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The guys get together every week with great guests, fun bits and call ins. Show includes interesting in depth interviews, pranks, arguments, stunts and disgusting behavior. New episode every week

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07/13/2015 | Download File 56.29 MB -right click to download

Shaun and Andy T this week. The guys are also periscoping the episode. Shaun’s gf is out of town: 2:25 Shaun calls a woman and tells her he met her at the club: 3:53 Periscope’s BradmanTV calls Shaun a racist: 13:33 Shaun talks trash to a hater on Twitter until he’s blocked: 30:44

07/06/2015 | Download File 49.78 MB -right click to download

The crew is off this week and here’s a best of in its place! Super fan Dieckmann calls in and feels embarrassed for buying 40’s on a weekday 2:50 Jake drinks beer in the shower: 6:06 Talking to virtual Renoni: 11:52 Shaun’s dying to know how big Andy Ts D is: 14:51 Carl Entner join

06/28/2015 | Download File 54.61 MB -right click to download

Andy T is in studio with us this week. Shaun calls an old couple and tells them they hit his car: 2:17 Shaun wants Wawa to pay to clean the bird poop off his car: 5:55 Shaun tries help a man with his bowels: 10:52 Josh reviews a horrible Bob Dylan cover: 16:35 “An M-60 […] The post Ep 26

06/22/2015 | Download File 26.57 MB -right click to download

Andy T is in studio today. Robert Schimmel used to prank his dog: 3:44 Shaun feels embarrassed to show his apartment to Andy T and his wife: 8:06 Amanda Hererra calls in & Josh ruins a beautiful wedding moment: 9:20 Shaun is feeling weird after he took an off brand “5-hour energy”:

06/14/2015 | Download File 40.45 MB -right click to download

Derek Luetjen joins us this week. Derek used to be a cheerleader: 4:27 The new term, “Blue-Toothing”: 5:30 Josh needs cum in the morning: 10:00 Josh was grumpy on Periscope: 11:19 The last time Josh and his wife fought: 15:40 Derek is an exhibitionist: 20:15 Derek has sex in the same roo

06/07/2015 | Download File 41.84 MB -right click to download

Michael Kaye joins us today Josh is dressed up today: 2:53 Josh doesn’t remember how his stoned call went last week: 5:54 Babykins is driving Shaun crazy: 7:25 Mistreating Animals: 17:35 Josh dealing with a dude “on the scale”: 20:10 The guys are always afraid of being perceived as

06/01/2015 | Download File 44.10 MB -right click to download

Carl Entner joins us today. Shaun went to improv camp where adults pretend they’re in imagination land: 2:45 Carl went to PAL camp: 3:39 Shaun praised that lord at church camp when he was a kid: 5:45 Shaun feels guilty because everyone was so positive around him at camp: 8:55 Family Matters be

05/25/2015 | Download File 39.62 MB -right click to download

Austin Floyd is with us this week. Shaun Periscopes live on the air: 4:33 Long Beach stories (Stolen Bikes: Meth Heads & Threatened Mailman) in “Welcome to the Jungle”: 9:33 Shaun’s Brother, Scotty Lew calls in and tells a story about hurting his girlfriend while she was sleep

05/18/2015 | Download File 39.63 MB -right click to download

Austin Floyd joins us today Shaun doesn’t like being around too passionate people. 2:38 Shaun’s obsessed with the new app, periscope. 5:19 Old woman sings Big Sean’s “I dont give a fuck” on periscope. 9:48 Shaun trolls a homophobe on periscope. 14:50 Shaun & Austin

05/10/2015 | Download File 42.06 MB -right click to download

Graham Beightol, Thomas Sievers, Andrew “Rocky” Balboa, James Stebick and Erik Wargo join the guys on the show today. The guys start the show discussing how nervous they are for the trivia/tazer competition. Shaun did research on the tazer to make sure nobody will die. Andy T talks about remodel


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