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Archival feed dating back to February 2009 to present. "A podcast designed for non-white people who wish to learn about Racism. This program works to share constructive information on what Racism [White Supremacy] is and how it works. The goal is to Replace White Supremacy With Justice, IMMEDIATELY!"

Past Shows

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The C.O.W.S. w/ Bryan Kennedy Part II. Mr. Kennedy is an alumnus of the University of Kentucky and has observed many incidents of White Supremacy on the campus. We'll reminisce on White Supremacist cartoons from 2007. As well as the repeated attacks against President Obama. (Hosted on TalkShoe.)

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Watota From The Nile visit The Context of White Supremacy. We'll discuss their hew single, Letter To Lil Wayne. We'll seek the motivation behind their appeal to the platinum selling Victim of Racism. These talented young ladies are using their immense skills to make people think and act in a constru

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The C.O.W.S. welcomes Healing Herbs By Rene founder, Rene Brown. Looking for tips on how to heal and nourish your hair? How to transition away from chemical mutilation? Healing Herbs By Rene may be an option. RWSWJ ASAP. (

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The C.O.W.S. welcomes Adrian Hart.  The C.O.W.S. undaunted. Adrian Hart joins us live from the United Kingdom to discuss his book, The Myth of Racist Kids. This White man says he is anti-racist... and that's probably all you need to know. RWSWJ ASAP. (

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The White people at blogtalk terminated our agreement.

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Hidden Colors: The Untold History Of People Of Aboriginal, Moor, and African Descent is a groundbreaking documentary that challenges conventional knowledge about the role of people of color in world history. We are generally taught that historically, most people of color around the world were primit

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We went through your things, Momma, and put on the dresses you never wore, the dresses the rich white folks gave you. And then we went outside to play. The people laughed at us when we went outside in your dresses, pointed and slapped their legs. We never played so good as we played that summer, wit

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Pam, co-author of Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation returns to The Context Of White Supremacy. We'll offer suggestions on the most constructive manner to deal with White people. It can be frustrating to codify what to say - or what not to say - when dealing with our opposition, White people. We h

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"One of the most valid methods of evaluating the condition or status of a people is to examine the process of their child-rearing practices. The Black child today, whether in the USA, Africa, South America, etc., stands as a tragic exxample of a powerless, directionless people. Throughout the animal

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Security Increased At Port Huron High School In Mich. After Racist Hit List Found. A hit list found in a Michigan school's boys bathroom targeted eight black students and said something would happen March 29.This is what DOMINATION looks like. This is what DOMINATION looks like. This is what DOMINAT


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