Podcast Host: Perrysburg High School
Podcast Owner: aweber2
Podcast Location: Perrysburg, Ohio
Website: http://cellarkids.com
Episodes: 4
The Cellar at Perrysburg High School
The Cellar Podcasts are where students show off there work and creativity.

Past Shows

11/14/2005 | Download File 3.15 MB -right click to download

Brad from The Cellar discusses the teenage male interest in gory bloodfests at the movies, including "Saw 2."

10/27/2005 | Download File 2.04 MB -right click to download

Dr Dave conducts an NPR style discussion about the difficulties of teenage dating scene and the differences in expectations between boys and girls.

10/20/2005 | Download File 1,002.45 KB -right click to download

Moon Java narrates the trials and tribulations of moving from youth into life: disappointments and discouragements abound.

10/17/2005 | Download File 282.14 KB -right click to download

The first official podcast of The Cellar

10/26/2005 | Download File 638.89 KB -right click to download

A teenager learns to accept the fact that she has made some unwise choices in the past. How does she resolve this conflict? Listen to her highly resolute and comical solution.

10/27/2005 | Download File 912.76 KB -right click to download

DJ Dave goes solo with the piano in an emotional romantic concerto.

11/17/2005 | Download File 877.65 KB -right click to download

DJ Dave lets loose his techno beats..

11/17/2005 | Download File 949.93 KB -right click to download

This is Paul's version of hard core rock.

10/27/2005 | Download File 1.03 MB -right click to download

Nothing makes a day go better than a little green tea at sunrisel...

10/27/2005 | Download File 866.02 KB -right click to download

Not that we in Northwest Ohio dream of Miami afternoons in November, but if we DID, this is what we think it would sound like....


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