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McMumbi's Personal Podcast

McMumbi's Personal Podcast

Podcast Host: mcmumbi

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Location: Birmingham, USA

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I am a medical student in the United States, preparing for step one of the medical licensure exam. So a lot of these audio files are reviews in that vein, so to speak. Some personal musings are interspersed.


USMLE II Biostatistics I.2  play >

USMLE II Biostatistics I.2

7/23/2007 | Download File (17.70 MB) - right click to download

This is a do-over of the Preventive Medicine, Epidemiology, and Biostatistics podcasts I and II, which has malapropisms (sort of) during 2x2 table discussions. This one is MUCH cleaner. Please accept my apologies, and break out a pencil and paper.

USMLE II Oncology IV.2  play >

USMLE II Oncology IV.2

7/20/2007 | Download File (10.40 MB) - right click to download

This one covers Multiple Endocrine Neoplasias. Much better than the previous Oncology 'cast that tried to cover those. MEN1: Pituitary, Pancreas, Parathyroid MEN2A: Two Medullae and Parathyroid MEN2B: Two medullae and Mucosal Neuromas. This 'cast covers other cancers with genetic predisposition. It cuts off abruptly because my battery died.

USMLE II Oncology III.2  play >

USMLE II Oncology III.2

7/20/2007 | Download File (9.20 MB) - right click to download

Bionic Oncology Version 3.2 - even better than the real thing. I will say some risk factors for cancers, and you will say where the cancer probably is. For example, the following are assocaited with what Cancer? Ni, Ra, U, As, Cr... Lung Cancer. You get the idea.

USMLE II Oncology II.2  play >

USMLE II Oncology II.2

7/20/2007 | Download File (9.15 MB) - right click to download

Better sound and better organization than in my previous Oncology II podcast. Blood Dyscrasias: AML: Auer bodies, DIC; ALL: Down Syndrome, fevers, three lines down; CML: Philadelphia Chromosome, huge white count, blast crisis, risk of Myelodysplasia; CLL: older men, lymphadenopathy, Smudge cells. And more, like Mycosis fugoides and Multiple Myeloma and Waldenstrom's Disease.

USMLE II Oncology I.2  play >

USMLE II Oncology I.2

7/20/2007 | Download File (13.06 MB) - right click to download

If you were like me, you were fed up with my confusing presentations for Oncology, especially the early ones. Add that irritating buzz, and those podcasts drove me MAD! So I've redone some of them. Here is: General Cancer facts. Lung Cancer. Work-up of a single pulmonary nodule.

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Great for Canadians too 
Listening to these while driving around or going running made a big difference for my LMCC part 1 exam (I even passed).
Reviewed on 6/30/2010
usmle prep 
fantatsic usmle prep for on the go!!!
Reviewed on 6/28/2007
mcmumbi's podcast 
Not too bad. Medical information for the medical student preparing for Step 1.
Reviewed on 11/19/2006

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