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10/28/2011 | Download File 33.05 MB -right click to download

This is Episode 04 of the WalkJogRun podcast, TalkJogRun. Coach Jenny Hadfield visited us at the office today and shared many training tips. In this episode, she shares the story behind getting started as a coach and fitness speaker. Listen to the episode for some great advice on staying motivated t

10/21/2011 | Download File 18.61 MB -right click to download

This is Episode 03 of the WalkJogRun's podcast, TalkJogRun. In this episode, we speak with Chef Keith Norman and FAAN's Chris Weiss. They give us some helpful hints on food safety in the kitchen, allergies, and food preparation and storage.

10/21/2011 | Download File 23.01 MB -right click to download

This is Episode 02 of the WalkJogRun's podcast, TalkJogRun. In this episode, we interview Boris Wozstock, the "Everyman Olympian." Boris took it upon himself to tackle one challenge in every sport of the Olympic Games before the London Olympics in 2012. He is over halfway through his challenge and s

09/30/2011 | Download File 35.74 MB -right click to download

The WalkJogRun team would like to introduce our new podcast, TalkJogRun! Subscribe to the WalkJogRun podcast in the iTunes store to access all our free podcasts. If you have the contact information for anyone with an amazing story who is part of the fitness community, e-mail Caitlin. We are open to

12/14/2011 | Download File 14.38 MB -right click to download

This morning Steve Kindred of SweatVac visited the office. We are designing some great WalkJogRun race hats. As an introductory offer, we are selling these race hats at a 25% discount from the list price, for only $15. If you are interested in purchasing one of these hats, pre-order it today! We ar

12/05/2011 | Download File 29.31 MB -right click to download

For this episode of TalkJogRun, we interviewed Amanda Arlauskas of The Biggest Loser Season 8. Amanda talks about her experience on The Biggest Loser and how it has changed her life. She gives us advice on fitness, health, and nutrition. Amanda explains why the marathon is not the race for her, ev

12/21/2011 | Download File 42.67 MB -right click to download

In this week's episode of TalkJogRun, we interviewed Andrew and Sue O'Brien of Partnerunning. They have an amazing story and have started an organization to teach others about the importance of running with a partner. Key Points of this Podcast: Why you should run with a partner: For the motivatio

01/03/2012 | Download File 29.52 MB -right click to download

You know the drill. January 1st rolls around and you're pumped about your new fitness and diet plan. You get so wrapped up in all the drastic changes, that come February, you're back to the old routine. I've been guilty of it myself. This year, make a point to create specific and realistic resoluti

01/15/2012 | Download File 42.78 MB -right click to download

We interviewed Roger Wright for this episode of TalkJogRun. Roger lost 113 pounds in 10 months time. He is known for his inspiring video on YouTube that shows his journey to the Boston Marathon. Roger decided to lose weight, run a marathon, and raise money for cystic fibrosis. He not only complete

01/18/2012 | Download File 28.51 MB -right click to download

Have you ever wondered what it was like to run...naked? Well, The Naked Runners have! They started a movement hoping to get people to ditch the distractions, and get out there to run! I'm sure many of you can relate to always needing to carry an iPod or mp3 player on your runs. Maybe you can't go o


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