The Kick-Ass Mystic Ninjas
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Summer, Joe and David are here to bring you science fiction and fantasy from an old school perspective. Give a listen... you might rediscover something fun, or discover something you never knew was out there!

Past Shows

12/20/2005 | Download File 1.00 B -right click to download

Today, we spread the love for the gizmos, the gadgets, the weapons, and the stylings of two of our favorite souped-up monster machines. Re-live the explosions and the cheese the way only the 1980's could bring them to us!

12/09/2005 | Download File 1.00 B -right click to download

Today, we talk about Roger Zelazny's Hugo Award-winning novel, Lord of Light, first published in 1967. There are many levels to this book, and we try to hit most of them.

11/03/2005 | Download File 1.00 B -right click to download

As mentioned in the pre-show thread, Joe has been having problems with the science fiction classics, and the latest masterpiece he wasn't impressed with is Robert Heinlein's Stranger In A Strange Land.

10/17/2005 | Download File 1.00 B -right click to download

As was discussed earlier, I have had problems over the years trying to understand why there was so much hype about Dan Simmons' Hyperion being such an outstanding novel, so I figured that'd be a good topic for a first show.

09/20/2005 | Download File 1.00 B -right click to download

Give a listen to our Intro Show, and keep an eye open on the website for an open thread to discuss the topic of the upcoming Show #1. I’d also like to send a special thanks to Joel Veitch and his band, 7 Seconds of Love, for allowing us to to use Flip Out Like [...]

01/28/2012 | Download File 34.79 MB -right click to download

Feature Discussion: Dave, Brian and Jen discuss the 1982 Ursula K. Le Guin classic Earthsea series. While they touch on all the books in the original trilogy and Tehanu, they primarily talk about the first novel, A Wizard of Earthsea.

12/31/2006 | Download File 49.97 MB -right click to download

The Ninjas discuss the 1951 classic scifi feature, The Day The Earth Stood Still. Once again, the Ninjas disagree. Both David and Joe were disappointed and displeased with the story, leaving Summer alone to defend it's merits. She also adds a little bit more historical perspective, in terms of it be

12/15/2006 | Download File 36.59 MB -right click to download

The Ninjas discuss Frederick Pohl's award-winning novel Gateway. Published in 1977, it won the Hugo Award in 1977, and the Nebula and John C. Campbell awards in 1978.

12/07/2006 | Download File 23.79 MB -right click to download

We have a special treat for you KAMN listeners -- Steven Gould joins us to talk a little bit more about "Jumper", his first novel and a recent Ninjas discussion feature.

12/01/2006 | Download File 56.06 MB -right click to download

The Ninjas discuss the The Omega Man, the 1971 movie adaptation of Richard Matheson's classic "I Am Legend", starring Charlton Heston, Rosalind Cash and Anthony Zerbe. Doing a separate show on "I Am Legend" is a definite possibility for a future KAMN show.


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