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The Geek Show Podcast
Podcast Host: Kerry Jackson
Podcast Owner: syntaxnixon
Podcast Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Website: http://www.thegeekshowpodcast.com
Episodes: 186
A show about all things geek: comics, movies, TV, toys, role-playing games, video games, etc. The podcast is recorded complete with alcoholic beverages, and new episodes every monday afternoon. The very first Geek Show was called Geek Chat and premiered on the Radio From Hell Show KXRK X96 in Salt Lake City on August of 1996. The name changed to GEEK SHOW for legal reasons. Although the panelists have changed through the years, The host has remained, Kerry Jackson. Now he is joined by a panel of equally impassioned Geeks, each experts in their fields. Jeff Vice, Film Critic and Scott Pierce TV critic from the Deseret News. Leigh George Kade, RPG expert and artist. Shannon, professional bartender and Jackson's lifelong friend. And Zack Shutt the show producer, technology geek, and Wesley Crusher of the podcast (with a slightly deeper voice).

Past Shows

08/13/2009 | Download File 34.97 MB -right click to download

Chris Claremont Interview

06/15/2010 | Download File 34.97 MB -right click to download

Radio edition on X96 (x96.com)

08/02/2009 | Download File 42.09 MB -right click to download

We talk comics and I make a new friend, Timothy Calahan. Gina Barberi joins us for the second half raising the question..best comedy film ever? Use the fan!

07/26/2009 | Download File 42.09 MB -right click to download

Recorded Live in my hotel room GSPC’s look at San Diego Comic-Con with special guest Ryan Ottley. Observation and CON-stapation. Star Wars and Kick Ass news from Swankmotron.

07/26/2009 | Download File 6.16 MB -right click to download

Kerry waits patiently for his toys. Kind of.

07/26/2009 | Download File 9.66 MB -right click to download

Twilight Fans lined up and waiting to see exclusive footage premiering at the 2009 Comic Con in San Diego. Kerry decides to talk to a couple of the fans. Yeah.

07/26/2009 | Download File 15.69 MB -right click to download

Swankmotron from Big Shiny Robot! interviews Anthony Daniels (best known for his role as the droid C-3PO in the Star Wars series of films made between 1977 and 2005.)

07/26/2009 | Download File 21.53 MB -right click to download

Swankmotron from Big Shiny Robot! interviews Steve Sansweet, Head of Fan Relations at Lucasfilm.

07/26/2009 | Download File 13.24 MB -right click to download

Kerry interviews Paul Dini the writer of Batman Arkham Asylum the video game.

07/26/2009 | Download File 13.52 MB -right click to download

Interview with Kevin Controy the voice of batman. Live from Comic Con 2009.


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