Podcast Host: Chris Bickford
Podcast Owner: theNewJackS
Podcast Location: Los Angeles, CA
Website: http://hottalkla.com/htla
Episodes: 20
The Chris Bickford Show
In Canada, fired from his job as a DJ on a top-40 music show, Chris was told by a top American radio executive to start an anything-goes podcast, and that's what he did. With prank calls to porn producers, the KKK, the Olive Garden and others, it's easy to see why this social commentary has been called "insightful, offensive and politically incorrect". A bare bones, low-budget production, The Chris Bickford Show! is a show you won't want to miss.

Past Shows

09/12/2012 | Download File 27.99 MB -right click to download

Crime, violence, drug dealing and prostitution. All of these things, Chris says, are mainly caused by one group of people. And they are moving into the US at an alarming rate. In this episode, Chris calls the KKK in Alabama, state troopers and others, to try to find out why Scandinavians are causing

10/20/2012 | Download File 19.76 MB -right click to download

Rescued from the cutting-room floor, this salvaged episode of The Chris Bickford Show! gives further insight into why Chris is as disturbed as he is. Stories of his mother shipping him to Disneyworldby FedEx to save on airfare, his thoughts on feminism and a phone call to Chapter's booksto


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