Podcast Host: Carl Lanore
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Podcast Location: Louisville, Kentucky
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Episodes: 556
Super Human Radio
Super Human Radio is the world's first broadcast radio show dedicated to fitness, health and anti-aging. An emphasis on exercise, nutrition and hormone management makes this one of the most progressive shows about preventative and regenerative techniques designed to increase longevity.

Past Shows

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# 605 - Dinosaur Training :: Guest: Brooks Kubik :: Kubik is a modern day keeper of the flame of Physical Culture. ::

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# 628 - The Real Agenda Of The American Medical Association :: Guest: Randy Roach :: The AMA is not the noble organization they appear to be. ::

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# 627 - Mastering The Elimination Diet :: Guest: Dr. Peter Rouse :: Gain greater health and lose up to 20 pounds in two weeks. ::

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# 626 - BEST OF - The Power Of Intention :: Guest: Randy Roach :: What you think may be more important than what you do. ::

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# 625 - BEST OF - Prolotherapy For Chronic Overuse Injuries :: Guest: Dr. Donna Alderman :: A solution for tendonitis. ::

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# 624 - BEST OF - Post Workout Nutrition Myths :: Guest: David Barr :: Barr dispels myths about post workout nutrition and BCAA's.::

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# 632 Supplement Companies Square Off Over Bulbine :: Guest: Anthony Roberts :: SHR was the first to talk about Bulbine in 2008. Now its hitting the market and companies are squaring off to be the first. ::

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# 631 - Oral Hormone Delivery And Bioavailability :: Guest: Eric Potratz :: Oral hormones don't get into the blood stream easily or predictably. Many have to resort to periodic injections. Potratz discusses some novel approaches to increased absorption and bioavailability. ::

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# 635 - SPECIAL 2 HOUR SHOW : Holiday Focus Show - Managing Holiday Stress PLUS Planning Your Training And Nutrition Even While Traveling :: Guest: SHR Resident Therapist Elizabeth Scott and SHR Resident Personal Trainer PJ Braun :: Don't let the Holiday's derail you. Listen to your experts and they

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# 623 BEST OF - The Anabolic Effects Of Protein Pulsed Feeding :: Guest: David Barr :: Nutrienty timing has never been more important. ::


Top Notch Show

Lots of fitness shows out there but this one delivers the most interesting info I've found related to increasing strength and athletic performance. I wish it was longer. The host packs a lot of info into an hour!! This has become one of my favorites.
Reviewed on 03/30/2006

Great show

Worth listening to
Reviewed on 05/19/2006

Excellent health and fitness show

great show
Reviewed on 03/13/2007

This podcast is MUST for fitness lovers

Easily the best show on all things fitness, anti-aging, weight lifting, sports supplementation, performance nutrition, and much more... I learn something new every episode!
Reviewed on 11/24/2008 by Aaronsingerman

Lame beyond description

And here's why: When you pause during the show, and then unpause, you are auto-skipped ahead to advertisements, completely losing your place in the show! WTF???? Completely lame, will never be back.
Reviewed on 03/31/2009 by Aaronsingerman

Aussie's Love Carl

Carl's show is great for the novice thru to advanced in all areas of health and fitness. Insightfull chats with guests who know what their talking about. Carls experience and knowledge make for an interesting listen every time. GO CARL !!
Reviewed on 04/26/2009 by Aaronsingerman

Good Stuff

Great topics on the shows and great guest. I have learned a lot of useful information listening to SHR.
Reviewed on 11/09/2009 by Aaronsingerman

The pulse of physical culture.

Love this show. From top to bottom, covers all aspects of physical culture. Interesting guests and info. First heard it driving across the country a few years ago. I'm so glad that the show is growing and continues strong.
Reviewed on 01/05/2010 by Aaronsingerman

Human lab rat

I listen to SHR 24/7
Reviewed on 06/02/2010 by Aaronsingerman

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