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World-renowned Psychic, Voxx hosts an exciting, live call-in Psychic Show. Voxx is featured in the best-selling book, "America's Top 100 Psychics". She offers psychic advice, and gives the low-down on all forms of Magick, Astrology, Numerology, Goetia, Kabbalah, Witchcraft, Rituals, and more! Get the latest psychic spin on all the newest world events and celebrity scandals. Don't miss it! Tell your friends. Feel free to call Voxx and ask her your questions. The show airs weekly, every Monday at 9PM (PST).

Past Shows

01/23/2007 | Download File 57.57 MB -right click to download

Caller Number 1: Otera, Pisces - Why does she hear voices and see visions? Positive Rituals: Tips on Psychic Cleansing and Protection; including mini-rituals. Caller Number 2: Carlo, Leo - Dreams; Needs help manifesting his artistic goals. Caller Number 3: John, Pisces - New Company - How’s i

02/07/2007 | Download File 74.41 MB -right click to download

Caller Number 1: Stephanie (Scorpio with Pisces Moon). Questions: Family Research about her Genealogy; future marriage and children. Candle Ritual: For Communication with ancestors. Tarot Class: How to register. Voxx appearance on Jimmy Kimmel. Caller Number 2: Gay (Capricorn). Question: Caller rec

02/13/2007 | Download File 56.04 MB -right click to download

Caller Number 1: Steven (Virgo) Question: What’s the outcome of his relationship with a cheating Libra? Caller Number 2: Adela (Sagittarius) Question: Looking for guidance regarding her job. Caller Number 3: Maggie (Libra) Question: She’s at a crossroads regarding career choices. The D

01/30/2007 | Download File 61.98 MB -right click to download

Theme of Today’s Show: Rituals, Angels and Demons! Greater Sabbath: Beltane, the Fire Festival. February 2nd. Memento Mori: Death of Angelina Jolie’s mother, Marcheline Bertrand. Candleburning Magick: An introduction. Interview with a Magickal Student: Caller asks Voxx about her magicka

03/06/2007 | Download File 55.08 MB -right click to download

Childhood of a Psychic: Mini Psychic History of my magickal life. Astrological News: The Blood Moon, Lunar Eclipse, March 3rd, 2007. Celebrity News: Britney Spears and her reported attempted suicide, and claim to be the Anti-Christ 666. Astrology of Britney Spears: Brit’s recent Mental Break

02/20/2007 | Download File 39.43 MB -right click to download

Caller Number 1: Stephanie (Leo) Question: What’s up with her Scorpio boyfriend? A co-dependent Leo needs the courage to start a new life. Caller Number 2: Camilla (Taurus) Question: What’s up with her Taurus boyfriend? Did her boyfriend cheat on her while she was away in Brazil? Caller

03/27/2007 | Download File 55.08 MB -right click to download

Caller Number 1: Russ (Pisces) Question: Health Question. Answer: Voxx counsels a man regarding his health. Voxx’s assessment of his various symptoms is correct. Caller Number 2: Vanessa (Mother/Taurus, Daughter/Aries) Question: Little girl calls up to talk about her doll and flowers. (Cute

04/03/2007 | Download File 51.82 MB -right click to download

Full Moon in Libra: People are freaking out and losing control. Caller Number 1: Camilla (Taurus) Situation: A hot female Brazilian finds out about her future husband, and it isn’t her boyfriend! Caller Number 2: Heather (Scorpio with Pisces Rising) Situation: A young woman finds out a flirt

02/27/2007 | Download File 57.33 MB -right click to download

Caller Number 1: Andrea (Leo) Question Number 1: What’s going on in her love life? Voxx explains the demise of the caller’s last relationship and what went wrong, as the caller confirms Voxx’s psychic reading. Question Number 2: Should the caller study acting? Voxx explains the ste

03/14/2007 | Download File 56.22 MB -right click to download

Caller Number 1: Angie (Leo). Question Number 1: She’s worried about her sister, a Virgo. What’s going to happen to her sister who’s in love with a Sagittarian convict? Question Number 2: What’s stopping her from finding true love? Caller Number 2: Walter (Pisces). Questio


Thelema Gone Wild!

I was happily surprised by the high-quality of this podcast. It's not only wildly entertaining, but was full of lots of detailed info on various aspects of serious Thelemic Magick. Listening to Voxx is like listening to a wilder female version of Lon DuQuette. I'll definitely be tuning in for more shows.
Reviewed on 08/08/2007

An amazing show with cool info

I called in to The Voxx Show to get a free psychic reading, and I have to say I was pretty blown away by the accuracy of the info I received from her. I've listened to a lot of shows about psychics and the occult, but this is the best one so far. I'm a fan of this show now, and I'm telling my friends, that's for sure.
Reviewed on 08/10/2007


interesting podcast but i dont see any for 2008 or 2009 really
Reviewed on 01/05/2010

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