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Washington Sportsjam
In this weekly podcast Matt and Mark break down every Redskins game of the season and preview the upcoming ones. They also talk Wizards, Capitals and other D.C. Area sports. This podcast comes from the minds’ of fans and we hope it adds a fresh perspective.

Past Shows

06/04/2010 | Download File 48.38 MB -right click to download

Matt and Mark record another off-the-cuff show during Memorial Day Weekend. They discuss Matt’s first MMA fight, Give their NBA Finals predictions, contemplate Donovan McNabb’s potential as a Redskin, and talk more about the Wizards possibly picking John Wall with the 1st pick in the NBA

05/21/2010 | Download File 16.41 MB -right click to download

Matt returns for some unscripted sports talk with Mark. They discuss the NBA Playoffs, the Albert Haynesworth situation, and what the Wizards should do with the number 1 overall pick in this year’s draft.

05/06/2010 | Download File 22.40 MB -right click to download

Mark is joined by guest stars Washington Post Express Sports Editor Clinton Yates, DC Pro Sports Report writer Tom Threlkeld, and Washington Sportsjam newbie Bryan. They discuss the Redskins Draft, the Jason Campbell trade, Give their NBA Playoffs predictions, and breakdown the Caps playoff upset.

04/15/2010 | Download File 24.25 MB -right click to download

Mike and Mark are joined by special guest Tom Threlkeld of DC Pro Sports Report! They discuss the Redskins big trade, the upcoming NFL Draft, The Roethlisberger and Tiger Woods’ scandals, the Wizards terrible season and revamped lineup, and Tom breaks down the Caps Stanley Cup chances. Make su

04/02/2010 | Download File 33.14 MB -right click to download

Mark does a solo show while the rest of the crew is away. He covers the Terps March Madness meltdown, the Gilbert Arenas sentencing, the Andray Blatche benching, the ‘Skins personnel shakeups, and Tiger’s apology and return. Enjoy the Public Radio feel!

02/18/2010 | Download File 13.32 MB -right click to download

<itunes:new-feed-url> Michael,Matt and Mark review the Super Bowl, Recap the big Wizards trade, and talk some Capitals and Olympics.

02/04/2010 | Download File 44.95 MB -right click to download

<itunes:new-feed-url> Michael, Matt, and Mark are back to discuss the NFL, the Wizards, Tennis, and Terps Basketball NFL Topics - Recap of the Conference Championships, Discussion of how lame the Pro Bowl is, Super Bowl picks, and discussion of Kurt Warner’s retirement and Brett Favre&

01/21/2010 | Download File 35.02 MB -right click to download

The first podcast of the new format! NFL Topics - Playoff Talk/Conference Championship and Super Bowl picks - Matt and Mark recap their regular season picks. Redskins - Zorn Fired, Mark argues for the why,Matt is forced to play devil’s advocate. - Shanahan named Head Coach - Orakpo makes pro b

01/21/2010 | Download File 59.31 MB -right click to download

Michael,Matt,and Mark close out 2009 with a look back Washington Sportsjam’s year. But first they talk some NFL. NFL Topics - Bengals Receiver Chris Henry passes - Bruce Allen hired as new Redskins GM - Who will be Allen’s Head Coach? - What is Zorn’s and Campbell’s future in

11/20/2010 | Download File 12.90 MB -right click to download

Matt and Mark recap the Redskins epic loss to the Eagles on Monday Night Football. There’s plenty of blame to go around and they ponder whether the loss was indicative of a larger problem. They aren’t very optimisitc in their preview of the upcoming Titans game either. They also discuss


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