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Trinity Pulpit
The Sunday morning sermon podcast of Trinity Lutheran Church in Evansville, Indiana.

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This presentation is from another podcast entitled http://churchmatterz.podbean.com. The intro is different than Trinity Pulpit because I didn’t want to redo the file. This is a very brief explanation of why there are so many different churches in the yellow pages in the phone book. It is abou

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Cantor Paul Keller preached his first sermon at Trinity Lutheran Church on June 22, 2008. This post sermon interview asks questions about how Paul felt about his preaching and other feelings and thoughts he had.

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Fifth Sunday after Trinity Guest speaker: Cantor Paul Keller June 22, 2008 Synopsis ? In this miraculous report from St. Luke, Christ tells his disciples to cast their fishing nets in an unlikely area, to take a chance with a new way, an unconventional Truth. They took the chance; they obeyed. And t

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Fourth Sunday after Trinity Father’s Day June 15, 2008 Synopsis ? In the reading from St. Luke, Jesus gives us three principles that we need to understand to be good disciples: the Principle of Return, the Law of Spiritual Growth, and the Principle of Self-knowledge. The Principle of Return is “

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Third Sunday after Trinity June  8, 2008 Synopsis ? This sermon is an explication of the hymn “The Lord’s My Shepherd” (lyrical version of Psalm 23.)  This Psalm describes our relationship to Christ as our shepherd, a Shepherd who truly cares about His sheep:  protector, provider, and defen

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Synopsis ? In this parable from the book of Luke, a man throws a supper and all his supposed friends make excuses not to come. Traditionally, this has been interpreted as God calling the Israelites, who rejected the invitation, then transferring the invitation to the Gentiles. But let’s look at it

05/28/2008 | Download File 12.81 MB -right click to download

Synopsis ? God’s promise to Abraham was outrageous; nevertheless, Abraham believed.  And God chalked it up to him as righteousness. Believing and understanding God’s love for us is an act of faith.  Who doesn’t actually think he or she is absolutely unlovable?  But God loves us more than we

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This is a wonderful sermon by one of my dear friends, Pastor Tom Sorensen. He is a retired Lutheran pastor living in Dallas, Texas where he did most of his pastoral ministry. He is still serving the same congregation, at their unanimous request, doing sick and shut-in calls for the congregation. His

05/13/2008 | Download File 14.78 MB -right click to download

This delightful narrated slide show defines what a sermon is not and what a sermon should be. Written by veteran pastor Wade E. Butler and narrated by Cantor Paul Keller (22 year old man) gives a unique perspective on sermons by the writer and the hearer. Not only entertaining, this vidcast is truly

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We tend to imagine the Holy Spirit had little to do with creation, redemption and the end of the Age. Actually, the Holy Spirit has been involved with the work of God the Father and the Son in this world since the very beginning. This sermon shows how the Holy Spirit has been an integral [...]


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