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The C.O.W.S. Radio Show
Podcast Host: Gus T Renegade & Justice
Podcast Owner: kermudgeon
Podcast Location: The C.O.W.S.
Website: http://blogtalkradio.com/Victim-of-Racism
Episodes: 113
A podcast designed for non-white people who wish to learn about Racism. This program works to share constructive information on what Racism [White Supremacy] is and how it works. The goal is to Replace White Supremacy With Justice, IMMEDIATELY!

Past Shows

03/02/2010 | Download File 22.16 MB -right click to download

Justice will share her thoughts on the System of White Supremacy. Justice requested a chance to share her views on what she thought was THE WORST SHOW EVER - The C.O.W.S. w/ W. Kamau Bell. She will articulate why it is incorrect to joke/be comical about the System of White Supremacy. Justice will ex

03/02/2010 | Download File 30.47 MB -right click to download

W. Kamau Bell will share his views on the System of White Supremacy. W. Kamau Bell is a stand-up comedian who makes Racism his central theme. He talks/jokes about notorious Moments in Racism - Michael Richardson's nigger eruption, Dr. Henry Louis Gates' incarceration and Kelly Tilghman forecasting t

03/04/2010 | Download File 37.24 MB -right click to download

Gus T Renegade and Lorean Ashli exchange views on the System of White Supremacy. Gus takes a few moments to spoil a loyal supporter of The C.O.W.S.; a black male requested that I watch Rachel Getting Married. This movie left me confused from start to finish. [White] Daughter is with a dark male and

03/13/2010 | Download File 40.99 MB -right click to download

Texas A&M's Dr. Joe Feagin - an Admitted Racist - will share his views on the System of White Supremacy. Dr. Joe Feagin has authored a litany of texts on Racism/White Supremacy. We'll examine one of Dr. Feagin's treasures, Two-Faced Racism: Whites In The Backstage And Frontstage. This is one of the

03/19/2010 | Download File 35.46 MB -right click to download

Thomas Norman DeWolf will shares his views on the System of White Supremacy. Thomas Norman DeWolf is the author of Inheriting The Trade, which examines his familial relationship to the DeWolf slave empire. Mr. DeWolf acknowledges his connection to and participation in the global enterprise of Racism

03/28/2010 | Download File 38.92 MB -right click to download

Miss Aisha Sekhmet will share her views on the System of White Supremacy. Aisha Sekhmet is is a hip hop artist and activist who works aggressively to combat Racism/White Supremacy. Her latest album, The Answer, is loaded with hardcore, political anthems. "We Watch Haiti Die", "Mad Blackman 33 Speaks

02/27/2010 | Download File 35.22 MB -right click to download

Live from the United Kingdom, Victim of Racism/White Supremacy, DarkMatter will share her views on the System of White Supremacy. As Racism is a global enterprise, it should be no surprise that White people harm non-white people across the pond too. DarkMatter will chin wag about her on-the-job stru

03/10/2010 | Download File 33.32 MB -right click to download

Dr. Kwabena Faheem Ashanti will share his views on the System of White Supremacy. Dr. Kwabena Ashanti has authored at least ten books focusing on the importance Africentric culture and education. We will examine Dr. Ashanti's Psychotechnology of Brainwashing - a comprehensive and distinguished disse

03/19/2010 | Download File 36.26 MB -right click to download

Lorean Ashli & Gus T Renegade will share their views on the System of White Supremacy. We'll dissect the two hour return of Flash Forward. We have addressed this most interesting program repeatedly on The COWS. Through the first ten episodes of the premier season, they have referenced non-white peop

03/23/2010 | Download File 40.72 MB -right click to download

Gus T Renegade shares his views on the System of White Supremacy. Gus will offer his theory on the White Supremacist psychology of interracial sex & lynching. We will explore the symbolism of Racist Jokes and subtle aspects of Racist Sexual Confusion. We'll read commentary from a few listeners, refl


Superb Program

Great effort to Replace White Supremacy With Justice!
Reviewed on 09/08/2009 by kermudgeon

jan 09 ,11

This "Proud gay black man" is so proud that he can't even say where he was born...wow! He is completely LOST and with black people like him our BLACK race cannot thrive! Which is what the white supremacist want.
Reviewed on 01/13/2011 by kermudgeon


Tells the TRUTH re: racism/white supremacy and how to replace it with justice.
Reviewed on 04/10/2011 by kermudgeon


Reviewed on 02/26/2013 by kermudgeon

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