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A raw and edgy podcast covering wrestling,mma,video games, movies & dvd's, technology + gadgets . The show presents news & reviews in a no nonsense raw style. If you like your news & reviews straight to the point and uncensored than My Take Radio is for you

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 Two shows in a week. I am a podcasting machine.

Here's a brief rundown of today's show

Wrestling & MMA

  1. The Rock - No more ?
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So once again I need to boost the sound on the show. I apologize in advance. I'm still getting the hang of this. If possible let me know how this one sounds


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Tonights show is full of new & views. Here are some of this show's tidbits.


Top Stories

  1.  The Release Of Kurt Angle
  2. ECW - till 2007


Top Stories

  1.  UFC 62 - Liddell retains the title
  2. Pride V. UFC

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Welcome to the 1st show.

Here's a rundown of today's topics

  1. WWE & MMA
  2. Videogames
  3. Movie Talk
  4. DVD Review of Fearless W/ Jet Li

Please bear with me for the 1st few shows so I can get the hang of this podcasting stuff

Thanks for

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OOPS ...... I recorded the intro & said show #5.... This is show # 6 sorry about that .... Editing is a bitch so I just left it in there......


Here are some of tonight's topics

  1. Wrestling

-Booker Retains @ No Mercy

-Cyber Sunday & Survi

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Five episodes in and you guys are still here. Here are some of today's topics


  1. Kurt Angle + TNA
  2. WWE Releases 3 wrestlers !
  3. Smackdown V. Raw 07  Legends Roster
  4. Cena Wins & Trish Retires


  1. Hughes Survives P

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Show 7 is comin at ya this week...... Here are some highlights


  1. K-FED & Jackass invade RAW
  2. Umaga makes a challenge
  3. Angle & Joe Face 2 Face
  4. Torrie Wilson on the market
  5. Cryme Tyme debut's


  1. Rich Fran

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 - Sorry the notes are a bit sloppy but the PC crashed midway through typing this stuff lol. Gotta love raw radio -

MTR Show Notes

Welcome to M TR show # 8 .... I'm your host Rich & we are coming to ya from NYC on Friday 11/3/06

  1. W

01/07/2007 | Download File 19.32 MB -right click to download

Wassup Folks,
I'm Back !!!
I'm gonna get back in the groove .... Please bear with the so-so quality of this week's show
Here is a a brief of rundown of topics
-Federline beats Cena to start 07
-The Anvil's daughter is a diva
- MMA news flash
-Chuck is still champ

12/23/2006 | Download File 1.71 MB -right click to download

Hello Fellow Listeners,

Sorry for the delay..... New shows will start in the new year....

See you all in 07



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