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Steve Garfield
Steve Garfield's Video Blog features The Carol and Steve Show - 'Real' reality TV, and Vlog Soup - a video tour around the vlogosphere.

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08/03/2007 | Download File 18.38 MB -right click to download

Click to Play In New York City, the Mayor's office of Film, Theater, and Broadcasting is considering new permit and insurance regulations for photographers and filmmakers that would radically undermine the First Amendment right to photograph and film in public...

08/15/2007 | Download File 0.00 -right click to download

Click to Play This episode features the Sci-Fi comedy parody Galacticast. My friends Casey and Rudy kick it off with the first episode of Season 2, Robo Jew vs. the Giant Nazi Women of the SS. Funny with one cringe...

08/21/2007 | Download File 60.07 MB -right click to download

Click To Play Sandy Block, who is a Master of Wine, a credential NOT MANY people in this country can boast, is not only INCREDIBLY knowledgeable about wine, but he is down-to-earth and FUN!! Sandy, not only provides some great...

09/01/2007 | Download File 5.31 MB -right click to download

Click to Play When I got my iPhone, the sound from the receiver was muffled or too low. So I took it in to an Apple Genius and determined the problem: The display's clear protective plastic film was covering the...

09/01/2007 | Download File 7.66 MB -right click to download

Click to Play PodCamp Boston 2 is the new media community UnConference that helps connect people interested in blogging, podcasting, social networks, video on the net, and new media together for three days to learn, share, and grow their new...

09/04/2007 | Download File 23.39 MB -right click to download

Click to Play I went to Franklin Park Zoo in Boston recently, and they have the best Gorilla exhibit. I also caught some shots of the other animals at the Zoo. Yay! Formats available: Quicktime (.mov)Tags: gorilla, zoo, animals, peacock,...

09/06/2007 | Download File 30.01 MB -right click to download

Click to Play In this video I give a quick overview of the video features of the Nokia N95. I cover resolution, 640x480 30 fps, image stabilization. Then show of the nice color the camera can shoot along with built...

09/09/2007 | Download File 10.89 MB -right click to download

Click to Play Formats available: Quicktime (.mov)Tags: podcampphilly, podcampphilly2007, train

09/09/2007 | Download File 1.68 MB -right click to download

Click to Play Formats available: Quicktime (.mov), MP3 Audio (.mp3), Flash Video (.flv), MPEG-4 Video (.m4v)Tags: podcampphilly, podcampphilly2007

09/08/2007 | Download File 6.07 MB -right click to download

Click to Play I met David at Podcamp Philly. He's got the domain david.com/Formats available: Quicktime (.mov), MP3 Audio (.mp3)Tags: podcampphilly, podcampphilly2007, david, david.com


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