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What is Mr. Media® Interviews? The calm of Charlie Rose, the curiosity of Terry Gross and the unpredictability of Howard Stern! Exclusive Hollywood, celebrity, pop culture podcast interviews by Mr. Media®, a.k.a., Bob Andelman, with newsmakers in TV, radio, movies, music, magazines, newspapers, books, websites, social media, politics, sports, graphic novels, and comics! Now in its 8th year! Subscribe FREE on iTunes or mobile devices via the Stitcher app and never miss a show!

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"Oh my God, I don't think most people, even people in show business, will ever know what it feels like when that super-white-hot light gets turned right onto you in a negative way. I thought I was headed to Abu Ghraib. I was afraid to go out. I thought people were going to punch me or something. It

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Drew Friedman (R), author of Old Jewish Comedians,with his friend,cartoonist Robert Crumb.(Photograph courtesy of Drew Friedman.)This is Bob Andelman, and this is the Mr. Media interview.I have enjoyed the illustrations of Drew Friedman for many, many years. He has going for him what many artists ca

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This looks like the start of something fun: The Onion newspaper has launched an online video channel. Its style suffers a little from CNN, its credibility offers echoes of Fox News, and its gravitas is nothing short of Howard 100 News. If you get all your fake news from Jon Stewart and "The Daily Sh

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Star Price, co-executive producer of the Showtime series, "Penn & Teller: Bullshit!" (Photograph courtesy of Star Price.)This is Bob Andelman, and this is the Mr. Media interview. Star Price -- a.k.a., Starling Price -- is the executive producer of the Showtime series, “Penn & Teller: Bullshit!

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"I remember when we did From Dusk Till Dawn, we couldn't call it a horror film during the press junket. We had to refer to it as a 'rollercoaster ride.' I hated that stuff. Then all of a sudden it was okay to be horror, then it was OK to be extremely violent horror, and I just think we're living in

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Babysitting is scarce these days, so when our daughter disappeared over the weekend for a Girl Scout camping trip, Mrs. Media and I evacuated the compound for some sushi and a movie.Mike Binder's Reign Over Me had us laughing one moment, on the verge of tears the next. On paper, it didn't sound as g

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Eric Deggans, TV and media critic at the St. Petersburg Times.He also writes a savvy media blog called “The Feed.”(Photograph courtesy Eric Deggans/St. Petersburg Times.)This is Bob Andelman, and this is the Mr. Media interview.Eric Deggans is easily one of the smartest journalists I know. Okay,

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"What would it take to go? If, God forbid, I had an onset of dementia or Alzheimer's. That would be it. And what I would wish is that if I get that, no joke intended, that it happens on the air. Just to see how they handle it."-- Larry King, host of CNN's evening talk shot, "Larry King Live," discus

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Ray Billingsley, cartoonist behind the "Curtis" comic strip. (Photograph courtesy Ray Billingsley)This is Bob Andelman, and this is the Mr. Media interview. When I was researching my biography, Will Eisner, A Spirited Life, one of the biggest surprises for me was learning that two extremely successf


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