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Podcast Location: Israel
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Episodes: 30
Enjoy Messianic Radio from Tsiyon (Zion) Heights hosted by Eliyahu ben David. Known for its unique Hebraic / Hebrew Roots, and more specifically, Davidic perspective, this program is heard by satellite in Israel, North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Now available to you as a podcast! p/pThe weekly programs each stand alone, but are best enjoyed as a series that will lead you step by step in the Way of Yeshua the Nazarean. Get to know Him as He really is with fresh and insightful information of a depth that will inform and challenge the most spiritually experienced listener. All are welcome, but this program is especially for those talmidim/disciples who aspire to ascend to the heights of Tsiyon with their King!

Past Shows

10/27/2006 | Download File 1.00 B -right click to download

This program fills in a lot of the blanks about "the Good News of the Kingdom." This is a vital but grossly neglected message. This is your chance to hear the Good News of the Kingdom with the ears of first century Israelites listening to Messiah's message for the first time. If this doesn't stir yo

10/01/2006 | Download File 28.00 B -right click to download

The day of Christ’s birth is not on Christmas. Tsiyon listeners have been asking questions about Christ’s birthday, not the least of which is “when was Messiah born?” We will be answering many of these questions as we focus on the timing of Yeshua’s birth. As many Messi

10/07/2006 | Download File 1.00 B -right click to download

Most modern reference works place Messiah's birth sometime before 4 BC. This, despite the fact that the Gospel of Luke clearly indicates that Yeshua was born in 2 BC. The "Church Fathers" from the centuries immediately after the first century essentially agreed with Luke. Why this difference on the

09/29/2006 | Download File 28.00 B -right click to download

Yeshua had a special standing in His nation due to being of the royal line of David! This program brings Yeshua's role as a son of David into sharper focus to give us a clearer picture of how He was perceived in the first century Jewish world.

11/10/2006 | Download File 14.00 B -right click to download

We continue listening in on Messiah as He teaches the parables in Matthew 13. After a short review of The Sower, Kingdom Mysteries, Wheat & Tares, Mustard Grain and Three Measures of Flour we move on to the remaining parables. These include: The Pearl, The Dragnet and Old and New Things. Messia

11/17/2006 | Download File 14.00 B -right click to download

As we look at Yeshua's triumphal entry as King into Jerusalem we find two groups in evidence. Those who welcomed their Messiah and became built up upon the Kingdom Stone and the religious "builders" of the establishment that stumbled over the Stone and made "a covenant with hell" to murder Him! The

11/24/2006 | Download File 14.00 B -right click to download

In a scathing rebuke Messiah calls the Jerusalem scribes and Pharisees such things as hypocrites, blind guides, blind fools, serpents, offspring of vipers and murderers of the prophets and the righteous. More than that, He pronounces curses of woe, destruction and the lake of fire upon them! Many fi

12/01/2006 | Download File 14.00 B -right click to download

Messiah described certain events occuring like birth pangs as signs of the End of the World and His Return in Kingdom power. This prophecy, often called the Olivet Sermon and contained in Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21, is fulfilled upon two separate generations, like mirror images of each other. T

12/08/2006 | Download File 14.00 B -right click to download

Even more amazing than the judgment upon Jerusalem is the documented fact of history that ALL of the thousands of Messianic believers of Jerusalem and Judea escaped that destruction! Messiah's followers recognized the sign He had given them to get out of the city in time, and they all escaped togeth

12/15/2006 | Download File 14.00 B -right click to download

Yeshua the Messiah, Jesus Christ, perfectly fulfilled the requirements of the Mosaic Covenant and then cut a "new" or "renewed" Covenant with Israel. In this program we go back to the Source to find out what the Mosaic Covenant really is. What is it's purpose? Why did YHWH Himself actually come down



This is a great message, I recommend it to everyone. He doesn't speak down to you, he elavates you. There is a lot of free stuff, check it out! Kim
Reviewed on 05/07/2007 by mom2rory2

More deception

Just another Christian missionary podcast pretending to be Jewish in order to deceive Jews into following their phony messiah.
Reviewed on 04/10/2008 by mom2rory2

Great Program! Excellent Radio Station

Our family has been listening to this podcast for many years. This podcast is amazing! We have been hearing Scriptural truth we haven't ever heard any place else. The people involved are amazing too. We recently also discovered Tsiyon Road radio station, which is also amazing! Worth checking out at their website. It is obvious the low reviewer has never listened to the podcast and hasn't heard anything about what this group teaches about "the Church," Christianity, or Rabbinic Judaism for that matteror the natives to truly discovering a real personal relationship with our Creator and entering into the fullness of what our Creator has in store for His people.
Reviewed on 09/09/2012 by HSmom

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