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Sucka Free Dating - The Smart Relationships Talk Show
Advice columnist and author Deborrah Cooper hosts Sucka Free Dating, which delves into topics pertinent to our modern society. Booty calls, FWBs, interracial relationships, older/younger, codependency, low self esteem and lots more

Past Shows

02/11/2010 | Download File 20.61 MB -right click to download

He says he will be supportive, loving and a good man. But how will a man SHOW his potential wife those traits with behavior? What are a woman's expectations about a man's behavior towards her, lifestyle, goals, and accomplishments in life prove he has husband potential? What is it that he needs to d

12/13/2009 | Download File 20.61 MB -right click to download

An interesting flip on the thought that men should always be in control and running things! In this lifestyle choice, the female is the dominating partner that rules the male with a no-nonsense expectation of adherence to her demands. Our guests include Melissa Febos, author of a soon to be publishe

02/18/2010 | Download File 10.27 MB -right click to download

Joining us tonight to discuss the ups and downs and particulars of the scary "blind date" is Megan Carson. Megan Carson, author of A Year of Blind Dates: A Single Girl’s Search for "The One" (Regal Books), knows all too well the fears and anxiety of blind dating, after she spent an entire year goi

02/25/2010 | Download File 13.71 MB -right click to download

Tiger Woods is being treated for it, as well as dozens of other celebrity married men caught with their pants down. Is "sex addiction" real or an excuse cheaters use to avoid taking responsibility for their greed and lack of commitment? Guest experts include Catherine Cardinal, Ph.D. who says "Sex a

02/21/2010 | Download File 25.01 MB -right click to download

Get a clue, your man is cheating on you! Tonight we will focus on the things men do to set up a situation which makes it easy for them to cheat. We'll also uncover how cheaters get away with it, signs a man is either thinking about cheating or actually doing it, signs women usually overlook, signs w

03/04/2010 | Download File 20.57 MB -right click to download

Tonight's discussion revolves around the importance of money in dating and mate selection. We'll look into female expectations with regards to a male's financial stability and his suitability as a boyfriend or husband. Is love better if you have money in your pocket or does not matter? Would you dat

03/08/2010 | Download File 13.01 MB -right click to download

Ladies, how do you feel about a guy trying to "holla" while you are walking down the street or in other public places? You're minding your own business then suddenly you've been intercepted and bombarded with conversation and questions. Do you see this type of thing as flattering attention or a nuis

05/29/2008 | Download File 13.25 MB -right click to download

Special guest Pauline Edward will discuss how astrology and numerology can be used to guide you to the match of your dreams! Find out how it can work for you.numerology and love | dating advice | love astrology | relationship astrology | Pauline Edwards

05/08/2008 | Download File 11.21 MB -right click to download

Do you think every guy you go out with may be "the one?" Do you hesitate to date more than one man because you think good girls shouldn't do such things? Do you sit around a lot, waiting for a fellow you aren't in a real relationship with to call or come by? If so you are going about dating ALL WRON

04/24/2008 | Download File 12.19 MB -right click to download

The horror stories about Internet dating are mind-boggling! It's an exciting technology and enables communication with people around the world in mere seconds. There are stories of couples that met and married after meeting on the web. But there are liars, perverts and complete fools with computer a


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