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Podcast Host: Deborrah Cooer (Ms. HeartBeat)
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Podcast Location: Oakland, California
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Advice columnist and author Deborrah Cooper hosts Sucka Free Dating, which delves into topics pertinent to our modern society. Booty calls, FWBs, interracial relationships, older/younger, codependency, low self esteem and lots more

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04/03/2008 | Download File 13.75 MB -right click to download

How do single parents balance a desire for fun and romance with the responsibilities of parenting? Even if you have children yourself, most people think twice about dating others with children. Do you introduce your dates or not? When? How often should you date? Hanging out with the kids on a date?

03/27/2008 | Download File 6.63 MB -right click to download

Most of the time we and our dates are on the same page with the "I'm cool if I never see you again!" thing. But what do you do when you ARE interested and you DO hope for a second date, and it doesn't happen? Why do so many daters fall off the horse after date #1? We'll go over the most common error

03/20/2008 | Download File 13.67 MB -right click to download

Our guest tonight will be Rom Wills, author of "Nice Guys and Players - Becoming the Man Women Want!" Rom will present the audience with tips on how nice guys can become more physically and sexually appealing to women and avoid being relegated to "the Friend Zone!" He also shares the ways women cate

03/13/2008 | Download File 11.34 MB -right click to download

Deborrah Cooper's hilarious dating guide "Sucka Free Love!" tackles and exposes some of the most common games singles play today. Whether you are in your teens or 50s, games are part of dating. Can you recognize when a game is being run on you...or do you fall prey to a gamester every time? Order yo

03/06/2008 | Download File 12.92 MB -right click to download

It's easy to tell very early on if a relationship is headed for long-term passion and bliss, or if it is instead on the fast track to a crash and burn! Advice columnist and author Deborrah Cooper lays out the realities you need to keep in mind. Learn to pay attention to the warning signals. Avoid wa

02/28/2008 | Download File 13.40 MB -right click to download

Dating advice columnist Deborrah Cooper (Ms. HeartBeat) discusses dating behaviors and answers questions you are confused about. Where do we go on dates that don't cost a fortune? Who pays on the date? How much time should pass between the first meeting and the first phone call? Can't think of anyth

04/10/2008 | Download File 12.49 MB -right click to download

You're single and looking for that special someone. Let's say you finally meet someone you like. Sparks fly! Within hours you are wondering if this one is THE ONE. Acting upon those assumptions a relationship is established. But as the days turn into weeks you start to wonder what you ever saw in th

04/17/2008 | Download File 12.87 MB -right click to download

The issue of weight in an image conscious society has a major impact on dating opportunities and dating success. How many extra pounds are within the range of 'acceptable'? Is there a different standard for men, women, by culture or race? Lisa Breisch, Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist, Laurie Toby

05/08/2008 | Download File 11.21 MB -right click to download

Do you think every guy you go out with may be "the one?" Do you hesitate to date more than one man because you think good girls shouldn't do such things? Do you sit around a lot, waiting for a fellow you aren't in a real relationship with to call or come by? If so you are going about dating ALL WRON

05/15/2008 | Download File 13.41 MB -right click to download

Whatever you want to talk about on the subject of dating, relationships, romance, marriage, breakups. Cheating? The other woman? Commitment! How about interracial dating, older/younger, high maintenance mates or abortion? I have opinions on all those issues to share with you, so call in and ask your


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