Podcast Host: Dangerous Dick, Mike Skibba
Podcast Owner: theNewJackS
Podcast Location: Los Angeles
Website: http://hottalkla.com
Episodes: 2
Dick and Skibba are two guys trying to live through the constant battle of the LA dating scene, and although neither gets laid very often, they've learned the tricks of the trade when it comes to relationships and what women are really thinking. Dangerous Dick and Skibba from KLSX 97.1 The FM Talk Station and 103.7 Free FM in San Diego are back, and Tonight...they're talking about sex!

Past Shows

12/29/2009 | Download File 43.78 MB -right click to download

Dick and Skibba explain some of the life changing things that can happen at a Poison concert

12/25/2009 | Download File 40.29 MB -right click to download

Dick explains how he almost died trying to save a buck on a skydive

12/22/2009 | Download File 43.44 MB -right click to download

Instead of having to hear your woman bitch and bitch all day long, give your woman her own podcast!

12/18/2009 | Download File 42.34 MB -right click to download

Don't ask for a girl's phone number, thats so 90's...ask for her facebook

12/15/2009 | Download File 41.21 MB -right click to download

Dick tries to convince Skibba that begging to sleep around on your woman isn't going to work

12/08/2009 | Download File 66.58 MB -right click to download

Crysta Garner sits in With Dick and Skibba as they discuss why it should be ok to bang around on your wife every once in a while

11/24/2009 | Download File 44.29 MB -right click to download

Dick and Skibba wish women wouldn't value men by how much money they make

11/17/2009 | Download File 58.77 MB -right click to download

Dick trys to perv on an aggressive sales girl, with decent results!

11/11/2009 | Download File 49.21 MB -right click to download

Dick and Skibba want to know why every woman thinks they're great at giving head

11/03/2009 | Download File 64.44 MB -right click to download

Skibba Wants To Know If People Are Making Money In Porn Anymore


I always look forward to this show

I love this podcast! Skibba's laid back voice is so relaxing to listen too.
Reviewed on 01/02/2010

Great shows!

Fun and funny sex talk from two guys who probably couldn't get laid at a swinger's convention.
Reviewed on 01/19/2010

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