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My Take Radio
A raw and edgy podcast covering wrestling,mma,video games, movies & dvd's, technology + gadgets . The show presents news & reviews in a no nonsense raw style. If you like your news & reviews straight to the point and uncensored than My Take Radio is for you

Past Shows

07/27/2010 | Download File 73.47 MB -right click to download

On this episode I discuss some comic con news as well as upcoming MMA events and the usual topics. Ky from Northeast Wasteland stops in to talk movies too. 

07/10/2010 | Download File 82.63 MB -right click to download

12 months & 50 episodes later and it feels like only yesterday I started on this awesome journey. All the usual topics are covered. Eclipse got massacred by the callers and by Kyle from Northeast Wasteland.This weeks episode was also sponsored by the letter F for F**k. 

07/20/2010 | Download File 76.76 MB -right click to download

With 50 episodes in the can the march towards 100 begins. This week I give my thoughts on MMA,Wrestling. I also share my thoughts on this months NPD numbers and how it's affecting video game hardware sales. I was joined by Slick and Ky Davey from Northeast Wasteland to discuss movies. We had a great

08/11/2010 | Download File 45.51 MB -right click to download

Short episode this week with a ton of rage and sarcasm for all. My apologies for the late upload and for the low commercial volume. Those will be addressed before this weeks episode R

07/30/2010 | Download File 71.40 MB -right click to download

Rundown MMA News Raw Musings SDCC game coverage My rant on G4 Superhero movie news WTF Movie news And lots more ......

08/14/2010 | Download File 14.16 MB -right click to download

On this 1st installment of MFR Slick and I review the video game movie masterpiece Tekken. Not the animated version either folks but the live action film that is "supposed" to be released in theaters in 2011. I am sure after you listen you'll wonder why this even deserves to be in a theater.

08/14/2010 | Download File 78.11 MB -right click to download

This week I discussed UFC 117 as well the TNA PPV HARDCore Justice. In addition I shared my views on the NPD sales numbers for July. Most of the rage and venom were saved for the movie segment which brings the most anger out of me. 

08/26/2010 | Download File 17.11 MB -right click to download

This week Ant & I watched the horror/black comedy Teeth and shared our views on whether you should watch this critically acclaimed Sundance favorite.Blood,laughs and castrations were plentiful. 

09/14/2010 | Download File 12.29 MB -right click to download

This week Slick and I watched The Prince Of Persia and share our thoughts on whether you should spend your money on this film. 

08/29/2010 | Download File 67.95 MB -right click to download

This week I discussed the following  Strikeforce Houston- From the opening bell to the controversy surrounding the ending. Silva v Sonnen 2? WWE Raw The war of words between Chris Nowinski,Lance Cade's dad and the WWE Video game publishers wage war on used game retailers  X-Men 1st Class


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