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What is Mr. Media® Interviews? The calm of Charlie Rose, the curiosity of Terry Gross and the unpredictability of Howard Stern! Exclusive Hollywood, celebrity, pop culture podcast interviews by Mr. Media®, a.k.a., Bob Andelman, with newsmakers in TV, radio, movies, music, magazines, newspapers, books, websites, social media, politics, sports, graphic novels, and comics! Now in its 8th year! Subscribe FREE on iTunes or mobile devices via the Stitcher app and never miss a show!

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By BOB ANDELMAN LISTEN! Larry Manetti brought a tremendous amount of natural charisma and boundless cockiness to his role as a restaurateur named Rick—Tom Selleck’s Vietnam War buddy and sidekick—on the long-running CBS adventure series, “Magnum, P.I.” He brought that same strong sens

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By BOB ANDELMAN Guys, are you hungry? Let me put it another way: are you hungry but feel like you don’t know how to prepare anything more appetizing than microwave nachos with lots of jalapenos to cover up your mess creating even this thought-free dish? Maybe Hal B. Klein can help. The acto

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Bethenny Frankel, image via Wikipedia By BOB ANDELMAN Give Bethenny Frankel her due: she knows how to build a brand and milk it for everything it’s worth. LISTEN TO THIS INTERVIEW!  When life gives you or me lemons, we make lemonade. When life gave Bethenny a role on the hit Bravo serie

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By BOB ANDELMAN Mr. Media had no reason to expect this quiet spring morning to erupt with the familiar sounds of his violent past… Oh, sorry. I was just seeing myself in the words of lawyer turned novelist Jeffrey Stephens. I inadvertently injected myself into the opening sentence of Stephens

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By BOB ANDELMAN Get to know me! That’s one of the conceits of an online social networking service: I’m someone you should get to know and, by so doing, you will improve your standing in life, members of the opposite sex will find you more attractive and your food will taste better. I can

06/15/2010 | Download File 2.92 MB -right click to download

Alan Ruck, image via Wikipedia By BOB ANDELMAN Thinking about actor Alan Ruck last night, I was reminded of a Dr. Seuss book called, Oh, The Places You’ll Go! ---------- LISTEN TO ALAN RUCK INTERVIEW! ---------- Why? Just think about the places Alan Ruck has gone. He went universe hoppin

05/11/2010 | Download File 4.22 MB -right click to download

By BOB ANDELMAN How many novels have you ever read that actually upset you? Moved you, frustrated you, left you unsure how you felt about the story itself? That’s the way I felt reading Dolen Perkins-Valdez’s first novel, Wench. I read a lot of books—it comes with the territory when the

05/20/2010 | Download File 6.96 MB -right click to download

By BOB ANDELMAN Here’s the opening of a conversation that would get me divorced: “Honey, I’m going to spend the next 17 months researching and reporting about President Obama’s first year in office. Oh, and I’m going to keep my full-time job at the magazine and keep showing up as a ta

05/23/2010 | Download File 172.84 KB -right click to download

By BOB ANDELMAN A week ago, I was concerned that this interview might be tinged in sadness. Was it possible that NBC’s rollickin’ good fun spy rom-com “Chuck” might not be back for a fourth season next fall? But then the clouds parted and the sun shone… and NBC renewed “Chuck,” to

06/02/2010 | Download File 7.29 MB -right click to download

By BOB ANDELMAN Today I’m going to tell you a story that, unless you’ve heard it before, you’ll likely think is a product of my imagination. But it’s not. It’s 100 percent true. Ray Johnston is at the center of this tale. Today he is the lead singer of the Ray Johnston Band, which i


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