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That Happy Feeling

That Happy Feeling


Podcast Host: Morrie Johnston


Location: North Narrabeen (Sydney), NSW, Australia

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An Aussie perspective on beer & wine, digital photography, news, tech stuff & travel.


That Happy Feeling #86  play >

That Happy Feeling #86

6/26/2010 | Download File (21.24 MB) - right click to download

Back behind the mic. after a 3 month "hiatus".   New Mac, New Mic., hopefully new enthusiasm to continue. <p> Australia has a new Prime Minister, our first woman PM, Julia Gillard. <p>  My 5th year of podcasting anniversary is 1/7/10.(1 Jul). <p> Music by Junior.   

That Happy Feeling #85  play >

That Happy Feeling #85

3/21/2010 | Download File (23.90 MB) - right click to download

That Happy Feeling #85. <p> OK, I know it's been alsmost two months.   Blame it on the new iPhone.   i'm still getting my head around that.<p> Tonight I re-introduce myself, talk briefly about the sad loss of a young surf lifesaver from Queenscliff on Sydney's Northern Beaches, talk about the fact that the Labor Party lost a state election in Tasmania and appears to be hanging on by the skin of its teeth in South Australia. <p> Mod's Wine of the Week, introduces a Hunter Valley, Elizabeth 2004 Vintage Semillon, with a dud cap, and we finish with<p> Junior, a great Aussie inidie band.    

That Happy Feeling #84  play >

That Happy Feeling #84

1/25/2010 | Download File (26.01 MB) - right click to download

That Happy Feeling #84. ā The Australia Day Edition. A chat about Australia Day and a potted history of European settlement from 26 January 1788, but acknowledging that the aboriginal people have called Australia home for 40,000 years and see 26/1 as Invasion Day. I canāt change perceptions, but can acknowlege concerns so for those concerns are acknowledged here. Modās Wine of the Week is a Cudal (Cumulus) 2006 Rolling Chardonay An amalgam of Welsh Choirs finish off. Did I tell you that Mumās Dad was Welsh? Donāt be a drunken, racist yobbo on Australia Day! Enjoy yourself. ! Happy Australia Day.

That Happy Feeling #83  play >

That Happy Feeling #83

12/23/2009 | Download File (3.04 MB) - right click to download

Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, and we'll see you just before the New Year. Drive safely, don't stress out too much and enjoy the period. If you get to spend it with children, even if they're not your own, so much the better. Tomorrow, Christmas Day, I'm heading up to the central coast, basically across to the central coast, to the North of Sydney. A nice ferry ride first, then a friend of 50 years will pick me up and I'll spend Christmas with him and his family. 4 generations, and lots of visitors, so it'll be a good time. I'm staying overnight which means that I can have a drink or too and not worry about getting home. The forecast earlier in the week, was that it might be a wet Christmas Day, but if today's anything to judge, unless there's a late storm, it should be warm and sunny tommoow. Merry Christmas, Peace, Health and Fellowship to you all.

That Happy Feeling #82  play >

That Happy Feeling #82

10/6/2009 | Download File - right click to download

Episode 82, a fair while in coming, so I apologise for that. We talk about my leave, up to the wineries of Mudgee. My jury service Botobolar 2008 Marsanne Music by Junior

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