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Why Men Are Like Dogs
Ladies, are men REALLY like dogs? Personally, I love dogs and I love men. They're both protective, loyal and lovable. The problem today is we have too many "wild dogs" running around (not acting like gentleman),and hurting the hearts and souls of women. Why? Brace yourself ... Because of the way we (as women) are behaving. Yep, we can't escape this one. How we act influences the way men act! LADIES, isn't it time we helped men become more of what we want in a relationship? Isn't it time we dated and married "gentle " men and not "wild dogs?" Men are wonderful, protective, playful and lovable. They just need us to show them how to behave towards us. Well, look no further. You've come to the right place. Hi, my name is Mandy Pratt and I'm the author of WHY MEN ARE LIKE DOGS. Together, we'll unveil why men act the way the do, how woman can learn to act more like "Classy Ladies" and as a result? Attract the kind of "Dream King" we women deserve to date and ultimately marry. Won't you join me? Join the CLASSY LADY REVOLUTION!

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Now, throughout this radio show series, ladies, you’re going to learn why men act the way they do and how you can literally attract that DREAM KING right into your life. That is, date the kind of man you’ve always dreamed of dating and ultimate marrying; and, if you’re married, how to keep you


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