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The guys get together every week with great guests, fun bits and call ins. Show includes interesting in depth interviews, pranks, arguments, stunts and disgusting behavior. New episode every week

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05/18/2015 | Download File 39.63 MB -right click to download

Austin Floyd joins us today Shaun doesn’t like being around too passionate people. 2:38 Shaun’s obsessed with the new app, periscope. 5:19 Old woman sings Big Sean’s “I dont give a fuck” on periscope. 9:48 Shaun trolls a homophobe on periscope. 14:50 Shaun & Austin

05/10/2015 | Download File 42.06 MB -right click to download

Graham Beightol, Thomas Sievers, Andrew “Rocky” Balboa, James Stebick and Erik Wargo join the guys on the show today. The guys start the show discussing how nervous they are for the trivia/tazer competition. Shaun did research on the tazer to make sure nobody will die. Andy T talks about remodel

05/04/2015 | Download File 51.87 MB -right click to download

The guys are taking a couple weeks off and will return on May 18th In the meantime, enjoy this old episode. Austin Floyd is today’s guest. Josh wants to play in the little league world series. Shaun talks about his birthday. Shaun made the mistake of making friends with a 711 guy. Josh wants to [&

04/26/2015 | Download File 52.97 MB -right click to download

Jack Mudd joins us this episode. Josh is a proud lightweight drinker: 3:00 Jack can drink a beer fast: 8:48 Jack fights with his brother a lot: 11:20 Buying weed in Colorado: 15:53 Josh fails at orgasms: 18:56 Josh getting picked up on by a gay guy and not knowing it: 24:56 Shaun’s videos of [

04/20/2015 | Download File 46.05 MB -right click to download

Mocking shows with hardcore intros: 2:18 Our guest gets complimented on Periscope and Shaun gets ignored: 4:23 Our guest is embarrassed by his hairdo: 7:23 Shaun’s wicker basket treatment: 9:08 Guest’s bone came out of his arm while snowboarding and his dad said, “Stop crying.&#822

04/13/2015 | Download File 47.18 MB -right click to download

Katy French joins us this week. Josh gets Tabasco in his nose: 3:05 Josh doesn’t have pictures with his brother for National Sibling Day: 7:05 Katy’s dad worships Norse Gods: 13:19 Katy’s dad made a mini Viking ship and stopped traffic with it: 18:03 Joey ruins the show: 25:08 Baby

04/06/2015 | Download File 58.07 MB -right click to download

Steve Lozano joins us this week. Steve has new pants: 1:43 Shaun was burning incense in studio: 4:13 Shaun doesn’t want to open his third shakra: 8:04 Shaun’s apartment building is full of Chihuahuas and they never stop barking: 13:10 Bob Ross Remix 14:05 Josh uses the phrase “prov

03/29/2015 | Download File 54.77 MB -right click to download

Atul Singh joins us this week. Josh thinks he’s cool for flipping off the camera every week 1:33 Shaun thinks Josh’s eating habits aren’t good for him 4:25 Shaun doesn’t sound sincere when he says he appreciates the listeners 10:07 Favorite porn titles 17:40 The Bishop Don Ma

03/22/2015 | Download File 54.57 MB -right click to download

Marc Chester joins us this week. Josh’s weight loss has all gone to his head: 2:28 Josh’s wife tells her side of Josh sleep punching: 8:00 Marc drew the SIP crew: 18:40 Jon Stewart is destroying everything: 19:40 Josh calls a Blog Talk Radio show:27:03 Shaun called arch-nemesis show, &#8

03/16/2015 | Download File 57.16 MB -right click to download

Madam Quinn Helix and Andrew “Rocky” Balboa join us this week. Joey was a Jerk to comedians at the Orange County Stand Up Awards: 5:30 Quinn gets a lot of Adult Baby Diaper Lovers: 21:00 Quinn tells us about easy & hard money in the dominatrix world: 24:30 Quinn loves scaring people


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