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The Shadowlocked interviews and opinion Podcast
Podcast Host: Martin Anderson
Podcast Owner: Shadowlocked
Podcast Location: London, New York, LA
Website: http://www.shadowlocked.com/shadowlocked_podcast/
Episodes: 15
This is the podcast of the movie, TV and genre website www.shadowlocked.com, featuring debate among our writers and guests, as well as occasional interviews. It may get silly, it may get serious...

Past Shows

03/31/2012 | Download File 18.88 MB -right click to download

Trim your moustaches and enjoy the Shadowlocked team verily salivating over the recent announcement by Will Ferrell that there WILL be an 'Anchorman 2'...

04/05/2012 | Download File 24.31 MB -right click to download

Jonathan Rinzler, writer of many excellent 'Star Wars' books (including 'The Making Of Star Wars') discusses the 2013 release of the next book, 'The Making Of Return Of The Jedi', and also his Egar Allen Poe project 'The Riddle Of The Black Cat'.


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