Two True Freaks!
Podcast Host: Scott Gardner; Chris Honeywell
Podcast Owner: NewFun6
Podcast Location: United States of America
Episodes: 44
Scott Gardner and Chris Honeywell, lifelong best friends, tackle almost any nerd related topic in this often heated and/or tangential show. Featuring regular monthly episodes regarding Star Wars, Star Trek and Comic Books!

Past Shows

08/18/2008 | Download File 38.20 MB -right click to download

Here's part 3, our final and most explosive part! It covers Schindler's List, Amistad, Saving Private Ryan, AI, Minority Report, Catch Me If You Can, The Terminal, War Of The Worlds and Munich. Whew!

08/10/2008 | Download File 50.79 MB -right click to download

This is our first episode and we slide down the slippery slope that is file sharing and downloading. We also introduce ourselves and give a little insight as to how we turned out as messed up as we are. Throw in some vintage Kirk, a killer tomato song and you've got a show. Visit our forum at TheC

02/16/2009 | Download File 78.54 MB -right click to download

This month, the Freaks wind up their opinionated and often humorous discussion of the state of modern-day Superman with special guest Eric Peterson aka Greencapt. Find out just exactly what is up with Ma Kent's little boy. Next, Scott and Chris are back for the fourth installment of their issue-by-i

02/12/2009 | Download File 22.53 MB -right click to download

In this short and bittersweet episode, Scott tells of his recent unexpected trip to the wilds of frozen upstate NY.  Along the way he meets up with Chris, almost loses his ears, visits and reviews a local comic shop (UH-OH!), and discusses the trials and tribulations that are all part and parce

02/09/2009 | Download File 51.03 MB -right click to download

This month the Freaks welcome Chris Gallo aka Webhead to the show in a fun-filled analysis of the classic original Trek episode "Tomorrow Is Yesterday" the first Star Trek time travel story! This is also our first (but not last) guest on a Star Trek Monthly Monday. Send us a short list of your favor

02/06/2009 | Download File 5.59 MB -right click to download

In this episode, Chris is apparently in a bad mood or just generally a curmudgeon because he's griping about one of his favorite directors getting an Oscar nomination! Has he quit smoking? Does he need drugs? A hug? Is it something he ate? All of the above? None of the above? Listen and decide for y

02/04/2009 | Download File 31.39 MB -right click to download

In this slightly-longer-than-5-Minutes Episode, we get a peek into the strange life of Scott Gardner.  Hear about Scott's many exciting adventures -- including -- Scott goes to the post office! Scott versus the Salvation Army! Scott Gets Mail!!  Scott reads Grant Morrison's

02/02/2009 | Download File 83.96 MB -right click to download

In this Senses-Shattering Show, the 4th Star Wars Monthly Monday, Chris and Scott review and discuss the 4th episode of the CGI Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV Series!!  Then it's on to the first GREAT post-"A New Hope" comic book adventure -- Marvel Comics Star Wars #s 11 and 12, one of Scot

02/23/2009 | Download File 82.12 MB -right click to download

Well, here it is.....the fabled dual-interview episode. Scott and Chris crafted 20 questions each to ask each other. There is tearing of hair, gnashing of teeth, revelations of depravity, laughter, tears, recollections of dancing with the Devil by the pale moonlight, scabs are picked, old grudges nu

03/02/2009 | Download File 57.61 MB -right click to download

This month, the Freaks pose the eternal questions- what is worse, Lapti Nek or Jedi Rocks and who does the most terrible Yoda impression, Chris or actor John Lithgow? Amidst all this controversy they talk about the fifth episode of The Cartoon Network's Clone Wars and issues #13-15 of Marvel Comics'


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