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The Podcast History of Our World

The Podcast History of Our World

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Podcast Host: Rob Monaco

Podcast Ownerradiomonaco

Website: http://podcasthistoryofourworld.blog

Location: USA

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A podcast blog that will cover the history of humanity from the rise of homo sapiens to the modern day and all the really good parts in between. Amaze yourself with all the history you'll learn and impress your friends! Be the envy of everyone at trivia night and annoy your neighbors with your knowledge during really bad historical movies.


052 - The Shang Dynasty  play >

052 - The Shang Dynasty

10/29/2014 | Download File (15.84 MB) - right click to download

The second dynasty of China, although it's the first we have written evidence for! The Shang certainly have an interesting history, although it's kind of all feeling like deja vu...

051 - The Xia Dynasty  play >

051 - The Xia Dynasty

10/7/2014 | Download File (12.35 MB) - right click to download

Armed with more primary sources, it's time to embark on our tour of China's dynasties! And what better one to start with then the one people can't even agree existed. 

050 - The Origins of China  play >

050 - The Origins of China

9/1/2014 | Download File (13.36 MB) - right click to download

We begin our tour of ancient China! Gonna throw it out there right now, I do my best with the pronunciations. I think they're decent but they're not perfect. If you want to hear fluent speakers there are two excellent Chinese History podcasts available for your listening pleasure. Check them out!

A Message from TPHOOW!  play >

A Message from TPHOOW!

8/8/2014 | Download File (3.25 MB) - right click to download

Apologies to those checking their feeds and seeing this instead of episode 50! Please don't skip this one over although it's ok if you do...I'll understand...Naw it's cool. Episode 50 will be out later this month! 

049 - Empires and Invasions  play >

049 - Empires and Invasions

8/1/2014 | Download File (12.42 MB) - right click to download

In this, our last exciting episode in Ancient India, we'll see what happens when good empires go bad! We're condensing a lot of 'civilizations' into this wrap-up episode - Baktrians, Kushans, and the always hard to pronounce Yuezhi, or Yueh-chih. Both versions give my tongue a headache...which is weird.

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