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Podcast Host: mcmumbi
Podcast Owner: doctorhonor
Podcast Location: Birmingham, USA
Website: http://webpages.charter.net/mcmumbi/robcast.htm
Episodes: 102
I am a medical student in the United States, preparing for step one of the medical licensure exam. So a lot of these audio files are reviews in that vein, so to speak. Some personal musings are interspersed.

Past Shows

05/27/2006 | Download File 22.94 MB -right click to download

05/26/2006 | Download File 16.99 MB -right click to download

Glycolysis in all of it's splendor. Get it? Splendor? Sugar substitute?

05/26/2006 | Download File 17.09 MB -right click to download

05/26/2006 | Download File 30.03 MB -right click to download

In preparation for the first step of United States Medical Licensure, I am preparing for the "Boards Step 1" exam. It's a comprehensive final covering all the material I learned in the last two years. I guess there are over 100,000 taking it this month. This is a bit about the action potential that

05/24/2006 | Download File 9.10 MB -right click to download

05/12/2006 | Download File 47.18 MB -right click to download

This is a rapidly-paced summary of a lot of the information needed to succeed in my exam today, on skin, muscle, and bone. Gotta love the review man. And it gives you a glimpse of the volume of information needed to be learned to establish the basis of knowledge on which lifelong medical learning oc

05/05/2006 | Download File 8.28 MB -right click to download

A personal story, and a reflection on the last few days events.

06/09/2007 | Download File 49.31 MB -right click to download

06/08/2007 | Download File 9.37 MB -right click to download


mcmumbi's podcast

Not too bad. Medical information for the medical student preparing for Step 1.
Reviewed on 11/19/2006

usmle prep

fantatsic usmle prep for on the go!!!
Reviewed on 06/28/2007

Great for Canadians too

Listening to these while driving around or going running made a big difference for my LMCC part 1 exam (I even passed).
Reviewed on 06/30/2010

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