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Advice columnist and author Deborrah Cooper hosts Sucka Free Dating, which delves into topics pertinent to our modern society. Booty calls, FWBs, interracial relationships, older/younger, codependency, low self esteem and lots more

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02/18/2010 | Download File 10.27 MB -right click to download

Joining us tonight to discuss the ups and downs and particulars of the scary "blind date" is Megan Carson. Megan Carson, author of A Year of Blind Dates: A Single Girl’s Search for "The One" (Regal Books), knows all too well the fears and anxiety of blind dating, after she spent an entire year goi

02/14/2010 | Download File 10.30 MB -right click to download

Not everyone is meant to be in a partnership, and some people relish their freedom and single-ness. If you're happy being single, clap your hands! But if you are looking for a partner and unsure about what you are doing wrong, we have suggestions for you as well. Joining me tonight is Daniela Koenig

02/11/2010 | Download File 20.61 MB -right click to download

He says he will be supportive, loving and a good man. But how will a man SHOW his potential wife those traits with behavior? What are a woman's expectations about a man's behavior towards her, lifestyle, goals, and accomplishments in life prove he has husband potential? What is it that he needs to d

02/07/2010 | Download File 27.47 MB -right click to download

In January we addressed the things women do that drive men away, now it's the ladies' turn! What are the top things men do that run women away from relationships, love, and commitment saying "hell nawww, I'm outta here!" Whether you are female dating men that have run you off, or a man that did some

02/04/2010 | Download File 13.75 MB -right click to download

Women often profess to being terrified of being alone. Some women, enter into relationships that are painful, cold or abusive even after a little voice in their head says "this guy is bad news!" Why do women and even some men have such a hard time establishing and maintaining boundaries with regards

01/31/2010 | Download File 20.54 MB -right click to download

Men are socialized to be in command, to rule and win, but what is it about men that makes them feel the need to control women? Controlling behaviors come in many forms - from outright domination, violence, and oppression to more subtle forms like the way he speaks to women or his attempts to manipul

01/28/2010 | Download File 13.73 MB -right click to download

We've entered new year, and along with that will come new romantic relationships. However for many couples, the painful issues from the past (betrayal, cheating, rejection and abandonment) will impact their ability to trust and open up their heart to love. What can we do to provide new partners with

01/24/2010 | Download File 20.62 MB -right click to download

This show is for women only! Ladies, when a man doesn't want you long-term and that attitude is quite obvious, why don't you accept it and immediately move on to find real Romance? What are the signs that a man is more into his male buddies and Bromance than he is women? Why don't women demand more

01/23/2010 | Download File 27.49 MB -right click to download

We continue our discussion from Wednesday night (January 20, 2010) and delve deeper into the issue of higher education, earning power, female professional and career success, and the impact a college education may have on who an educated Black woman views as a viable potential mate. The discussion o

01/21/2010 | Download File 20.54 MB -right click to download

For several months we've discussed the desire that single, educated, accomplished women of all races have with regards to a mate with a similar level of education, financial acumen, and emotional availability. These standards have been consistently been ridiculed by Black men all over BlogTalkRadio!


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