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On the List TV - onthelisttv.com
Podcast Host: Tony Finch, Domenic and Jenny D
Podcast Owner: onthelisttv
Podcast Location: detroit, MI
Website: http://www.onthelisttv.com
Episodes: 12
On The List TV is a look at all the fun & exciting things Metro Detroit nightlife has to offer. Each episode is packed with hilarious features such as crowd interviews with Domenic, how-to's with Tony Finch and hot upcoming events with the vivacious Jenny D.

Past Shows

01/04/2008 | Download File 58.01 MB -right click to download

It's New Year's Eve at Clutch Cargo's in Pontiac, Michigan. Domenic & Tony talk about New Year's resolutions, On The Scene with Domenic as he talks with partiers, Finch Impossible: Finding Finch's Dream Girl, Johnny Vegas Shots & the final moments of 2007.

12/26/2007 | Download File 84.85 MB -right click to download

From the Emerald Ballroom in Mt. Clemens, Michigan. Dome talks about drinking in Italy, bartenders at gas stations, Tony tells us about the $71,000 drink, Domenic asks what your favorite drink is. Jenny runs down events for New Years Eve, Theater,, "Reunion" Party, Tony introduces Finch: Impossible

11/27/2007 | Download File 52.68 MB -right click to download

The Pilot Episode - Thanksgiving Eve at the Royal Oak Music Theater,, "Reunion" Party, Interview with Darren Revell, Tony Finch does Thanksgiving interviews, Jenny's Upcoming Events, How to Get over a Hangover.

02/10/2008 | Download File 93.78 MB -right click to download

At Dooley's Irish Pub, we try out 20 pints of beer Dooley's has to offer. Plus there for Mardi Gras on Fat Tuesday, Finch has another mission to settle and Domenic checks out the scene during the madness. Also Jenny is back to try out some of our many beers along with our live audience!

02/20/2008 | Download File 95.69 MB -right click to download

On The List TV at Elysium in Downtown Detroit, Domenic and Tony Finch talk Valentines Day and how much it sucks for singles, Domenic is On The Scene talking with C-Four Energy Drink, Finch Impossible - Tony Tries to get on stage with the ladies competing in a Lingerie contest, Jenny Didonato brings

01/24/2008 | Download File 83.77 MB -right click to download

In this special episode 5, we give a treat to our viewers and offer up a little more of Kid Rock's performance with Rev Run from the GM Style event in Downtown Detroit.. Plus a short out-take of Episode 4 with Domenic on the red carpet giving small commentary.

02/27/2008 | Download File 85.20 MB -right click to download

On The List TV decided to take a guys weekend with some of their close friends who are married or involved and don't get to go out much to have a booze filled time of beer pong, beer bong, poker and of course drunk sledding. Domenic and Tony obviously talk about being up north while doing Domenic's

03/05/2008 | Download File 85.20 MB -right click to download

On The List TV was invited to Detroit's Channel 955 - Mojo in the Mornings Singles Mingle. Tony Finch and Domenic discuss the pro's of being single only to be drawn in more than one direction talking about the nights festivities. Plus we interview Spike from the Morning Show and a slew of other sing

03/21/2008 | Download File 50.86 MB -right click to download

On The List TV celebrated St. Patty's Day at one of Detroit's Finest Irish Pubs. The Old Shillelagh which is the only Irish Pub in Greektown. Tony Finch and Domenic take in the festivities, talk about the pub, enjoy some beer and say cheers to many patrons.

04/02/2008 | Download File 79.47 MB -right click to download

On The List TV got a chance to be at a Grand Opening of a new bar in Pontiac, MI. Think of the word FU brought up in every form imaginable. Thats the idea Domenic and Finch got as they even bring you a 60's style instructional video on what to do at Fubar. Jenny D also joins the crew again to give y


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