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Success is a state of mind, if you believe in yourself then you will be successful. Success is doing what you were created to do, walking in your purpose. Success is get ready. I am J. Success and welcome to my thoughts.

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I was participating in a seminar last month and a great question was posed that took many participants by surprise. The facilitator asked each of us, if you died tomorrow, what would people say at your funeral? At first I was taken back by this question because you immediately start to say the thing

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Answer: No, but its so much easier to find Him there.

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Many people often have asked the question of “Do I need to go to church to find God?” The problem with that q

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God, I Love you, but I’m not Comfortable - Taken from my sermon preached on January 22, 2006

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Happy New Year and welcome to 2006. The New Year has come in with a fresh new desire to achieve all that life has to offer as wel

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The Mindset of an Entrepreneur - 12 Rules to Live By

By J. Success

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I was recently reading the purpose driven life book and I decided to speak on the first two chapters. Enjoy.

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I would like to address a topic that plagues the majority of people we meet these days, why do so many people h

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By J. Success

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the bible has 66 books and we all have testimonies so I put together a song that speaks about our testimony and how our stories are the 67th books of the bible. It's a great concept featuri

04/08/2006 | Download File 3.28 MB -right click to download

From The Successful Thinker Newsletter

Many times people wonder why they are going through a situation and when times will get better. They also wonder why is God doing this to them, or why is the adversary attacking them. Let's look at it

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From The Successful Thinker Newsletter

Many People Continue to live a life and disregard what God wants them to do and their excuse is God knows my heart. Let's take a closer


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