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The Nerdpocalypse
This Apocalypse needs more Nerds!!! Weekly podcast where we discuss all things nerdy. Many rants and raves will happen.

Past Shows

11/14/2011 | Download File 70.50 MB -right click to download

This week the guys discuss the re-release of Star Wars episode 1 in 3D, augmented reality possibilities, Evil Dead remake, and Oldboy casting news. 3 movies enter the trailer rundown and a review of Tarsem's Immortals.

11/06/2011 | Download File 55.90 MB -right click to download

This week the guys discuss Bond's return to the screen, Star Trek villains, Spyro the dragon, and Uncharted 3. Clearly trying to harm themselves, the guys re-watch The Cell.

10/31/2011 | Download File 51.10 MB -right click to download

This week the guys discuss upcoming news on sequels to Kick-Ass, Independence Day, Wolverine and Spawn. Jay defends Aquaman as a hero. Micah continues his hatred for kids and certain X-men. Matthew examines why Fox is challenging the MPAA.

10/24/2011 | Download File 62.10 MB -right click to download

This week the guys discuss Watchmen prequels, PTSD therapy from the army, and the Green Lantern Animated Series. Batman invades Occupy Wall St. and we talk Batman: Arkham City! We rant about the live action Akira movie and how its similar to Tron Legacy.

10/17/2011 | Download File 55.60 MB -right click to download

The guys discuss the amazing trailer for The Avengers and other Marvel Cinematic Universe potential projects. Jay and Micah look at what makes a hero a hero in past comic book movies, and talk about going back and watching Spiderman 3!

10/09/2011 | Download File 59.00 MB -right click to download

This week the guys discuss the unfortunate death of Steve Jobs, Xbox360 goes TV, and Real Steel. Jay can't wait to get rid of cable tv. Micah pays way to much for 3D. Matthew is ashamed of dancing white kids.

10/03/2011 | Download File 63.50 MB -right click to download

This week the guys discuss the new upcoming Mortal Kombat film, Milla Jovovich's action cred, and superhero weaknesses. Jay goes after the 5th element. Micah defends Dr. Doom. Matthew loves the collective.

10/03/2011 | Download File 70.30 MB -right click to download

The guys discuss Marvel's possible direction after The Avengers, new Hulk TV show, and review Drive and Gears of War 3. This show Jay declares his hate for white knight films. Micah takes on Wolverine and celebrity kids. Matthew reminds us of the "great" black superhero films of the past.

09/24/2011 | Download File 62.80 MB -right click to download

This week the guys discuss the upcoming release of Gears of War 3 and Arkham City. Micah admits he is a whore for Blu-ray. Matthew gives us the scoop on why George Lucas isn't the first to edit his own work continuously.

09/19/2011 | Download File 53.40 MB -right click to download

This episode we discuss the ongoing X-men Schism mini-series, Joe Mangeniello wants to play The Punisher, Nike makes the shoes from Back to the Future, new trailer for Straw Dogs, news on Sin City 2. Lastly, an in depth talk about race bending in comics and comic book movies and how the comic world


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