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Trinity Pulpit
The Sunday morning sermon podcast of Trinity Lutheran Church in Evansville, Indiana.

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06/02/2008 | Download File 14.88 MB -right click to download

Synopsis ? In this parable from the book of Luke, a man throws a supper and all his supposed friends make excuses not to come. Traditionally, this has been interpreted as God calling the Israelites, who rejected the invitation, then transferring the invitation to the Gentiles. But let’s look at it

07/16/2008 | Download File 2.84 MB -right click to download

This is a heartfelt tribute to my friend Lynn who died of cancer. I narrate a very personal conversation I had with her when she realized the disease was terminal. She was a precious lady who suffered doubts at the end of her life. I shall never forget Lynn for she helped me to remember [...]

04/30/2008 | Download File 15.34 MB -right click to download

Synopsis ? “Through a glass darkly” is our vague vision of God’s works on our behalf, according to St. Paul. Using the solid doctrine of our sermon hymn, Of the Father’s Love Begotten, Pastor Butler illustrates, verse-by-verse, the scope of God’s love for us. Scriptures for the Day ? Old T

04/26/2008 | Download File 13.97 MB -right click to download

Synopsis ? What is The New Obedience? Can we manage it on our own? The Gospel teaches forgiveness; forgiveness always brings a motivation to change, but how do we get ourselves to that point? We don’t! Today’s Collect prayer is our prayer that God would give us the change of behavior that our [.

04/26/2008 | Download File 11.98 MB -right click to download

Synopsis ? Are we children of the bondwoman or inheritors through the freewoman? Paul unlocks the mystery of the story of Hagar and Sarah in this letter to the Galatians, for the two women are symbolic. Trying to keep the Law, we are Children of the Law—the bondwoman, the Natural way, like Ishmael

04/26/2008 | Download File 12.51 MB -right click to download

Synopsis ? The Finger of God has accomplished amazing things. In this Gospel lesson, Jesus casts demons out of a man with “the finger of God”. If He has that much strength in His fingers, how much strength does He have? As incomprehensible as that thought is the knowledge that God put aside

04/25/2008 | Download File 12.62 MB -right click to download

Synopsis ? “Lift up your eyes on high, and see…” How high do you have to look to see Christ? Do you imagine that God is up in the heavens, removed and distant from you? In this purely Christological prophesy from Isaiah in the Old Testament, we clearly see that Christ came down [...]

04/25/2008 | Download File 24.16 MB -right click to download

Synopsis ? What does it mean to be “born of God”? God’s plan of Redemption is no small thing, oh no!  It is for the entire Cosmos which He created.  We myopic humans lose track of the huge picture:  God, stepping into this Water World to bring all of Creation back into sync with Himself. 

04/25/2008 | Download File 17.77 MB -right click to download

Synopsis ? Enter the tent door into Holy Ground.  Just as Christians have been doing for 2008 years, we enter the Holy Ground of Holy Week:  the Passion of Our Lord.  So what happened between Palm Sunday, when everyone shouted, “Hosanna to the Son of David!” and lay their cloaks down to honor

04/22/2008 | Download File 12.21 MB -right click to download

Synopsis ? Bitter or better?  Poor Job!  God allowed his protective hedge to be removed, and he was plagued by Satan.  But Job’s reaction to extreme misfortune resulted in one of the grandest of all confessions of the Resurrection… 1000 years before Christ was even born!  How do you resp


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