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Trinity Pulpit
The Sunday morning sermon podcast of Trinity Lutheran Church in Evansville, Indiana.

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Pastor Edwin Carey preaches on the mercy and grace that God has on us. He talks about the self discovery of the Christian religion and reminds us about the wonder and love that Christ has shown us all. He tells us to rejoice in the faith, not to look down trodden and sad. 

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Rev. Wade Butler speaks about the coming and going of a pastor within church congregations and what this means. On his last Sunday at Trinity he explains the origin and history of the Office of Ministries, and the meaning and power that comes from upholding this divine role.

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Twelfth Sunday after Trinity August 10, 2008     Synopsis ? This whole hymn is describing what happens when we attend the Lord’s Table.  Sometimes we take the Lord’s Table for granted; perhaps we think we are just going through a ritual.  But what happens when we take the Lord’s Supper is

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Eleventh Sunday after Trinity August 3, 2008 Guest Pastor: Rev. Edwin Carey Synopsis ? This gospel lesson is the story of two men who did the right thing at the right time and in the right place, but one of them did it the wrong way—the one you would have expected to have done it the right way: [.

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Tenth Sunday after Trinity July 27, 2008 Guest Pastor: Martin Keller On the Occasion of his Granddaughter’s Baptism Synopsis ? It is an honor to preach in this historic church which nurtured the Lutheran community over many years. But the greatest honor in preaching here on this day is that this i

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This parable is usually called the Unjust Steward, but that is simply incorrect. This poor steward was the victim of gossip and lost his job because of it. Still, he managed to make friends before he left not by cheating his master, but by simply getting repayment minus the profit margin. He was so

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Eighth Sunday after Trinity Rev. Wade E. Butler July 13, 2008 Synopsis ? You are very highly prized by God!  There is no reason for a Christian to ever have poor self-esteem. He has put in us a Spirit that has done some marvelous things.  We do not have a Spirit of fear because we know God is on [

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Seventh Sunday after Trinity Rev. Wade E. Butler July 6, 2008 Synopsis ? We take a peek at the dawn of Creation.  Adam had several vocations: tend the Garden, avoid a tree, name the animals, love & take care of his wife, and be fruitful & multiply.  However, Adam abandoned his vocations.

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Sixth Sunday after Trinity Rev. Wade E. Butler June 29, 2008 Synopsis ? St. Paul gives us a world view in this text from Romans. Most people fear death, but St. Paul says here that we Christians are already dead! We were baptized not only so that our sins would be washed away, but also to put [...]

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This presentation is from another podcast entitled http://churchmatterz.podbean.com. The intro is different than Trinity Pulpit because I didn’t want to redo the file. This is a very brief explanation of why there are so many different churches in the yellow pages in the phone book. It is abou


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