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Rose Chat began on Twitter as a method to communicate information to a growing segment of rose growers. This monthly Twitter chat was the springboard to our BlogTalkRadio presence. The need to communicate solid information on growing roses to the next generation is essential and Rose Chat Radio fills that need by providing solid rose advice, interesting guests and the latest news from the world of roses!

Past Shows

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Growing roses in containers can be a challenge. Our guest for this broadcast is a pro at it. Nathan Beckner joins us to offer tips on growing roses in containers and will share some of his favorite roses and more! About Nathan Beckner If fashion photography is the language of fashion then Nathan Be

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This week we take a look at roses named to commemorate the events of 9/11. Join us each week for the Rose Chat Podcast. This top rated podcast explores different aspects of roses. From where to plant roses, to which plants to buy. We explore the care and maintenance of roses as well as the latest t

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Join us for a delightful conversation with the "Rose Queen of Sarasota", Connie Vierbicky. She joins us to talk about her beloved collection of David Austin English roses and also shares her adventures meeting David Austin himself.  Join us each week for the Rose Chat Podcast. This top rated podcas

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Join us for a conversation with Judy Austin curator of The Rose Cottage on Facebook. This multi year project has lead Judy down a road of discovery that has garnered an international following.  E-mail Judy your rose questions: [email protected] Join us each week for the Rose Chat Podcast. T

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Dee Nash joins us to tak about her latest book: The 20-30 Something Garden Guide.  "Urban farming is the hot new movement sweeping the country: growing food closer to where we live, whether it’s on a condo deck, in a backyard or in a community garden. The 20/30-Something Garden Guide gives that b

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Stephen Scanniello joins us to chat about his role as Curarator of the Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden at the New York Botanical Garden and also efforts to preserve heritage rose varieites through is role as President of the Heritage Rose Foundation. Best known as a hands-on gardener who transformed t

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Rose Chat Podcast welcomes C. L. Fornari - "The Garden Lady" author of Coffee for Roses.  Word-of-mouth may be a great way to learn about some products, but word-of-mouth gardening tips can be a very bad idea. The age-old practice of passing along gardening tips and tricks is no guarantee you will

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We are excited to welcome back to the Rose Chat Podcast Kristen Smith of Star Roses and Plants with the latest news from "rose hell" and  to talk about Star's new rose introductions for 2015! Here's the lineup!     Dee-Lish    Eyeconic Lychee Lemonade    Fired Up    BougainFeelYa    Me

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The Rose Chat Podcast is excited to welcome back Karen Kemp-Docksteader of Weeks Roses to talk about an incredible new lineup of roses from Weeks. Known for excellence in rose breeding, Weeks shines once again with this new collection.  Above All - Climber Ana's Promise - Downton Abbey Collection D

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The latest episodes of the Rose Chat podcast can now be found at Join us as we Explore the World of Roses!


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