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This podcast explores the many facets of the 9-11 attacks which contradict the governments official story, the massive cover-up which is currently underway, the failure of the mainstream media in America to ask real questions, and the aftermath of 9-11 including the un-Constitutional wars and the taking of liberty here at home. This broadcast examines the big picture of what is taking place in America today and how September 11th fits into the scheme of things. Forget "conspiracy theory"! The governments own story about what happened is itself a "conspiracy theory"! Learn for yourself why people are talking about what is becoming known as the "alternative conspiracy theory".

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07/15/2006 | Download File 41.08 MB -right click to download

This week Visibility 9-11 welcomes Chris Emery to the program.  Chris is a documentary film producer and member of the Oklahoma City Bombing Investigation Committee,  On April 19, 1995, multiple bombs ripped through the Alfred P. Murrah Federal building in downtown Okla

07/22/2006 | Download File 41.20 MB -right click to download

On this, the second anniversary of the 9/11 Commission report, Visibility 9-11 welcomes professor emeritus at the Claremont School of Theology Dr. David Ray Griffin.  Dr. Griffin is the author of over two dozen books which include The New Pearl Harbor;  Disturbing Questions About the Bush

07/31/2006 | Download File 41.14 MB -right click to download

Visibility 9-11 welcome's David Slesinger to the program to talk about his upcoming action campaign of non-violent civil disobedience.  The first action, Escalate Now! by Davids newly formed group, will be to leaflet the opening of the new Oliver Stone film World Trade Center in

08/12/2006 | Download File 41.20 MB -right click to download

Visibility 9-11 welcomes to the program professor of physics at Brigham Young University, Dr. Steven E. Jones Ph.D.  In November of 2005, Dr. Jones released his research paper Why Indeed Did The World Trade Center Buildings Collapse?  which has since been updated several times, and hypothe

08/15/2006 | Download File 41.20 MB -right click to download

In this special broadcast, Visibility 9-11 welcomes Ed Haas.  Ed first broke the story that the FBI has said that there is  "No hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11" at his website, The Muckraker Report.  Even the FBI's own website with the wanted poster for Bin Laden

08/21/2006 | Download File 43.39 MB -right click to download

Guest Host George Flynn interviews former Marine Colonel Jim Bush regarding Preparedness. They take a look at the "Hows & Whys" of personal safety & survival from the 20/20 hindsight perspective of Hurricane Katrina, the events of September 11th, and other chaos situations in recent history.

08/25/2006 | Download File 29.21 MB -right click to download

Visibility 9-11 welcomes Captain Eric H. May, a former Army intelligence and public affairs officer and founder and Commander of Ghost Troop, which was formed in response to the Battle of Baghdad Cover Up (BOBCUP) in 2003.   "Born in Houston, he was a high-school leader at Smiley High

08/05/2006 | Download File 41.19 MB -right click to download

Visibility 9-11 welcome's musician, author, and researcher Don Paul to the show this week.  Don is the author of several 9-11 related books including 9/11; Facing Our Fascist State, 9/11; Great Crimes, Greater Cover-Up, and To Prevent the Next 9/11.  Don has also worked with Jim Hoffman on

09/01/2006 | Download File 41.20 MB -right click to download

Visibility 9-11 welcomes to the program Kevin Ryan.  Kevin is a former Site Manager working for Underwriters Laboratories, the company which certified the steel which was used in the construction of the World Trade Center twin towers.  UL was also contracted by the National Institute for S

09/24/2006 | Download File 40.56 MB -right click to download

This week, Michael shares his experiences starting a 9-11 Truth group in Colorado and gives advice and suggestions that anyone can do to form a group in your area.


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