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The Whales-online Podcast
Whales-online weekly podcasts feature news and inside interviews with experts in the field of whale, dolphin and porpoise protection, through friendly, informal, conversational and in depth discussions. The podcasts provide a unique opportunity to listen to the work they do, hear the details behind what is topical, and insights about future directions. Whales-online podcasts are all supported by a website providing additional information, online discussions, areas for kids and words from the wise where scientists and specialists publish their independent thoughts and ideas about whale, dolphin and porpoise protection.

Past Shows

12/14/2007 | Download File 7.04 MB -right click to download

This week whales-online’s own Dr Margi Prideaux demystifies the climate change talks and explains the background, the science and the political negotiations taking place in Bali this week. She describes, in plain English, the Kyoto Protocol and details the focus for a post Kyoto deal, with an emph

12/21/2007 | Download File 6.66 MB -right click to download

This week whales-online’s speaks with Hilton Professor of Business Ethics and Director of the Centre for Ethics and Business, Thomas White, from the Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, about his recently published book In Defense of Dolphins: The New Moral Frontier. As a philosopher Thomas

01/03/2008 | Download File 4.17 MB -right click to download

Confused about climate change? Whales-online’s own Dr Margi Prideaux provides a whale and dolphin relevant update from the Bali climate change talks. Margi explains what the Bali Roadmap will do, and what is possible for whales and dolphins in the new post Kyoto climate change deal to be negotiate

12/27/2007 | Download File 8.27 MB -right click to download

This week whales-online speaks with Dr David Lusseau, Lecturer in Marine Populations at the University of Aberdeen, about his long-term research into the ecology of populations of bottlenose dolphins. His research specifically looks at how the environment in which they live shapes their individual s

02/01/2008 | Download File 5.38 MB -right click to download

Whales-online speaks with Dr Mike Heithaus of Florida International University about the work of the Shark Bay Marine Ecosystem Research Group and their important investigations in the role of predators in this pristine wilderness area. Shark Bay, Western Australia is one of the very few undisturb

02/08/2008 | Download File 8.17 MB -right click to download

Whales-online speaks with Dr Lindy Weilgart, Research Associate at Dalhousie University Department of Biology. Lindy explains how the sources of human generated noise – from shipping, seismic and sonar – generate a range of impacts from chronic noise which increases stress levels and impacts on

01/11/2008 | Download File 3.54 MB -right click to download

The Whales-online Podcast roundup of global whale and dolphin news. Join the debate! should wild species be accommodated in the post kyoto new climate change deal? Give us your feedback – rate this podcast Episode tags – entanglement, whaling, Indus River Dolphin, captivity, whale, dolphin, porp

01/24/2008 | Download File 7.54 MB -right click to download

Whales-online speaks with Dr Clive Wynne, Associate Professor at the University of Florida about the interesting subject of how humans perceive the intelligence of animals. Clive explains to whales-online that his research seeks to sweep all the debris of traditional views of animals, now mixed up w

02/15/2008 | Download File 23.62 KB -right click to download

Dear whales-online site visitors and podcast audience The Whales-online Podcast will be offline for a few weeks while we do some necessary site and server maintenance. We hope that the inconvenience will be minimal, and trust that you will bear with us through this period. There is a small chance th

03/14/2008 | Download File 1.00 B -right click to download

Dear whales-online site visitors and podcast audience, We need to extend our period of being offline for four more weeks. We hope that the inconvenience will be minimal, and trust that you will bear with us through this period. The next new podcast episode will be E37. We are now planning to post th


just brilliant

they are new, but worh a listen. clearly insider knowledge about some of the big debates around these animals. listen in! good stuff!!
Reviewed on 08/21/2007

Really great - very informative

Excellent to hear from people doing the work.
Reviewed on 08/30/2007


Reviewed on 02/01/2008

This is a great cast

Great information. Really feels like your listening to insiders. Lots I didn't know - like whats Japan really doing right now in Antarctica!
Reviewed on 02/03/2008

very cool

look forward to them coming back!
Reviewed on 02/27/2008

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