his amazingly talented friends, peers, and colleagues.

Past Shows

05/18/2011 | Download File 5.17 MB -right click to download

On May 17th 2011 I delivered the following presentation to the Rabbinical Council of America's annual convention.

05/22/2011 | Download File 5.81 MB -right click to download

Rabbi Josh Yuter's Politics of Exclusion class continues with a discussion of R. Moshe Feinstein's opinions regarding the halakhic status of weddings and marriages of Reform and Conservative Rabbis.

06/05/2011 | Download File 5.60 MB -right click to download

Having discussed R. Moshe Feinstein's antipathy towards Conservative and Reform Rabbis, Rabbi Yuter considers R. Moshe Feinstein's attitude toward non-observant Jewish masses.

06/19/2011 | Download File 4.52 MB -right click to download

Rabbi Josh Yuter starts a new section in his Politics of Exclusion series discussing the Orthodox reaction to Saul Lieberman after accepting his position at JTS.

05/25/2011 | Download File 4.30 MB -right click to download

Rabbi Yuter's Who's Who in the Talmud series shifts to the Amoraic period, beginning with the great Eretz Yisrael Amora R. Yochanan.

06/26/2011 | Download File 4.32 MB -right click to download

Rabbi Yuter's Politics of Exclusion segment on Saul Lieberman continues with a specific charge against Saul Lieberman, his response, and concludes with a game changing twist.

03/03/2013 | Download File 13.62 MB -right click to download

Rabbi Yuter's series on the Halakhic Process concludes the section on Maimonides with a discussion on the Zakein Mamre / Rebellious Elder. Continue reading →The post Ep. 102 Halakhic Process 18 – Rambam Mamrim 3 (Zakein Mamre / Rebellious Elder) appeared first on YUTOPIA » Podcast F

02/28/2013 | Download File 19.14 MB -right click to download

In this important installment of Current Jewish Questions, Rabbi Josh Yuter tackles the controversial topic of Biblical Criticism and Orthodox Judaism. Continue reading →The post Ep. 101 Current Jewish Questions 23 – Biblical Criticism and Orthodox Judaism appeared first on YUTOPIA &#187

02/07/2013 | Download File 20.15 MB -right click to download

In his 100th podcast Rabbi Yuter discusses the controversial group "Women of the Wall" and its implications for Halakhah and Israeli society. Continue reading →The post Ep. 100 Current Jewish Questions 22 – Women of the Wall appeared first on YUTOPIA » Podcast Feed.

01/30/2013 | Download File 21.79 MB -right click to download

In this Very Special Episode of Current Jewish Questions, Rabbi Yuter moderates a conversation with Maharat students Ruth Balinsky Friedman, Rori Picker Neiss, and Alissa Thomas. Continue reading →The post Ep. 99 Current Jewish Questions 21 – Maharat appeared first on YUTOPIA » Podc


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