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A podcast blog that will cover the history of humanity from the rise of homo sapiens to the modern day and all the really good parts in between. Amaze yourself with all the history you'll learn and impress your friends! Be the envy of everyone at trivia night and annoy your neighbors with your knowledge during really bad historical movies.

Past Shows

09/16/2012 | Download File 17.26 MB -right click to download

It's Sumer time and the livin's easy! Mesopotamia 6,000 years ago was a heady time to be alive! Sure the occasional rain storm might melt your city but who cares? Ninkasi, Goddess of Beer will help you through those difficult times! 

10/04/2012 | Download File 13.65 MB -right click to download

The thrilling conclusion of our Sumerian quadrilogy! Spoiler alert: they all live happily ever after and nothing bad ever happens in Mesopotamia again. 

09/28/2012 | Download File 16.75 MB -right click to download

We say goodbye to Gilgamesh and return to the historical Sumer, which is about to become part of the first multi-ethnic empire in history! Plus a look at Mesopotamian tax reform! That doesn't really sound interesting...hmm...yeah I suppose not. But what if I promised a death curse in there too? And

10/18/2012 | Download File 13.50 MB -right click to download

Time for a new chapter of TPHOOW as we head off to Egypt! I'll walk you through the top of the line mummification process and spend way too much time on a certain river! Plus poetry! Are we having fun yet?

10/26/2012 | Download File 14.31 MB -right click to download

Do you know about pyramid power? Because if you don''s probably for the best. REAL pyramid power is convincing thousands of your subjects that toiling in the hot Egyptian sun building a giant triangle is a good idea!

11/06/2012 | Download File 12.40 MB -right click to download

The first Egyptian civil war! Or is it Civil War? In the US it's Civil War, but if you live in another country is it the same? Do we have a monopoly on properly capitalizing our own civil war? Or am I showing an ethnocentrism in not capitalizing the Egyptian civil war...ack! ok I know how to fix thi

09/22/2012 | Download File 26.08 MB -right click to download

In which we listen to a 5,000 year old epic story of true friendship, overcoming the whims of the gods, and a man's desperate quest for immortality. Plus I have way too much fun with Audacity, there's that too. Guest starring the ever so lovely Alexandra!

11/15/2012 | Download File 11.23 MB -right click to download

I know this episode seems shorter than the others but that's only because you're learning so fast. As if your mind were on a chariot. HEY that reminds me about the chariot riders of today's episode! See what I did there, with the two thoughts? Eh? Ah nevermind. 

11/28/2012 | Download File 11.08 MB -right click to download

The second part of the New Kingdom and our last episode with the Egyptians! They'll pop up again later on but for now we leave on a high note with the ever so modest Ramesses the Great. 

11/28/2012 | Download File 17.17 MB -right click to download

There's so much that happens during the New Kingdom that I had to split up the episodes. So this one is technically my Old New Kingdom podcast, and the other one can be the New New Kingdom. Or "Nunu".


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