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Rev. Dr. Paul Sene Video Podcast
Rev. Dr. Paul Sene is a founder of Shalom International Fellowship. Rev. Dr. Paul Sene and his wife Pst. Pauline Sene, who are Singaporeans have been serving the Lord in Indonesia since 1990. The Lord gave him a vision that he would travel from Jakarta to nations to preach and teach the uncompromising gospel of Jesus Christ. He has ministered in Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India, South Africa, Germany, Australia and U.S.A representing Indonesia. With the fire of the Lord, their congregation is running with the Lord's vision for their life and for the church to reach lost souls for Him and to make an impact in their community.

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uncompromising preaching the Word of God

Powerfull message, uncompromising preaching the Word of God you should hear and learn it, share it with others, so they can be blessed. Be a blessing for somebody!
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