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Compelling Commentary on Christian Belief and Behavior

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09/25/2008 | Download File 18.69 MB -right click to download

What does it mean to be a Christian and to live in this world? To answer that question, Fr. Tom examines the ancient New Testament Church.

09/22/2008 | Download File 9.30 MB -right click to download

With the meaning of life no longer explored on our college campuses, Fr. Thomas reflects on a piece he wrote on that subject 18 years ago. (Click here to purchase "Education's End", which Fr. Tom recommends in the podcast and Click here to purchase a used copy of the Life book which includes Fr. Tom

09/18/2008 | Download File 15.26 MB -right click to download

Fr. Thomas recreates the homily from earlier in the month on Christ's parable of forgiveness by Fr. Maxym Lysack of Christ the Saviour Orthodox Church in Ottawa (If you e-mail Fr. Maxym, please note the Canadian spelling of "saviour" and the ".ca" domain extension).

09/13/2008 | Download File 15.23 MB -right click to download

Celebrating one of the twelve great feasts of the Church (Click here to view the children's choir Fr. Thomas mentions in the podcast).

09/12/2008 | Download File 14.38 MB -right click to download

Fr. Tom follows up on his thoughts on suffering and pain by looking specifically at the events of 9-11-2001.

09/11/2008 | Download File 5.53 MB -right click to download

Fr. Tom reflects on why there is sickness, suffering and death in our world.

09/08/2008 | Download File 10.93 MB -right click to download

Fr. Thomas celebrates the Feast of the Nativity of the Theotokos.

09/04/2008 | Download File 16.72 MB -right click to download

Think Labor Day is past? Not until Fr. Tom reflects on our spiritual labors.

09/01/2008 | Download File 18.49 MB -right click to download

Fr. Thomas examines the life of the prominent Russian Orthodox dissident, writer and Nobel Peace Prize winner, who passed away just last month (Click here to order the "Solzhenitsyn Reader" recommended by Fr. Tom).

08/28/2008 | Download File 7.36 MB -right click to download

Fr. Thomas relates the story of the icon not made by hand which is celebrated each August after the Dormition of the Theotokos. Could it actually be the shroud of Turin?


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