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Rose Chat began on Twitter as a method to communicate information to a growing segment of rose growers. This monthly Twitter chat was the springboard to our BlogTalkRadio presence. The need to communicate solid information on growing roses to the next generation is essential and Rose Chat Radio fills that need by providing solid rose advice, interesting guests and the latest news from the world of roses!


New Roses For 2015 - Star Roses - Kristen Smith  play >

New Roses For 2015 - Star Roses - Kristen Smith

11/20/2014 | Download File (29.22 MB) - right click to download

We are excited to welcome back to the Rose Chat Podcast Kristen Smith of Star Roses and Plants with the latest news from "rose hell" and  to talk about Star's new rose introductions for 2015! Here's the lineup!     Dee-Lish    Eyeconic Lychee Lemonade    Fired Up    BougainFeelYa    Mercury Rising    Tahitian Treasure We'll also be chatting with Kristen about some colorful container combinations for fall and how to keep them protected from the frost.  About Star Roses & Plants From the Peace rose to the revolutionary Knock Out® and Drift® Roses, Star® Roses and Plants/Conard-Pyle has been a pioneer in the field of plant development and introduction for more than 100 years.  Founded in 1897 as a retail mail order firm specializing in roses, Star® Roses and Plants/Conard-Pyle, has evolved from a wholesale container nursery to a leading genetics company involved directly in breeding roses, perennials and woody plants, and introducing plants from other breeders around the world. Visit the Star Roses  Website: Stay informed on upcoming broadcasts via e-mail:

New Roses for 2015 - Weeks Roses - Karen Kemp Docksteader  play >

New Roses for 2015 - Weeks Roses - Karen Kemp Docksteader

11/13/2014 | Download File (22.68 MB) - right click to download

The Rose Chat Podcast is excited to welcome back Karen Kemp-Docksteader of Weeks Roses to talk about an incredible new lineup of roses from Weeks. Known for excellence in rose breeding, Weeks shines once again with this new collection.  Above All - Climber Ana's Promise - Downton Abbey Collection Doris Day - Floribunda Neil Diamond - Hybrid Tea Take It Easy - Floribunda Top Of The World - Climber Hear all about these new varieties and much more on this broadcast of the Rose Chat Podcast.  About Weeks:  Weeks Wholesale Rose Grower is one of the largest commercial rose growers in the United States since 1938. Their top-quality bareroot plants, container plants, dormant plantable pots and liners are sold to nurseries, garden centers, and select mailorder outlets nationwide. Weeks Roses offers a unique broad selection of specialty roses - hybrid teas & grandifloras, floribundas, climbing roses, shrublets & shrub roses, miniature roses, tree roses, and All-America Rose Selections - AARS award winners. They produce both budded and own-root plants. For each rose variety, they select the propagation method that ensures maximum plant performance, hardiness and floriferousness in your garden.

Coffee for Roses - C. L. Fornari  play >

Coffee for Roses - C. L. Fornari

11/6/2014 | Download File (27.89 MB) - right click to download

Rose Chat Podcast welcomes C. L. Fornari - "The Garden Lady" author of Coffee for Roses.  Word-of-mouth may be a great way to learn about some products, but word-of-mouth gardening tips can be a very bad idea. The age-old practice of passing along gardening tips and tricks is no guarantee you will get a good might even do the opposite.  In her new book, garden expert C. L. Fornari looks at 71 common garden practices and uncovers the truth behind the lore.  Do marigolds keep the bugs out of the veggie patch? Will rusty nails turn hydrangeas blue? With humor and affection, she goes back in time to sort out the good, the bad and the just plain silly...and tells us why. COFFEE FOR ROSES combines gardening history and expert advice into one useful, time- and money-saving package. The author’s award-winning full color photography is throughout.  Purchase Coffee for Roses Visit the Garden Lady's website

Stephen Scanniello | New York Botanical Garden | Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden  play >

Stephen Scanniello | New York Botanical Garden | Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden

10/24/2014 | Download File (45.30 MB) - right click to download

Stephen Scanniello joins us to chat about his role as Curarator of the Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden at the New York Botanical Garden and also efforts to preserve heritage rose varieites through is role as President of the Heritage Rose Foundation. Best known as a hands-on gardener who transformed the Cranford Rose Garden of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Stephen has authored and co-authored several rose books - Roses of America (1990, Holt) and Climbing Roses (1994, Prentice Hall/Horticulture, now Macmillan). Rose Companions (2005, Cool Springs Press) The American Horticultural Society selected a third book, A Year of Roses (1997, Holt) as one of the Ten Best Books in Horticulture for 1997. An updated edition of this award-winning classic was released in May 2006 (Cool Springs Press). His latest book, co-authored with Douglas Brenner, A Rose By Any Name, will tell stories related to rose names. This book, published by Algonquin Books, was released in February 2009. Show Links: New York Botanical Garden - Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden Heritage Rose Foundation  

The 20-30 Something Garden Guide | Dee Nash  play >

The 20-30 Something Garden Guide | Dee Nash

10/9/2014 | Download File (33.90 MB) - right click to download

Dee Nash joins us to tak about her latest book: The 20-30 Something Garden Guide.  "Urban farming is the hot new movement sweeping the country: growing food closer to where we live, whether it’s on a condo deck, in a backyard or in a community garden. The 20/30-Something Garden Guide gives that busy, mostly urban, cohort a fun, non-intimidating introduction to the basics of gardening. These are the folks who want to know where their food comes from, and they’re hip to the importance of good health and the environment. They may not have a lot of free time or change in their pockets, but if they could find a no-fuss Gardening 101 that spoke their language and gave achievable goals, they’d go for it. This is that book: high graphic appeal, fully illustrated, step-by-step projects and essential tips. Garden expert Dee Nash divides her book into four types and sizes of gardens, starting with “Farming Your Patio, Balcony or Deck,” and giving incremental goals for the first year, and the second and third. With this guide as a basic roadmap, new gardeners can be as creative and out-of-the-box as they want. It's theirs to enjoy."   Purchase The Book - Amazon Dee's Blog - Red Dirt Rambling   About Dee: Dee Nash is a writer, speaker and garden coach, born and raised in Oklahoma. She lives with her husband, children, three dogs, a cat and twenty chickens on 7.5 acres between the Great American Prairie and the beginning of the deciduous forest. 

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