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MotoGPod - The Motorcycle Roadracing Podcast
Podcast Host: Bob Hayes
Podcast Owner: FZ1Bob
Podcast Location: Oregon, USA
Website: http://www.motogpod.com
Episodes: 188
MotoGPod, The Motorcycle Roadracing Podcast, is an internet radio show dedicated to MotoGP and motorcycle racing news, interviews, commentary, opinion and rumor! MotoGPod's primary focus is MotoGP, the premier class of the FIM World Championship Motorcycle Grand Prix Road Racing Series, but we'll have occasional sidetrips into the world of AMA Superbike and Supersport, FIM SBK World Superbike and many other forms of two wheeled motorsport. Find out what's going on in the sport that is the pinnacle of motorsports, Grand Prix Motorcycle Road Racing! New episodes every week.

Past Shows

06/07/2006 | Download File 11.32 MB -right click to download

Episode 64: Mugello Race Report * Qualifying Report * Race Report, with many thanks to David Emmet * A Look at the World Standings A quick look at the qualifying for the Italian Grand Prix at Mugello, followed by an excellent race report from blogger David Emmet, aka Kropotkin, and a quick look at t

06/02/2006 | Download File 22.74 MB -right click to download

Episode 63: Mugello Preview and More Track Day Comments * Mugello Preview * Chat with Liam Shubert (you gotta hear this one!) * Track Day Remote with Darren Carpenter, part 1 Long show today, lots of good stuff. One downer is that I've put my US GP tickets up on ebay, so I mention that. I also made

05/26/2006 | Download File 26.69 MB -right click to download

Episode 62: Who’s Driving This Bus, Anyway? * News Tidbits * Call with Jim Race and Liam Shubert Jim, Liam and Bob did a long conference call on Skype, talking about Liam’s trip to LeMans for the French GP, the Catalan Chapter of the Sete Gibernau Fan Club, French vans, French towns, French hote

05/24/2006 | Download File 16.36 MB -right click to download

Episode 61: French GP Wrapup and Jason DiSalvo Interview - This episode sponsored by Komodo at komodogear.com - * Reader E-Mail * Qualifying Report * Race Wrapup * Jason DiSalvo Interview Back from the AMA Superbike Weekend at Sears Point and using a borrowed computer, we have a slightly longer show

05/19/2006 | Download File 4.20 MB -right click to download

Episode 60: When Everything goes Wrong. Mostly. Bobs computer explodes, Skype refuses to behave and Jim is tossed under the Bus. Meanwhile, Liam is off to LeMans. Chuckle... No links this episode.

05/17/2006 | Download File 16.07 MB -right click to download

Episode 59: Chinese GP Race Wrapup and A Quick Comment About My Trackday * Qualifying report * Race report, thank you to Dave Sangster * A look at the championship standings * A few quick comments about my trackday Another exciting race this past weekend in Shanghai for the Grand Prix of China, so w

05/12/2006 | Download File 19.49 MB -right click to download

Episode 58: Chinese GP Preview with Jim Race Liam Shubert * Quick recap of Shanghai 2005 * Shameless plug for Liams DVD * Track comments * Race picks and thoughts Something a little different for this weeks Chinese Grand Prix preview show. Liam Shubert, Jim Race and I all did a conference call toget

05/05/2006 | Download File 20.12 MB -right click to download

Episode 57: Lots of Input From Other People - This episode sponsored by Komodo at komodogear.com - * Reader E-Mail * Kenny Noyes Interview * Liam Shubert Update Lots of good reader e-mail this week, plus a phone call to Kenny Noyes and Liam Shubert while they were on the road to Albacete circuit in

05/02/2006 | Download File 11.76 MB -right click to download

Episode 56: Turkish GP Wrapup - This episode sponsored by Komodo at komodogear.com - * Long Winded Intro * Qualifying Report * Race Wrapup Bobs back from Sin City and managed to put together a race wrapup for one of the most amazing GPs in a while, the Grand Prix of Turkey, which interestingly enoug

04/28/2006 | Download File 18.14 MB -right click to download

Episode 55: Istanbul preview, and WSBK/AMA wrapup - This episode sponsored by Komodo at komodogear.com - * WSBK and AMA last weekend * Preview of Turkey MotoGP race


Great podcast

A bit on the quiet and calm side but easy to listen to and good info.
Reviewed on 05/27/2008

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